Nioh 2, Review: Ninja Team In Superhero Mode


Team Ninja returns with the sequel to its success in 2017. Nioh 2, on every level, is better than the original one. We tell you everything after sixty hours on it.

Many of the challenges they faced were not on our way. Rival clans, supernatural monsters and making nature itself have tried to end the path of Changeling. But they’ve all fallen on a MeriStation cold sheet. After more than sixty hours at Nioh 2 controls, we are able to confirm that it is one of the better jobs he never did Ninja Team.

Because the sequel relies on the unexpected success of 2017 as a mature product, formed based on the experience that allowed it to gain these years of stay in the market. Its continuity begins with the premise that the present tense will be improved and the formula we all know will be taken further. Extensive possibilities and practically unlimited. Nioh 2 is, in short, a superb ARPG.

Nioh 2 review of MeriStation ps4 pro note

Loving in time of war

Nioh 2 introduces us to the events in Japan from 1555. The constant Civil war which destroys the country in the middle of the Sengoku period, unleashes a social conflict that we will not be able to leave behind. Unlike the events with William, we will be soulless. One other hermit who sees, unwillingly, how destructive the big town is at home. Yes, this second part serves as a prequel.

This fresh start will allow us to shape how we want to look on the battlefield. First in the brand, we can configure our appearance in huge editor charming people in titles like Black Desert or Code Vein have nothing to do with it. As many of you have already seen in the last public demo, all custom faces can be shared by generating alphanumeric code.

Nioh 2 review of MeriStation ps4 pro note

Rising production values ​​had a direct impact on some of the elements that were perceived to be thin three years ago. This is narrative progress. The number of plot scenes is doubled, which generates interest that allows you to connect to the events on screen. Not just for having a certain coherence about our actions, but for connecting emotionally with the bosses and their motivations. Behind the mask is a person who, due to the circumstances of Japanese folklore, intends to attack the interests of the world.

Nevertheless, sometimes he does not know how to develop sure some of the events are completed in the last third of the game. Some key scenes end abruptly, or they misuse bullets as an audio-visual feature. We are far from securing a plot that earns much more for the background than the shape. Being able to use the encyclopedia integrated into the main menu itself is a real luxury. The characters, settings, videos, enemies and much more come together in a menu that takes the Nioh 2 universe further.

The Changing Path …

The visual options i PlayStation 4 Pro they stay safe. Three modes of performance will allow us to give priority in secret (at 30fps), performance (60 fps) or a combination of resolution and an unlocked frame. The truth is that in some cases the visual aspect feels below the original. The scenarios are overloaded and if we use the performance method it fails to find the ideal feature. Of course, being able to enjoy 60 images per second deserves any visual sacrifice. Shadows, lod … The introduction of vivid HDR enhances the colors, especially in a game where the effects are everyday bread.

Nioh 2 review of MeriStation ps4 pro note

The emphasis on the story completely influenced the soundtrack. The musical accompaniment has far more prominence than the original of the brand. The games slip against ultimate bosses, where the themes add to the episode of encounters. Once you enter the mediation, a spiritual meeting point from which we will reveal nothing, you will only stay there for the music.

The true nature of our character is not an important revelation. Being changeable, or the same, half human and half Yokai, it gives us a range of possibilities that allow the fight to become complex. Forget about the living weapon now: here we will transform like another mythological being.

Nioh 2 review of MeriStation ps4 pro note

There are three types of transformations: Barbarian, Feral and Ghost. Depending on the one chosen, the focus of our alter ego will vary greatly. Each type has a specific type of offset. Powerful enemy attacks, marked with a red aura, can quickly act at our character while executing this particular ability. In the case of the Barbarian, for example, it must be used before it gets the impact, although Feral is the opposite. The IS A fundamentally different transformation will depend on the spiritual guardian which we have chosen.

This newcomer does not come by itself. Guardian spirits feed back from the heart of the soul, a drop that released the fallen Yokai and stands as one of the great novels in the sequel. By receiving them, we can include them in the free action spaces of the chosen spirit. In practice they serve as an extension of our physical ‘I’. While our weapons shift our offensive movements, it is these supernatural abilities that fill the gaps between blow and blow.

Nioh 2 review of MeriStation ps4 pro note

We need to make one thing clear: Contrary to what some of the public thought in the public exhibition, the hearts of the soul are not connected to Amrita crystals. The latter is one of the mechanics introduced in the final stretch of the game and never gives power to that fall. From the first moment we can get nuclei; their appearance will depend on probability, just as with any piece of equipment.

… and that’s the samurai

Much of the grace of these nuclei is as we manipulate them. While we go to forge the blacksmith to model our physical equipment, we have to do the same in the sanctuaries while managing the catalog we receive. Spiritual forgery of this kind allows us to increase their capacity, adding new features and deleting unwanted features to increase our level of Change, which is crucial for accessing more powerful souls.

Nioh 2 review of MeriStation ps4 pro note

Want to summon a snake that deals physical damage and poison? Can. Do you want to use Boss ability for your own benefit? Too. All, absolutely every version of Yokai has its own version adapted to our environment. Their appearance allows you to further expand the capabilities of buildings as their bonuses accumulate in our global state.

Our duty as a samurai will lead us through a system of progression that follows the deep trail of the rest of the new features included. Each family has a weapon, its own character, and its supernatural abilities complex skill tree. The system, almost a tribute to the board of Final Fantasy XII, allows us to develop through it more than 40 skills, active and passive, for each group raised.

Nioh 2 review of MeriStation ps4 pro note

To unlock the following steps you must complete Dojo missions, enable special challenges as we reach Master Targets for each weapon. While Nioh had already promised to gradually acquire new shares, here are the possibilities practically infinite system. When we reach the final level (above 180,000 points) we unlock mysterious abilities, hidden first and showing the most notable differences. The latter is enabled on the edge of the new plus game.

At this point we will not find out anything about the advantages of the combat system. The whole structure of the use of weapons remains intact, besides improvement of blocking, more useful than ever. Three new types need to be added to the armament family wire: incubator, tonfas and alternate guja (like a scythe). Practically they are a lot of fun to use, especially incubators, which provide the greatest range of motion compared to other models. They can even launch into the air to fill the range in mid-distance.

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