One Punch Man: One Hero Knows, Review


We analyze the title based on the One Punch Man series, a fighting game that follows the plot of the player-created three-character series.

One Punch Man teamed up with My Hero Academia, which will soon receive a new game, one of the Japanese animated series of the popular superhero genre in recent years, especially after broadcasting its animated adaptation. The series focuses on adventures Saitama, a young man who desires to be a hero of his own free will, and as a personal hobby, who eventually becomes indestructible and able to withstand and eliminate deadly threats, coming from the planet and humans another that comes from outer space, with only one punch. Over time various heroes will show interest in Saitama, especially as a member of a lower rangeAs new threats and villains try to put their skills to the test.

This time we get the video game adaptation developed by Spike chunsoft focusing the action on the creation of an original character who enters a heroic association as a result of contact with Saitama and that it will enhance its powers to rise within the ranks of the association and to contribute to the well-being and protection of the city and its inhabitants, to meet and make friends with the society’s most powerful warriors and face dangerous villains.

When you start playing, the option to edit character which the player must wear during the game, defining basic features such as gender, facial details, configuring physical attributes by selecting different slides and clothing type or including accessories to ultimately choose the hero’s name and nickname . It should be said that the options are quite scarce in this regard but as orders are made, there may be unlock new custom items be able to choose when editing the character after the time given the option to change the hero’s pseudonym at certain moments of the game or use special objects.

The action will take place in the city will be the hub of an individual player and online mode. At the beginning of the game you will only have access to the central plaza in which you can accept orders from various citizens and missions in the branch of the warrior association, some targeted offer the basics of game mechanicsas a tutorial. As missions are done, they will be given access to the commands of the society’s main headquarters and so will progress in history, with the ability to access to new areas featuring new missions and stores of various kinds, as well as the player character apartment

One Punch Man: One Hero knows, review

These stores will offer different types of goods that can be purchased with the money earned in the completed missions. These include the beverage shop who will bring things, usable before mission selection, and this will provide various effects, such as increasing combat time, facilitating attack power or heroic appearance in support of others, to facilitate victory. Then there’s the clothing store which will allow new items such as faces, clothes, hairstyles and accessories to edit the avatar, which can also be made from. An alternative will be available furniture store where you will have access to purchase goods customize the apartment of the player character, including items such as TVs, futons, night tables, refrigerators, washing machines, and many more in various colors.

On the other hand is the pawn shop which can be exchanged for municipal coins, which can be obtained by completing missions rare objections They include new looks, accessories, furniture and other added elements. Eventually the emotion kiosk and phrases where new items can be found to enable them communicate with other players in online mode. As for the player’s apartment, its function can be said to be decorative only it can hardly have any impact on the game except being able to play with the configuration of the items found in the thrift shop or as a reward, made by square diagram a brief description of each element comprising a certain number and the interaction with them is reduced. On the other hand, at this point you can edit the look of the avatar too.

The city offers various types of tasks necessary to advance the plot, improve the reputation and rank of the association, as well as enhance its well-being. First and foremost is the association missions, which is divided into several types. On the one hand are the main plot missions that follow, of course, the history of the series covering the events of the first season, to know between the various main characters of the series and be able to complete them unlock the use of certain characters in games against mode. The following is a selection of missions on various levels, illustrated by fist icons, that will confront different enemies, support heroes and some other additional obstacles to accomplish.

One Punch Man: One Hero knows, review

Another type of mission is the special, which is only available at the warrior society headquarters and serves strengthen ties with other characters of the series through combat and the casual moment that offers choose answers, though without consequences in the development. It should be noted that the missions are performed in the branches with only a contribution to the city but with no ranking points, limited to the missions chosen at the society’s headquarters, though they can be accomplished as many times as the player wishes, but in the case of special missions the connection earned by a character will available again. Eventually the orders performs tasks that will be presented and confined to the city by other citizens and characters of the series yellow icons, traveling the city to achieve the goal, looking for an object, talking to a character or fighting, and then being told the character in question to get the reward. Also the commands can be done repeatedly but the reward will be different each time. Highlight that missions will be included special conditionssuch as completing the fight over a certain percentage of health, performing special techniques several times or winning a KO, which will allow you to get extra rewards, which will appear on screen at the end of the confrontation and left with icons of stars if they are successful together. Mention that there may be other enemies and fighters that will follow the player character to challenge you to engage spontaneously while touring the city.

