Orochi Warriors 4 Ultimate, Review


Orochi Warriors 4 gets an update that expands the already oversized content offering from the original game. The heroes of the Three Kingdoms of China and the Warring States of Japan return to the battlefield.

While this text focuses on analyzing the expansion of Warriors Orochi 4, we cannot begin without mentioning lMusou franchise it is an anniversary. And the point is that next August 3 will mark at least forty years. Gone is the release of Shin Sangoku Musou (renamed as Dynasty Fame to him in the West), one of the first titles released for the big Playstation 2. DW2 was originally based in a polygonal fighting game that appeared on the first PlayStation (Sangoku Musou, Dynasty Warriors in the West), which was accordingly adapted to the country- range. from the action of the already veteran Romance strategy saga, which has been on the rise (supposed pun) since 1985.

His playable formula of Dynasty Warriors 2 was rooted in the classic beat in the style of Final Fight or the Double Dragon, though it brought the whole country to the terrain of massive battles between two great armies. The success of this title led to Koei opening a non-distributable franchise today. We have the Dynasty Warriors (with the ninth installment as the most recent), the Samurai Warriors (currently four), dozens of expansions of these titles (included under the Xtreme Legends and Empires headings), the by-products adapting franchises from the world of manganese (Mobile Suit Gundam, The Fist of the North Star, One Piece, Berserk …) or other video game sagas (The Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Persona …), and of course the set of crossovers with the most recent iterative stars in this Review: Fame Orochi.

Orochi Warriors 4 Ultimate, Review

Back on the attack

The number of titles issued in the last two decades is so great that the huge Musou family is a genre in its own right. And of course the thing will not end here. There are even plans to develop a Star Wars-based musou, but since Electronic Arts currently retains the exclusive rights to publish video games based on the galactic franchise, Koei Tecmo has no choice but to wait for it to finish. the contract still in force between EA and Disney.

Returning to today, what worries us now is Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, a title released in Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Available physically and digitally (on PC we can only purchase the downloadable version), with Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate we are given an extension of the original WO4 that was launched a few years ago. For this Review, we obtained an Xbox One version of the title from Koch Media.

Orochi Warriors 4 Ultimate, Review

From the outset, we must remember that Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate can be purchased as standalone downloadable content, which will be added to WO4 content (in case we already have it, of course). This way we will save some money (about 20-30 euros) compared to the direct way to get the full version of this Final edition. In addition, there is the possibility to export a previous game of Warriors Orochi 4, which would be very welcome if we already had a good number of characters have been unlocked and developed. Where Ultimate is our first contact with WO4, let’s start from the beginning.

Going into the novels which puts this Ultimate on the table, not that they are too big, and it is that the amount of content that Orochi Warriors 4 has already offered was overwhelming. Of the seven characters added are some familiar faces that have already appeared in Warriors Orochi 3, and come from other titles outside the Dynasty of the Dynasty / Samurai Warriors: Ryu Hayabusa (from Ninja Gaiden), Joan of Arc (from Bladestorm) and Achilles (from Fame: Legends of Troy).

The reinforcements are over

The other four debutants they are new characters created for the event: Gaia (personification of the Mother Earth, according to Greek mythology), Hades (Greek god of the world below), Perseus (demigod and son of Zeus. This character already appeared in the original WO4 … more or less) and Yang Jian (a character in Chinese mythology who could also be defined as a demigod). These new additions are added to the 170 heroes already featured in the original Orochi Warriors 4, mostly taken from the Dynasty Warriors 8 and Samurai Warriors 4 titles. This makes for a very large and perfectly differentiated template. we.

Orochi Warriors 4 Ultimate, Review

Outside of this, we will get an expansion of the story mode, which will give us more details about the plot and the new challenges to be overcome. We can also reset the characters that have reached level 100 (this is already for those who sometimes threw a real load to WO4), which will allow them to continue to evolve, and modify various parameters to suit each hero. leveling in a more efficient way.

