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We take a look at MotoGP 21, the next installment in the hugely popular Milestone franchise. Both wheels start in the new generation console.

Milestone don’t miss your annual appointment with both wheels. The official video game of the Dorna championship returns after a year marked by the COVID-19 crisis. For many, MotoGP 20 was an essential way to enjoy a World Championship from the safety of the virtual environment. But more than its value because of the circumstances around us, delivery 12 months ago stood as one more step in the evolution of virtual motorcycles.

MotoGP 21 strives to make that breakthrough, just as British Codemasters have done since they adopted Formula 1 reins. This year’s delivery adopts a very different standard. The new generation is already established. PS5 and Xbox X Series S. They are more than the future of the industry; present. For this reason, the study was encouraged to take advantage of the capabilities offered by the console, but from a moderately conservative plane.

MotoGP ps5 review note 21

Feelings on the road

During the preview we offered you in March, we were already proposing to filter out some of the elements this year. We mainly refer to suspension system, a feature that affects getting on the handlebars. It is primarily a dedicated improvement among the hard core of the community, those players who already have extensive experience on the Milestone tour.

The suspension affects in a more realistic way than ever before. Just a glance at the screen you can predict where the power of the motorcycle is going, tilt… in short, it transmits naturally when we should give gas, knowing up to the limit you can lift your device before it goes over the vents . It is not something that the low levels of difficulty in the system are appreciated. In fact, we strongly recommend that you remove the cornice facilities. Control is greatly enhanced when nothing is interfering with the position of your wand.

MotoGP ps5 review note 21

This playable boom goes hand in hand with brake temperature. When you are a modernist, it is usual to apply the brake while cornering. It will be penalized in MotoGP 21 for not meeting the state of your pad. If you are very cold or very hot on them, they will lose their effectiveness. Being one of these extremes, when you claim that they work they will not do it as you wish. This can lead to situations where other competitors can intervene, and it is common to bring someone to the forefront when you have not noticed.

You will fall a thousand times. Returning to the road after kissing the gravel is always a recurring moment. While there is a mechanic that lets you rewind events, from Milestone they wanted to provide a little more coherence. There is an option where you will have to run towards your motorcycle, as do real pilots. The sequence is slow: after a fall, a curtain puts you next to the bike. All you have to do is move the stick towards the location of your mount. The rider runs automatically, and the camera locks to focus exclusively on the bike. It’s still a story for those who are more fully involved in the game.

Trajectory, for a custom team

Secondly, ANNA continues to improve its capabilities. It may sound repetitive, but it is. AI adjustments (by percentage) force the protesters to act logically. However, they do not always take the usual margin in real life. Some actions are done without whining, not knowing that we are there and that we want to fight. They range from aggressive to high difficulty. We appreciate the introduction of the long lap penalty.

MotoGP ps5 review note 21

The IS Trajectory mode The cornerstone of MotoGP 21. This method will allow you to take your alter ego to fight everything against everything against the official figures of the three disciplines. As soon as you start, and because of the very special situation in which the planet lives, the title allows you to choose the type of calendar you want to play, whether it’s the full one in 2021 or the Grand Prix which will actually take place, such as the double session in Los Angeles.

Starting with Moto2, your reputation will determine if you can ride your own junior team. Signing up with a team when you are popular will allow you to establish your young talent factory. From hiring a team manager to finding sponsors and signing drivers, to selecting your agreements, following the evolution of drivers, and so on.

MotoGP ps5 review note 21

Grab the bug and inspect this method, since its performance has a total impact on our pockets. With more credits we will be able to establish a team of authentic qualified professionals. The development masts of the motorcycle we already know are linked to the research areas in the four main divisions: engine, chassis, aerodynamics and electronics.

If you choose Honda, for example, you can go to its headquarters panels to hire more staff. The bigger and better they are (up to 11 per area in total), the more data they will produce on a weekly basis. It is not enough to be good at the controls; we also need to have muscle in engineering. The IS winter test they are a great opportunity to ease into the early stages of the season.

MotoGP ps5 review note 21

We lose weight improvements more. At the launch we will not receive the Red Bull Rookies Cup, we can only start from any of the three official displacements. The MotoE will also not appear from the start in the fast-paced action and championship modes. Of course, they will come soon.

MotoGP 21 in the new generation, a real leap?

We performed the Review based on a version of it PS5. The graphical feature, improved compared to what was seen in the last generation, does not seem to take advantage of the console ‘s full capabilities yet. Running at 4K dynamic resolution at 60 frames per second, the modeling of the bikes and riders on the road is at a high level, but the scenery and lighting are not yet at that point expected in these hardware .

MotoGP ps5 review note 21

PS4 and Xbox One still draw you in to realize the potential we need. It gives the feeling be an intergenerational title. Although not everything is negative in this regard. SSD memory lets you build loaded hours just over a few seconds between runs. For a very short time, your hands will be taken control.

That’s not the graphic jump expected in systems like PS5 and Xbox Series X | S does not mean it is visually bad. Don’t. Move the license efficiently, she deals with affection. We saw no drops in performance, just some low quality textures. In the rest, it is in the same line of the last edition.

MotoGP ps5 review note 21

One other feature has been added to the equation in the PS5 version: the DualSense. Users are curious enough to know how the first indigenous driving titles behave. Aside from those initial steps with DiRT 5 or WRC 9, to name a few, Milestone sometimes shares its interest in its technologies.

MotoGP 21 uses aseptic feedback and adaptive triggers in a pretty clever way. In the chassis of control we feel the revolutions of the motorcycle in real time. We can predict from the palm of our hand when we move in or out of gear. We’re talking about a function that becomes mechanical, and we appreciate understanding it. As for the triggers, we have to admit we had the pros and cons. They mimic the hardness of both levers, both the brake and the accelerator lever. It is a little uncomfortable to brake when the resistance is so high. Fortunately, the amount of activity can be adjusted from the same menu.

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