The game’s combat offers a game system similar to the one already seen in My Hero One’s Justice, offering broad scenarios where the characters will move for the right moment to make attacks to punish various attacks and special techniques for the enemies was expelled. With the square buttons and triangles you can normal and strong attacks they can be exchanged in charge attacks by holding them down for a while. Use special techniquesFor its part, it is done by pressing the Button R2 with the buttons on the remote control, having previously equipped the techniques for the style fitted at that time. During the game you can be different additional style types, first of all, a standard style based on the movements of Silver Fang, which must be level up by accumulating experience to unlock new options, such as special attack equipment slots or use the change mode which allows the final technique. It should be noted that special techniques are unlocked through the complete character missions concrete, to be able, in turn, to achieve in the process new styles extra.

One Punch Man: One Hero knows, review

Special techniques must be used, as well as a method of change and activating the definitive technique special bar, located below the feed bar, can be done manually attacking or loading it by pressing R2 and pressing the X button, be able to store up to a maximum of 8 levels. The switching mode, on the other hand, allows the character the option to use the definite technique for a limited time, with the bar temporarily brightness covered during the process, while trying to execute the technique, with R2 and the circle and triangle buttons at the same time, and make the attack affect the enemy to activate the animation and inflict massive damage to the opponent.

The supported by certain heroes, which will also be reversed for villains in certain missions, so that a counter it will mark the time it will take to arrive. This can be reduced by attacking the opposition, which will remove a few seconds from the marker and speed up its arrival, and it can later toggle as a spare fighter. On the other hand, at some times there will be so many events that affect the combat area, which differs from meteorite drops, lightning or a character appearance that paralyzes the contestants, and also the the spontaneous appearance of drones bring things to the fight, which may affect one or the other depending on the speed at which it is reached. Also pointing out that the drone may be shot and may affect one of the competitors that damages his live bar.

One Punch Man: One Hero knows, review

The character’s progress and improvement will depend on the level of combat experience, which will vary depending on the level of the mission chosen, and also on spend skill points to increase the level of parameters, get these with each level increase. The best can be invested in aspects such as quality of life, strength, protection, etc. making the character more effective in combat. As for the styles, it should be noted that there are six types available in the game that can be obtained by doing specific missions of certain characters, including the standard type, fitted by default, are the machine type, psychic, army, force and monster. They are all very different from one another, and of the highest quality balanced, the force focused on exercise powerful physical attacks, the army that is lets use swords or baseball bats, the psychic concentrated various attacks, the machine with reduced attack power but compensated for in speed and finally the monster guy the one who allows techniques to execute villains. It should be noted that by equipping some of these styles the appearance of the character will change, as in the case of the machine type.

You can experience this title just right, offering a development that is primarily inspired by the advancement of the plot and being able to unlock the main characters of the series. The missions are entertaining first and foremost through the various enemies before them and the change in conditions and support, in some cases with some well-known heroes and in others not exactly, but in the long run a both tedious and repetitive by relying on them especially for experience, with the exception of those of a special nature as they relate to the characters of the series and offering a point of diversity with a certain sense of humor. In total, there is a team of 28 characters available, including the player’s avatar, is largely unlocked by the game’s story mode, and can be used in the against mode for local games with another player or against the AI.

One Punch Man: One Hero knows, review

The graphic part of the game shows a style that is the atmosphere of the series is captured the right way, for the main character models as well as the special attacks of each and the game scenes, including some that appeared in the animated adaptation. Unfortunately, this feature is clouded by poor performance where the Framing accent drops and delaying the load of NPCs as they move around the city reduce the gaming experience.

In the audio portion, the game offers a a wide range of musical themes to accompany the rhythm of the game. Some of these themes are heard, for example in the city when you graduate or enter the menu, while others are noticed. Highlight introductory theme of the game, Freaking Out !, sung by the JAM Project group, who also gave voice to the openings of the two seasons of the animated version. In addition, the game offers the option choose between dubbing in English and Japanesealthough initially access is not granted until the game prologue is complete.

One Punch Man: One Hero knows, review

The multiplayer feature of this title usually lets you play with it presence of avatars of other players. The significant change is that it is possible in the execution of several missions support from these in combat. In addition, the main options for this method can be found at the hero society headquarters, incl touring competitions to win gold medals can be exchanged at one of the counters for objects of various kinds, although it can be said that a expiry time. On the other hand they are also offered ranking games to face other players and the world ranking of the game in games with one character or a group of three.

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