As for game modes, we get some additions in the challenge section that will further expand this offering, as well as a complete novel: The Indeterminate Mode. The philosophy of this modality, which we will not be able to access until we have finished the main story, is similar to the concept with what has already been seen in the challenges, though more complex and with a much broader path. Basically, what we have here are twelve towers to overcome, each of which corresponds to a sign of the zodiac, in which we will be presented with various tests and objectives. The IS difficulty of this Indefinite Mode It’s a great thing, especially in the last towers, and will be key to accessing the best rewards of the entire game.

Orochi Warriors 4 Ultimate, Review

Well, having said all this, only a little more can be added. CHUN technical level no improvements have been made, so we are facing an efficient but discreet graphic division, more focused on managing everything that happens on screen (which is not much) with solvency than on removing a visual flower or removing modeling. the breath. At the language level, everything remains the same: voices in Japanese only and texts in English only.

This means that we are forced (unless we are privileged to know the Japanese language sincerely, of course) to read the on-screen subtitles continuously as we fight, since the characters will speak with their meet together as the battle progresses: offer tips on where to go, ask for help, communicate goals, etc. We know that a game like Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is dubbing into the second language, with more than plenty in it dialogue lines spread between at least 177 characters and less (each with weight in plot and battles), it is an encyclopedic endeavor that would certainly not compensate for sales (musou family games usually do not sell well outside of Japan); But before it was done (Warriors Orochi 3 was the first game to eliminate the English dub from the equation), and it is something that has a negative impact on the gameplay, so there is no choice but to highlight it.

Orochi Warriors 4 Ultimate, Review

In this sense, that is true English subtitles the dialogs are recorded in the game menu, from where they can be consulted without being forced to fight at the same time. But, we say again, these dialogues are persistent, and it becomes too tedious and tedious to pause the game every few seconds to check what this or that character has said, and if the such information is relevant to the development of the battlefield.

There is another worrying feature in the original Orochi Warriors 4 version, which has not been corrected in this Final version either: chaotic movement of the camera in some cases, especially when we set a goal, since there will be a tendency to focus on the land and sell us if we find ourselves in a corner or in a narrow corridor. At the very least, all the talents already present in WO4 remain intact, such as the more than polished combat system, full of possibilities thanks to features like the new powers provided by sacred treasures, the three characters we bring to the battlefield and that we can toggle in real time, etc. The co-op game for two (not so-called competitive multiplayer) is well worth it Battle field, which has not changed and is more of a footnote than anything else), as well as the numerous options for improving the skills and techniques of our character.

Now it is up to the user to decide if the latest news from Ultimate is enoughIt is enough to justify the 40 euro that the expansion costs in case we already have the original title. In our opinion it is too expensive a price for what it offers, so we can only recommend this expansion to the most passionate Warriors Orochi 4 players who wanted more. Another thing is that one reaches for this WO4 Ultimate without having previously pressed the original game. In that case, as long as one is aware of what the musou genre has to offer, the acquisition of the title (whose total price is around 60-70 euros) is recommended, since it offers a huge amount of content that will give us hundreds of hours of fun as soon as the proposal attracts us.


Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate expands the huge amount of existing content from the original WO4, which was released a few years ago. The most notable novelties this update offers are seven new characters (making the template closed by at least 177 heroes), an additional game mode for when we finish the story mode, and various additions and characters being developed. In our opinion the expansion is expensive (40 euros) in what it offers, especially considering that the edges in the original WO4 are not polished (the voices are in Japanese only and certain problems with the camera), nor are they improved. is an effective but discreet graphic division. Therefore, those who failed to make the most of this proposal are those who did not play the original title. If that’s your case, add a point to the final note and consider getting a game that will give you lots of hours of fun as soon as your proposal attracts you.

THE BEST _____

  • The huge number of selectable characters
  • The combat system: fluid, fast and satisfying
  • After the story ends, the new Endless Mode will bring many more hours of gameplay


  • The price, too expensive for what it offers as an extension of the original WO4
  • The camera performs playing tricks under certain circumstances
  • If you are not fluent in Japanese, it is difficult to follow the course of history during battles

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