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After more than a decade of waiting for it, No More Heroes 3 is here exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Is it worth it? Read our Review to find out.

Eleven years after launch No More Heroes 2: A desperate structure, and two and a half years after the Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, it eventually reaches physical stores and digital bazaars No More Hero 3, exclusively for Nintendo switch. As usual, developed by Grasshopper Manufacturing. The numbered third installment of the saga is made to beg. Is it worth it? What about a return to the classic game of the league? Travis touchdown? Is the best game of it Goichi Suda/Suda51? We respond to this and other related questions in this regard Review. Don’t cry, Travis

The plot of No More Heroes 3 tells us how, 20 years ago, a boy named Damon meet an alien named FU, which includes from the government. They become friends and, eventually, the alien returns to his planet thanks to a rocket they take in between. Back in the present, Damon is a successful businessman, and his friend is waiting for him to return. Jess-Baptiste VI (Real name FU) returns to Earth with some of his elders to “conquest game“If one cannot stand up to them, they will destroy the planet. AAU, the organization previously dedicated in titles to the qualified games between assassins, he now runs the entire alien shed, so that the battles are “official”.

No More Heroes 3: Travis Touchdown vs Aliens

Travis Touchdown, short and lazy, not only fulfills the fray with the intention of exterminating the aliens, but also gaining the most place in the classification ó Galactic Superheroes.

This is the starting point for No More Heroes 3. This psychedelic origins justify the fact that, throughout the game, let us destroy aliens without rhyme or without reason with our believer katana beam.

no more heroes 3 reviews review nintendo switch travis touchdown

About art section from No More Heroes 3, we are facing one of the most original titles of Nintendo Switch in this regard, which is not easy at all. Travis Touchdown’s third numbered episode brings himself together various art styles, animation included in the purest style Studio ghibli, pixel such as grips for certain interface elements and some minigames, gore and offal Butt and many other surprises that we can not talk about so as not to spoil the experience.

What we can talk about is the graphic section and from technical performance of No More Heroes 3. First of all, know that works better in laptop mode than in desktop mode. Because this method has a lower resolution, the loading times are shorter, and a visual defects they are best camouflaged. Because yes, friends; No More Heroes 3 sins for some character models with clearly sawn teeth (even clearer in the game scenes), some empty wild steps and even so, incomprehensible buggy (popping, primarily, elements that “suddenly appear” as we approach them).

No More Heroes 3: Violence in Style … Semi-cooked

Fights are the best thing that works in No More Heroes 3, with the basic aliens and against the final bosses, and the minigames. Rocky 60 FPS always on both themes; We found nothing to disrupt the gaming experience in these parts of NMH3. By disadvantages, the open world and exploration sections are not uphill, but awkward to play because of the weak level of visual fidelity, Y. irregularity of its frame rate.

no more heroes 3 reviews review nintendo switch travis touchdown

This contrast between the two main parts of the game (fighting and exploration) it makes us think that they focused on using all the resources to master one of the parts (The fight is not as deep as, say, Devil May Cry 5, but it’s a great satisfaction), o The COVID pandemic has a negative impact on title development, it is not clear that there is some cooking time to polish the above mentioned defects.

One of the most powerful features of NMH3 is a outstanding soundtrack. For example, button. On this section you have a video of an official channel Great Japan (the game’s distributor) contains several themes of the game that offer up to an hour of music of various genres: electronics, rap, or cool off among others, composed of musicians of status June Fukuda, MEEBEE, or Nobuaki Kaneko.

no more heroes 3 reviews review nintendo switch travis touchdown

No dubbing backwards either. Some rulers return to the saga to give voice to their respective characters, for example Robin reduces atkin In role Travis touchdown, or Paula Tiso In role Sylvia Christel. The dubbing work is outstandingWhile it is true that Travis’ s persistent voices and insults towards aliens in combat can do little to burden. No More Heroes 3 is called in English, but the texts are completely localized to Spanish.

Salvaging this part we have several nice resolute sound effects. The various attacks we can make in fights are sweetened with sound effects that are truly chiptune to accentuate the gamer background of Travis, and his new powers acquired with the Death Glove.

No More Heroes 3 restores the original in-game scheme of the original installment. That is to say, we have some enemies to beat in ranked battles, but first we need money to be able to take part in them. We get this money by participating in various “volunteer positions” Minigames As varied as they are strange, such as mowing the lawn, logging toilets, digging into the bowels of the earth to copy alien minerals, or defending a beach with a clean gun from the invasion of giant crocodiles from inside a tank.

No More Heroes 3: soundtrack from another galaxy

We can also get money and other resources by participating in defense missions, which is essentially fights against aliens with increasing difficulty which comes in very handy for mastering combat mechanics. With these materials we can build chips serving modify Travis base characteristics, as if it were an RPG (although it was pretty light, we have to say). Nothing is too original, but we appreciate the variety. We can, for example, make a “Travis” that focuses on maximizing the damage we do to warlike movements. In addition, with one of the other currencies we can get (the WESN, World’s End Super Nova) we can improve travis stats.

In No More Heroes 3, Travis Touchdown inherits “travis” from Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes his Death Glove. This glove allows him to perform some extra special attacks that increase his flexibility in combat, such as slowing down the time around him, or teleporting to the marked enemy and kicking him with both feet. As we said above, The NMH3 combat system is not as deep as other titles in the genre character action game, but he is overjoyed. As well as knowing how, when and how to beat each enemy, we need to be aware of the Slash Reel, a slot that is activated in the middle of the opponent after an enemy is executed, and allows us to gain power-ups temporary as inviolability. Because of the restaurant that No More Heroes 3 is proud of, and the various combinations of enemies the game puts in our fight we have to squeeze the coconut to use the tools at our disposal effectively in the myriad fights that exist.

There are several parts to it space fights, thanks to the armor HENSHIN on display by Travis in No More Heroes 3. These sidereal battles against aliens are overwhelming, and are essentially resolved as zones of railway shooters. They are not the best part of the game, but we appreciate the variety.

About articles of the open world… as we commented above, the least worked parts of No More Heroes 3. The various areas we can visit (In addition to Santa Destroy, we visit other areas whose names we omit to avoid destruction) they are quite empty and barely have any interaction, giving the feeling that the game world is very artificial. To this we add a poor graphic and technical performance, which makes the whole ugly. And in 2021 there is no excuse. In the original Wii title, which dates back to 2007, the idea is deliberately empty open world Suda’s own response was based on the criticism of his previous game, Killer7, for being too linear. It does not pressure you to do practically the same thing in the next fourteen years. We don’t want a title the size of Grand Theft Auto V or Red Dead Redemption 2, especially considering that Grasshopper Manufacturing is a small study, but a study that takes equal care of all the parts that make it up and has the same level of coherence with each other.

To extend the length of the title, we have some additional tasks and side missions such as finding Jeane kittens around the stage, planting trees, or catching scorpions. They are not tasks that affect the plot in a significant way, and are there to be filled.

no more heroes 3 reviews review nintendo switch travis touchdown
Fighting is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of No More Heroes 3

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