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RuneHeads promises an RPG with roguelike overtones with a deep combat system that doesn’t sit down with a poor level design.

The gender cyberpunk In recent years there has been a new renaissance that starts from the Internet revolution and finds its counterpart in the current Social Panorama: an era of information overload, socioeconomic dissatisfaction, a new rise of the right wing, climate change. As for fiction, dystopias are at the heart of a very successful work like Black Mirror, which warns of the dangers of technology if it falls into the wrong hands. For him, in digital entertainment we enjoyed exploratory titles transhumanism —The theory that humans can evolve beyond their physical limits like the Red Strings Club or Detroit Become Human. Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and CD Projekt Red is raising high expectations with a title that is expected to be groundbreaking.

Italian studio RuneHeads, creators of Fall of Light: Darkest Edition, have released their own work cyberpunk, in which we appreciate clear inspiration in the Cyberpunk 2020 role-playing system, together with roguelike classic with grid dungeons. Multipurpose 451 It’s available for PC (Windows, Linux and Mac) and, while it has a good background, it will soon be under the glory of other titles in the genre.

Declaration of war against corporations

We are in sector 451 of a Perennial City, exhausted by the dominance of corrupt corporations. As leaders of a special agency established by order of the Senate, we must prove our agents through cloning technology to reclaim the territory. From our base, we will invest in upgrading our troops. Implants, regeneration tanks, DNA modification… Our scientific research will infiltrate and combat authentic artists.

Conglomerate clarified 451 on your wide range of customization. We can create a large number of clones and specialize in different classes based on the traditional role: offensive, defensive and supportive agents. Each clone we develop has its own skill tree as the experience increases, and with the implants we will add very useful talents in combat. Of course, any combination of roles is possible, although we will find that certain alignments are more effective than others.

Conglomerate 451 RuneHeads 1C Company PC Windows Linux Mac science fiction cyberpunk RPG RPG roguelike dungeon crawler

So, with our team of three agents, we embark on a mission of our choice among some of them available, with the aim of undermining corporate influence and increasing the prestige of our agency, as well as raising money and resources. get to invest in our research. technology. Each zone has two parts: the city, where we will have access to the shops and hacking to prepare us for the next step, that is, the core of our mission. Similarly, we can skip the visit to the city and go to work, if we find ourselves safe and provided with enough action. In both the city and the mission area there will be enemies, which we can identify on the map and ambush if we surprise them out of sight. It should also be remembered that we will not be able to leave the game when we undertake a mission, or such abandonment will fail.

The battles will take place in turn and in the most classic role-playing style, in which we launch the skills of our agents and secondary actions such as mobilizing them or using their battery in secondary actions, such as reloading shields or hacking the enemy. Our enemies will not be insignificant, although some of them are very repetitive, and we can fall into battle if we do not create a good strategy, not to mention the trauma that happens and can be permanent if we deal with them in time. . We will also have three difficulty levels designed for each type of player. After we complete our mission, we can restore the health of our agents in the regeneration tank, or manufacture new clones to replace the losses suffered.

Shipping diversion

During the exploration, we find small hacking puzzles to unlock doors or achieve UPC that we can later use with our agents. Such puzzles need to be solved against the clock, with some mental agility and good timing. Individual participation, moreover, requires the consumption of an agent battery, and we need to consider if we prefer to save this energy for other uses.

Conglomerate 451 RuneHeads 1C Company PC Windows Linux Mac science fiction cyberpunk RPG RPG roguelike dungeon crawler

During the game he will be with us Thrown out, a drone whose personality will be the most sparkling in the game. With her acidic views and references to other works of science fiction, she will be a perfect narrator of our adventure. Similarly, we can find related codes that we can decode in our agency and find fragments of it lore very interesting.

Each mission can take between 20 minutes and just under an hour, depending on how extensive the map is and how complete we are. In Story Mode, we have to chase the rest of the corporations and make decisions during the game, and in Indeterminate Mode we can continue with tasks with our agents after solving the main mission. Anyway, the fun that Conglomerate 451 offers short wick: During the first hours of games we will embrace the complex combat system and the possibilities of customizing our agents. During the first, an engaging sense of dynamics will be maintained, with a good rhythm between reconnaissance and combat. But the excitement will end as the repeatability of the game begins to diminish, and this is the big flaw in a title that could be more creative in terms of level design and the story itself. So the structure of each week within the game is to prepare our agents and bring them on a mission where the only thing different is second-level scenarios. The script feels very cold, as the stories are transmitted to us word for word and more visual sequences are missing. However, some immersion is associated with the localization and excellent readability of the texts, where even Echo jokes have their proper equivalent.

Conglomerate 451 RuneHeads 1C Company PC Windows Linux Mac science fiction cyberpunk RPG RPG roguelike dungeon crawler

Another feature of Conglomerate 451 that leaves a taste for the skin is the art part, which is somewhat obsolete today. Neon domination, and the visual effects of disassembly of the image when we find damage creates an ideal location. We also like the almost perpetual night in which the game takes place, a city squalor consuming businesses with questionable legality and the claustrophobic rooms in which we infiltrate. However, non-player character design lacks charisma, and the rough animations make us feel like a previous generation. The electronic BSO is also halfway there, since its few songs have the same effect as the lack of originality of the mission: their appeal ends to spread when we listen to the same songs over and over again.

Overall, we find a game with a lot of abused potential. Its complex combat system, and the creativity offered by the specialization and design of our clones, could inspire new strategies to be applied to new levels. However, disappointment comes when missions involve going through a barrage until you click on the main objective of our task, whether it be on the computer we need to infect or the weapon we need to steal, or eliminate the fight with the last enemy we had to chase. And, conversely, dystopia can generate an even deeper story than the story this decaf title offers. cyberpunk which runs out of battery too soon.

Conglomerate 451 RuneHeads 1C Company PC Windows Linux Mac science fiction cyberpunk RPG RPG roguelike dungeon crawler


Conglomerate 451 captures the whole essence of the cyberpunk genre: dystopia in which we fight against corporate dominance, transhumanism that translates into cybernetic implants for our characters, a wide variety of specialties, a complex combat system that includes hacking into the enemy … However, the spark that awakens the player after a few hours of play, when we discover that each mission is a carbon copy of the previous one, and when the storytelling ends up connecting us beyond the development of a story whose depth remains in fragments of collectible lore.

THE BEST _____

  • Very good site, full of neon and some really interesting effects.
  • Complex combat system.
  • Numerous possibilities for Clones specialization.


  • Very repetitive missions.
  • Very cold story.
  • Obsolete artwork.

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