One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4, Review: A Hat That Can Bring Light And Shadow


The saga returns to where the Straw Hats feel most comfortable. Omega Force takes steps forward in terms of usability, but falls back in other ways.

It has been five years since Omega Force discovered that the studio was undoubtedly the best to know how to transfer the core of One Piece to the video game universe. Pirate Warriors 3 closed the trilogy almost brilliantly, a very full, varied and respectable title with license Eiichiro Oda, which then began one of its most important arches.

Five years is nothing for a weekly manga Shonen jumped, where it is customary to publish just over 40 episodes per year. And if it is Oda, with its breaks, the plot progression is even less than readers wanted; but if something is clear that is One Piece is living a very sweet moment, a highlight that seems to never want to end between revelations, unexpected appearances and moments that have been waiting for years.

Pirate Warriors One Piece 4

Favorite One Piece: Pirate Warriors at the controls: depth and combos

And that is precisely the major problem of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4, though adequate improvement of the in-game scheme, it is not known how to harness these five years or exploit the hardware of the current generation or deepen the backbone of this genre, the strategy; because of how much we are facing One Piece video game, It’s less musou what past deliveries, and that’s a real shame.

Don’t be confused: the gameplay has improved. This fourth version deepens from the first minute, it feels like characters like Luffy feel better than ever at their comfort and agility when moving, hitting or chaining combos, one of the great achievements of this episode. As if from a hack and slash Yes, the title always seems to invite you not only to press the squared or triangular button repeatedly, but again. study combos, that you chain jerseys to a beat and you see the damage counter increasing like a stopwatch. Unfortunately, those good feelings collide at the controls that spray hundreds (thousands) of enemies per mission with a potentially desperate camera and overly simplified mission design. Let’s go parts.

One piece: Pirate Heroes 4

The combat system has been revamped (Rush Kizuna is left behind) and bases his gameplay on action buttons or the combination of an R + action, triggering one of up to four skills that are detached from the skill tree, a very usable feature and we are unlocking new options as we move forward in the adventure. He likes the result because it is not lost in long or loaded animation, but they are only seconds, it doesn’t break the action. As can be expected, depth is greater when there is a combination of land, air blowing or a combination of both.

The script of the movements is wide, varied, with winks to the manga that many will know how to identify. Not only can we equip special attacks, but also power-ups or transformations, so it’s time to figure out what we need for each moment; if we are even a striking basic enhancer or prefer to be able to activate Gear 2, for example in the case of Monkey D. Luffy. We really liked it, because it makes sense of the resistance bar and forces us to economize with every move. To conclude, each character has its own characteristics, they are not skins, so he has little to do with controlling a person like Usopp with respect to Zoro; Needless to say, when can we access the huge characters playable like Kaido, a success that we prefer to find out for yourself, as it is one of the advantages of the final piece of the story mode. If we had to enlist among all the musou of recent years, for sure One piece: Pirate Heroes 4 be one of the three most satisfying playable. The contrast with the lack of action, in the strategy, is very strong.

Where we are: choice of plot, double-edged sword

However, things continue where they stayed. If in PW3 we saw the credits at the end of the Dressrosa arc, this time the crew of the Straw Hats Zou arrive with a few people wandering around Whole Cake Island and others, meanwhile, in Wano, where Grandma and Kaido are respectively take the center in parallel. Of course, the facts of this latest saga are not conclusive and, to solve the role, Koei Tecmo and Omega Force are telling an original story from beginning to end. As much for what is said for the way it is done, it did not convince us, but the way to imitate the six major arcs covered in the game does not open up too many edges along the way.

Pirate Warriors One Piece 4

This time we started in Arabasta, we went to Ennis and Water Lobby Seven, we traveled to Marineford and we went into the New World, from Dressrosa to Whole Cake and Wano. Successful choice, as if from a biggest hits One Piece is around. That’s the global feeling: it’s a tribute to the series. It’s not as ambitious as its predecessor, who wanted to cover almost all of the manga’s main canonical arcs. The problem is, as you can see, this is short now, with an episode barely reaching fifteen hours in its main story and that’s it it denotes a lack of interest in improvement, for going further and for the tactic.

Forgetting everything the East Blue tells is like a Dragon Ball Z video game without Dragon Ball or Naruto without Shippuden; Not really, but for those who want to get a playable encyclopedia here from start to finish, this is not a work final.

