No More Heroes 2: Struggle Desperate, Nintendo Switch Review


We analyze No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle in its version of Nintendo Switch. This remodel no longer makes the Wii version exclusive.

At the end of October 2020, they reached eShop of Nintendo switch, without notice, both No more heroes (here you can read the Review of the original, and the Review of the remodeling here) as its sequence, the title before us; No More Heroes 2: Desperate Structure. It was not led Goichi Suda (alias Suda51), as in the first occurrence; here he restrained himself from helping to produce it. As we did with the first installment of this saga, in this regard Review oh No more heroes 2 we will focus precisely on how it works Switch.

As we said in the introductory paragraph, In this Review we will focus on the technical aspects of No More Heroes 2 on Nintendo Switch, leaving other elements identical to the original – such as the plot, the length, the soundtrack … – at the reader ‘s discretion; To do this, read the Review done by our colleague Will van Dijk at the time.

no more heroes 2 nintendo switch desperate struggle review

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Nintendo Switch Review – Travis Touchdown Still Fit

This conversion of No More Heroes 2 for Switch is very similar to the conversion of the previous title. For starters, know in console dock mode, the game runs at 1080p and 60 FPS although, as in the recast of the previous one, the frame rate is not constantas it occasionally drops to about 50 FPS. In portable mode, the resolution obviously drops to 720p, though performance here seems to be better by detecting greater stability.

In fact, and, as a reshaping, we have graphic enhancements palpable from the first moment. It’s about decent job in this regard, especially considering that Until this relaunch, Nintendo Wii was not exclusive to No More Heroes 2, since it did not have versions on PS3 and Xbox 360 like No More Heroes did. The fact that the uncensored edition is the eShop version of Nintendo Switch of any NMH2 type; we can declare without fear of being so wrong East remaster the best possible version of this title. The console’s technical ceiling isn’t far from it, but with this switch it can deliver the beat perfectly as another Switch game.

no more heroes 2 nintendo switch desperate struggle review

As with No More Heroes for Switch, in No More Heroes 2 the interface and control scheme itself were adequately adapted to Nintendo Switch. We can play the game without problems in a way that is faithful enough to the original experience.

No More Heroes 2 may have chosen himself root out the open world schema of the above play in your favor in creating this remastering; just like in the Wii version, in the Switch version when we want to travel from one area of ​​Santa Destroy to another, Travis only does teleports using the various menu options. There are no motorcycle steps to explore the city, which eliminates any related technical / performance issues.

Switch version note: 8

One of our main doubts about this conversion was how to translate the few of them to high definition Minigames of which this title is proud. We remind you that some of the tasks Travis can perform in Desperate Struggle, such as training in a gym or delivering pizza on a motorcycle, are on a visual level as if they were an NES title, straight from the 8-bit. ré. Y. the work done in this regard is more than commendable; the presentation is clean -nothing of sprites obscure or weak scale – although the purest ones will feel like a simulated filter scanlines. Although this option was not in the original either.

no more heroes 2 nintendo switch desperate struggle review

For No More Heroes 2 as a title itself, and comparing it to its predecessor, know that much more crazy than the first. The humor is more badass even if possible, sexual innuendo – Including grim blueprints generous female character traits – they are much more brass and ultimately We are facing a self-conscious and very old sequence that leaves moments for us to remember, along with deepening Travis Touchdown ‘s attendance as a character, as well as the universe of this weird video game.

Much of his mound lies precisely that It’s a video game that goes a long way and doesn’t care much about the “needs” of the players. Instead, it focuses on making its own way and trying to be as original and tragic as possible in an industry where this is becoming increasingly difficult to do. You also have to understand that It is a title with a very specific humor and context. Very “Japanese”, call it some way. This can be even more transversal if it fits in mid – 2020.

no more heroes 2 nintendo switch desperate struggle review

It is, as we have discussed before, the definitive version of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Does remaster everything: revisiting the title, in line with current times, and adapting the original version to the new control system of the current machine. It’s perfect if we couldn’t play it at the time, especially if we have the above on Switch and also Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. In this way we can explore a lot not only in the psyche of Travis, but also in Suda itself. By the way, kill time until you are released No more heroes 3, dated 2021.

no more heroes 2 nintendo switch desperate struggle review
no more heroes 2 nintendo switch desperate struggle review

no more heroes 2 nintendo switch desperate struggle review
Movement control is also used when executing and executing special techniques on enemies

no more heroes 2 nintendo switch desperate struggle review
In one of the posts / minigames, we make fillets at the plant to the exact point each client requests

no more heroes 2 desperate struggle review nintendo switch
Travis does not miss the opportunity to look closely at the multitude of women in the game

THE BEST _____

  • Still as fun and different as the original
  • The face lift on a visual level looks great
  • Well adapted control for Nintendo Switch


  • The frame rate is not completely stable
  • The cinematic scenes of the game have not been restored

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