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Atlus collaborates with Koei Tecmo and Omega Force to give a turn to the sequel of Person 5. And we promise you will enjoy it.

In recent years we have seen an increasing increase in the interest of players in Megami Tensei, a Japanese role-playing saga that began its journey back in 87 in Famicom Japan. Some of the blame comes from its by – products, as Person 3 (PS2, PSP), Person 4 (PS2, PS Vita, PC in 2020) and most recently, in Quotes, Persona 5 (PS3, PS4). Person 5 Royal, the expansion of the last iteration in the saga has fueled the rage for Megaten since he reached Spain completely translated into our language.

Those of you who are already controllers at MeriStation know that the first and last edition named in the previous section received perfect scores After going through our test bench so there was a greater desire to find out more about the Phantom Thieves, their main characters. That’s why Atlus has partnered with Koei Tecmo and Omega Force to bring us continuation of Person 5 – not Royal – to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and, surprisingly, computers. And we are convinced that the proposal it will surprise you

Summer, barbecue and … prisons

Before you get into the rag, keep in mind that Person 5 Strikers follows the story of the original version of Person 5, the one that came to our country in perfect English. The events that take place in the plot follow the one that ended in the aforementioned video game but nevertheless, if you liked Royal before – the extended and local edition to Spanish -, Strikers can play without a problem.

As a direct follow-up, the plot begins a few months after the completion of the course at Shujin Academy. Joker, the main character, returns in the summer to Tokyo, to LeBlanc cafe. His friends and colleagues are eagerly awaiting him and planning to spend the holidays together. The Phantom Thieves have not defeated their enemies for months, but that changes the day they start preparing for their summer rising.

Person Strikers 5

Alice, a fashion designer who dazzled Tokyo, causes the Phantom Thieves to return, specifically with the meta-Review and the prisons now called, formerly palaces. In addition to the name, the prisons have different characteristics, the most notable being the notable increase in enemies compared to the strengths of the group ‘s goals in person 5.

Alice will be the first nuisance of the Phantom Thieves but not the only one. The story of about 60 hours in length -Depending on many factors-, please visit a group of Joker and his friends all over Japan so that we can visit places like Okinawa or Kyoto among others. The way the episode is narrated in Strikers is precisely the way it is portrayed in other video games in the franchise and the content remains as sensitive to bullying, abuse or abuse. That is, a critical insight into the society in which players are expected to become aware of the problems that exist outside our nose.

Changes in traditional mechanics

The characters featured in Royal are not featured here but Atlus has added a few other characters to Strikers. There are very different ones and they will appear throughout the adventure, but there is one of the most notable ones Sophie, stranger »beanWho decides to join the Phantom Thieves. Mysterious, helpful and creative, Sophie will set up an online store to provide the group with medicine and ingredients in addition to the fighting ability, so it could be said that she is in their hearts along with the rest of the group . There is another one of these additions Zenkichi, Kyoto police prefectural inspector more mysterious than Sophie.

Person Strikers 5

Persona 5 Strikers is not a traditional rpg, nor is it like the ones in the franchise. His agile character is caused by changes in the mechanics we’ve seen so far in the saga. For example; in the normal calendar. We are accustomed to being able to perform tasks during the day in each Person video game and decide when to go to bed. These characteristics do not exist and everything flows according to the script. However, the player can increase their bond with the rest of the Phantom Thieves by fighting and ending the story. Uploading the link gives us some special points that we can exchange wide range of skills going from sales in Sophie’s store, retrieving life and magic or earning more links. There are many benefits to unlocking because of its diversity.

Another difference is found in the requests that come to us through other NPCs. Now they are something more fun and different and it is not always necessary to enter the meta-Review to do. They are just under a score and usually bring interesting things, especially a reusable mission that gives the group a lot of money. On the other hand, the shops we saw in Persona 5 / Royal de Iwai and Takemi – wapons and medicines respectively— they are not available in Strikers but Sophie will take on the role of the pair in their separate online store. There are, yes, shops and other street machines that contain medicines and ingredients.

Person Strikers 5

Yes, ingredients, you read that right. At some point in the history of our hero Joker will be able to create consumables that can retrieve life and motto for Phantom Thieves. Not only can these ingredients be purchased in local stores, they can also be found in prisons, in fact we may have to go into one of them to make these medications more than one occasion. He’s not a very interesting novice and actually makes things a lot easier but at the same time he’s a breath of fresh air that doesn’t feel bad at all.

Eventually and as the most significant change of all is that there is no palace as in Persona 5 / Royal. Otherwise there are jails and these differ greatly from their not so long common names. The dungeons are no longer as linear to provide a three-dimensional hitherto unseen in the saga. There are puzzles, objects to interact with the environment, platforms, camera changes, 2D gameplay, infiltration and all this in gigantic maps full of possibilities. And we warn, they are easy to get lost.

Person Strikers 5

One of the problems we have seen with this aspect is that the development team takes advantage of the characteristics of the forts inflate history greatly. Few times has the plot stretched the gum too much to take advantage of this situation and does no good for the video game.

Revolutionary turn of the screw

And we come to the most important change of Person Strikers 5; to combat. To continue the video game Persona 5, yes collaboration of Koei Tecmo and Omega Force, mostly known for his saga Dynasty Warriors and by their main genre; an musou. We would be persuaded if we said that we had no hesitation in knowing that a saga like Persona was going into the genre musou. After the game is over, however, we can only clap our hands for joy; this twist is brilliant.

Person Strikers 5

Person Strikers 5 the fight in turn leaves a change to beat’em up —As I am against the neighborhood— gigantic not to lose a shred of your original DNA. Everything is still there. The elemental wheel that uses each Person’s different weapons and abilities, the All Out Attack, the attribute Baton Pass, the further attack One more or even the spectacular movements Show time. There is also no shortage ambush, technical attacks, or abilities of the Person. Not worth the Pick someone, fusion and visits to the Velvet Room to meet your new direction; Lavenza. Go, It lacks nothing.

And how can you unify all the features of the traditional rpg with the genre musou? Fight in Person Strikers 5 is very agile, very fast, very vigorous. Most of the skills can be done if we press the right button at the exact moment. It can be the crosshead or the button panel, and when we are pressed we release powerful attacks related to those mentioned above. For example, leaving a semi-KO enemy gives us the opportunity to make a combined attack –All attacks out– by pressing button B on the remote control. If we can Show time, an avatar will shine our character and ask us to press two buttons at once. Then just enjoy the meaning of the word epic on screen.

Person Strikers 5

however the action will stop if we decide to use our weapons range or abilities of the Person. In the first case it works very similar to Person 5 and in the second case, a cone emerges from the Person indicating the extent of his magic. If we use a capability that is on the elemental wheel as opposed to the related element of the enemy, it will be vulnerable. For everything else, four buttons will be used in which we can hit the enemy, jump or interact with the environment. In Person Strikers 5 is possible use stage elements in battle like a confetti gun or skateboard to overcome the horror of the enemies.

Another positive opposing point is that we can take control of any member of the Phantom Thieves. Each has a different style of fighting, whether they carry the weapon or differentiate it from each other. This feature is extrapolated to the exploration mode so if we want to finish the game from start to finish with Ryuji, for example, it is possible. The negative point is the same, that there is little use of variety since you will eventually have control over your favorite one. There is no incentive to use this or that and none of them are bigger than the rest. It’s just taste.

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