Pirate Warriors One Piece 4

Omega Force has controlled and gameplay the path that the saga must follow in the future, but not in mission design; all of them are very similar, without much strategy (or a point of comparison to Hyrule Warriors, Fire Emblem: Warriors or Pirate Warriors 3 proposals) and an overall below average level. The usual level of difficulty (we have Easy, Normal and Hard) is the easy level of any video game of the genre; not so much because of the damage we receive from the enemies, but because of the demands of the ultimate bosses. Some areas are too linear and there are not many side missions, but we usually go from point A to point B, so we lose some measure. The title reveals what was seen in the past in this same series.

One of the great novels of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 was its plus-sized belt bosses, where there is no other option but to set the camera, surround the enemy and strike when we find a dead lock. We love the idea, on paper, because it allows us to recreate mythical anime battles with well-measured action, faithfully recreating scenes and accompanying everything to recreate scenes with the game engine. However, the patterns are easy to recognize and there will be no enemy to cause us too much trouble.

Pirate Warriors One Piece 4

The conquest of areas to dominate lands, which, unlike any other musou, does not alter their search and advance process. In the world of Full Cake we get the odd puzzle, but the strategy we saw in PW3 is practically gone. Fortunately, the stage design very showy artistically, colorful and enjoyed every second; In addition, the rhythm of the game does not give pause. There are no moments of transition: it reaches the point. With more simultaneous enemies on screen than ever and few drops in performance, it is the most dynamic delivery … weighed down by a lack of strategic incentive or collaboration with allies who reject controls more button smasher than it should. Too brown. The biggest problem in the game is the camera. He sighed us on more than one occasion for two reasons: the first, which can sell us inside and out by colliding with textures and overlapping them; second, that he does not know how to position himself. If we run, it gets out of control; if we turn sharply, it is lost. In the end, we were forced to constantly replace the camera. Fortunately, there is plenty of it cases can be destroyed by striking, although it does not change or affect too much.

Depth of play at the expense of simplicity in mission design

Leaving the Drama Diary, which does the story mode, we want to emphasize that everything can be played cooperatively. The multiplayer mode, in today’s times, seems to be a more than valid option for relaxing with friends – it also reduces the difficulty of pretty much every field. We also liked the call Deposit Diary, an accomplishment of little invented stories where we have to face random but incredible, unpredictable enemy teams. Anything that goes by and the result is gratifying. In addition, this method also gains importance or weight because it is a great way to raise money and unlock more skills and movements in each character’s development tree, a map where we can perfect movements or improve traits. Very well designed. It’s worth a look, especially if we’ve finished our story mode and want something (new) bigger than a mouthful.

Pirate Warriors One Piece 4

Otherwise, a figure that exceeds 40 selectable characters, with unpublished novels like Kaido, Big Mam, Bege and Katakuri, while we really enjoyed the fun of playing with Luffy’s Gear 4, all is said. In the future there will be three batches of DLC during 2020, all for a fee. If we are optimistic, this invites us to think that there is content that could be perfectly included in the original commercial version and which is to be used to check the buyer more than once, especially on jugs. We prefer not to speculate now, as that matter is not yet known.

The version we analyzed is the PlayStation 4 Pro version, so we can’t testify whether the port meets a technical level on the Nintendo Switch – as Pirate Warriors 3 did in this regard – but Omega Force did make the visual technique perfect. seen from the beginning of the saga with that combination of cel shading and elements typical of the animation series, without going overboard with the lighting or the black outline of the characters. The animations have also improved, with Zoro, Sanji and Luffy moving better than ever, they are shows. We argue: the game is as respectful of the original work as you might expect. That’s nothing new, really, because Omega Force has perfectly animated each character since the first installment. It’s a shame that some enemies are still so flat and shallow, but the genre has always interpreted these as mere filler.

One piece: Pirate Heroes 4

We cannot forget the soundtrack, which causes headphones to be heard. Moments of tension increase depending on the type of battle we are in; to highlight, some compositions against ultimate bosses. The original themes of the series are missing, but this is an endemic evil for almost any portrayal of the Shonen jumped, when it costs the horror of migrating those licenses to a video game environment without checking in too. Of course, their original actors dub the voices perfectly in Japanese, so that nothing here changes whoever it is that listens to Nami, Chopper, Franky and a Japanese company.

We performed this Review using a download code provided by Bandai Namco on the PS4 Pro model.

One piece: Pirate Heroes 4
“The power to intimidate the opponent The haoshoku haki! … This power comes from the” will power “of whoever owns it”

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