Ori And The Will Of The Wisps, Review: Fantasy Returns


We immerse ourselves in the nature of Ori and the Will of the Wisps, so beautiful and oppressive, to be part of a new chapter that wins ambition, epic and taste for design that can be played in the first part of the saga.

You must forgive us for various reasons. The first is not new: we would like to make a special introduction to the Review of Ori and The Will of the Wisps. Yes, before you get into the content and do a detailed Review of each of the elements that comprise this platform adventure. The second, obvious: we have a little more to publish the review because we felt the game deservedly deserved restraint.

And we do it that moves the perceptions, the ones we had in a personal way as we cross the sinuous places that are in the Universe, because they escape from the horizontal line not only project vertically as few people succeedIf not, they make organic movements through the steps (we rarely run on completely flat surfaces) the usual trend.

Wind, fire and water

Meanwhile we are accompanied by wind, fire and snow. They do it in conjunction with the charming landscapes, complementing the play experience, accompanying the Delicious Ori control for, as we commented at the beginning of this text, transmits emotions that only Donkey Kong of Rare or the beautiful Aladdin and The Lion King of Virgin Interactive achieved because of the originality of their audio – visual presentation. Not only is it fun and challenging; they do it too nostalgia, emotion and fear of dying at the hands of a powerful – and unpredictable – ultimate enemy. And, while we are sometimes trapped by a huge hydraulic mill that adorns a stage bottom full of water, vegetation and arabesque branches in the foreground, others oppress us by rotting, making the choking soundtrack another cause. do we want to overcome the challenge of escaping that darkness.

The moment we brandish the sword of light, the moment we exclaim: Now yes! With it, we will cut the fire, melt the snow and bury the wind, joining us with our new bow and making the combinations and ripples with the jump come together in an almost magical way. As if it were choreography. As if we were enjoying a picture book where suddenly we notice that the hand-drawn little character in the corner of the sheet begins to move. And he does it by following our commands!


In this world not everything is perfect – we will analyze it in a dedicated way later – and in the game we also notice a tedious attempt at study that, despite staying close, would do him good. a few months to further polish the experience. Imperfect – like most prestigious works – but with enough strength at the level of in-game design so that we can forgive some minor flaws in favor of being able to continue enjoying the title it offers, for the first time in this young saga, an adventurous charisma for us. the potential to appear is glorious.

The story of Will of the Wisps begins after the events of the first part. Ori calmly integrates with his family nestled in the forest of Nibel and every hint of darkness is felt in the distance. Accompanied by a small owl Ku, they learn the importance of helping each other to achieve a greater end: in this case, Kuro’s child learns to fly despite his disdainful right wing.

From the wind, its momentum

It’s one of the young couple’s first air journeys when they enter a mysterious place, falling prey to darkness that brings back heartfelt memories. From here, our main duo separates, and the game sets before us a new deflection worn by the darkness Fortunately, they survive numerous species that help us find our partner. In the meantime, we try to fight to re-thicken the valley of light that defines us.


There was a moment of playing Ori and Will of the Wisps that is still etched in our memory: we play on a windy day, it hits our windows and moves the blinds a little when we feel somehow – it starts to rain lightly. In the game the trees move violently with the wind, the sounds of the environment in 5.1 surround us and, as we run at full speed, jumping from branch to branch, following small rods to build momentum, and giving a blow accurate for our enemies as they hit the arcade over the farthest ones, the environment (the real and the magic the game offers us) comes together to generate us satisfaction difficult to express.

The first thing we want to analyze is about the video game in question delicious control. Enhance the first part, and enrich it by including a strong combat system supported by the title platform design, and transfer it to the player through a response flux that is perfectly coordinated with the animations. Few games achieve this, and Ori does it. following their own style However, be careful not to stop looking at franchises like Donkey Kong, trying to surpass what has been achieved in Rayman Legends, and learning from titles like Hollow Knight or Celeste in order to rise to the top. He knows he’s at the bottom – we’re talking about the first Ori – as well as being realistic about what they wanted to improve: among other things, the combat system.


And here it flows: our main weapon is the luminous sword, which we must attach to connect simple combos, be able to attack up or even down if we are in the middle of a jump. Its scope is significant, therefore It is a great pleasure for us to begin our choreography while combining some of the special techniques.

In order not to go into too much detail (we all deserve the game) some enemy groups will need fast attacks (the standard ones), against other groups they will make stronger and slower hammer style attacks (skill that we will assign you another one of the key buttons) and airmen will surrender to our pressure at wield arc of light (A third button will help us do this).


There are other special capabilities, although an abusive scheme is not offered per seThey completely enrich the combat system: we are talking about being able to drive ourselves on projectiles launched by enemies (we will even have a choice to do it on some of our enemies) go further, bounce them against other monsters and, during the second and a half that delays the action, go fly towards that mosquito of hell that giving us more trouble than we would like. Energy points will take them if used, so we need to be aware of both our green and blue bars, even more so if we decide to abuse the option that allows us to recharge life by sacrificing the above energy points , in a similar way to what we do in Hollow Knight in the most damaging moments of the game.

From the water, his power

This combat system has been interchanged by new enemies who have good differentiated routines this time around: armored beetles attacking mercilessly, giant mosquitoes sending pecks at high speed, piranhas and deadly aquatic snakes, plants launching projectiles while hitting you good grip if you come close … The presence of several of these enemies simultaneously complicates the competitions: We recommend starting the first game in normal mode, as the difficult requires a lot of knowledge of Ori handling.


The good news is that this combat system is homogeneously linked to the interactive approach of Ori and Will of the Wisps. The game in hand, with a platform playable main column title, it has a complex two-dimensional displacement structure whose semi-linear skeleton (as we go through the story we are guided by, although there are points where we can approach objectives in a different order) gives us moments of ongoing backup and a system of progression that makes it encourages exploration for the purpose of disclosing all the secrets of each district.

As a newcomer, the world of Ori is more alive than ever, with animal species living together according to the different ecosystems we visit, secondary characters that will allow us to improve our skills or unlock benefits, small missions and tasks that the inhabitants of this fantasy world will offer us rumors that serving them will reveal challenges of speed and combat locations … The content surpasses its predecessor, in terms of numbers and variety, and generally enables us to achievement in this. small incident.


Of course, don’t expect big side missions, since most of them are pretty simple and don’t last too long. From here we want to get the new hypothetical title of the series thoroughly explore this aspect of the incident which remains to be improved, as has happened with some elements of the first part. Taking into account all the hidden secrets, skills and secondary tasks mentioned above, the title moves in hand between the edges between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. according to our desire to accomplish and, also, reflective: there are many areas that deserve a second visit just to see the valuable taste of Moon Studios in detail.

In this Ori we travel on land, jumping and gliding through the air (alone and with our winged friend) and swimming with filtering control, which reminds us again of how Rayman Origins created an underwater system which is already canonical in the saga. mentioned, the one in question and the one with the apes acquired by Retro Studios.

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