Morkredd: Computer Review. Individual And Collaborative Shadow Puzzles


We analyze Morkredd, an engaging puzzle game that uses the contrast of light and shadow in a very enjoyable title alone and with others.

One of the most popular features of the video game environment is a innovation capacity, to surprise us original and fresh proposals which enables us to feel new. From what is now known as the explosion of independent video game development, it is directly from this sector that some of the greatest and best surprises that this kind of entertainment has given us in recent years are coming to us. This 2020, without going any further, we have received such diverse proposals and it offers as much quality as Kentucky Route Zero, Factorio, Spelunky 2 or that Hades that is currently sweeping critics and players. Norwegian studio based in Oslo Hyper Games it adds to its original title for the year 2020 that leaves us in the midst of so much unhappiness that we are one of the best harvests of independent video games we can remember.

Pork is the title of this dark episode of puzzles and skill occurring in a dark turbulent world. Its main characteristic, and what we liked most about the game, is that it gives it two completely different perspectives. while playing alone or accompanying, without changing the number of characters on the screen or the mechanics it offers. You will always have to control two characters, make him a single player if he plays alone, or control each player if we do it with him. Both approaches are absolutely enjoyable., but as we shall see when we are so thick with it, things change greatly from one to another. Yes indeed it is highly recommended to play it alone and with it be aware of the various nuances and circumstances that occur if we do it one way or another.

Journey into the depths of darkness

The game is also a title suitable for sharing with that person who is not a player or a regular player, because of the simplicity and closeness of his proposal, and because of the humorous and moving situations that will encourage the necessary (or rather lack thereof) coordination between the two at the controls. So if you are looking for a a suitable title to share with your partner or childrenWhile these are not regular consumers of video games or even have no interest in them, Morkredd is a great title for the company to enjoy. Being a game of puzzles based primarily on the game between light and dark, It is never too complicated, and it is precisely achieving that much – needed coordination between the two characters which is the main difficulty of the title. Each deck out with a great dark setting, and a story that relies entirely on the images of the game.

Absolutely the whole plot of Morkredd It is imitated through visual elements showing on screen, without the use of dialogue or cutbacks properly stated over a small video in some translations. It is up to us to build the plot as we play and interpret what we see. All of this starting from the most unsatisfactory beginning. Kind of light ball past the backdrop of total darkness, and in the middle of a field where we see some inanimate bodies, lights up and it gives life two forms which is visible human, feminine only and masculine only. We will soon see that the slightest touch in any of the ways with the darkness they are destroyedYou have to stay sheltered by the brightness that the orb brings out, in the middle of a completely dark place full of strange shapes.

Morkredd: Computer Review. Individual and collaborative shadow puzzles

First, the luminescent orb levitates by itself and we have to follow it. But it will soon increase in size and settle on the ground, rising rolling sphere that both shapes must push, for fear of disappearing if they move from the area illuminated by the sphere and step on the slightest hint of shadow. The game basically gives us clues about the world in which we move, and we love the emotion that allows us to be in our tiny pieces inside a puzzle or gear of encyclopedia proportions about us. The location and immersion ability they are in the excellent title and work like a pile, pushing us to see if it will surprise us later. If we do a good exploration, we will discover a mural of a kind that tells part of the story, such as hidden collections. But as we say, there is no single dialogue or the slightest hint of direct explanation of the story in the game, and despite this, it connects with the player and transmits all that he intends.

As we said before, the playable approach of the title is different if we do it alone or with others. In the first case, we control each of the forms simultaneously with each of the controller sticks, like the one charmingly excellent Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons. If we play accompanied by, each of which will control one of the characters. The key in both cases is the coordination, but in each it will be a different question. Playing alone, we must always be aware of which player we move with each stick, although we can change that task on the fly by pushing a button. Playing doubles, we must coordinate perfectly with the other.

Even take care of your shade

This is crucial because contact with the least area of ​​darkness means the death of the character involved and return to the last activation checkpoint. Important if we consider that we are handling two characters in a completely dark world while pushing a rolling sphere of light. And of course, this is the heart of the matter, Every aspect of the stage casts shadows, including the characters themselves. And the shadows are deadly. That is why the main fact and the element that gives difficulty to the title is the simple fact of move both characters without destroying each other with its shadows. We guarantee that you cannot imagine how many times you will kill the other form for not moving the characters in a coordinated manner, and the horror of the situations that will cause this. Fortunately, checkpoints are more than generous And the numerous reboots do not slow down the pace of the adventure.

Morkredd: Computer Review. Individual and collaborative shadow puzzles

And what obstacles do we have to overcome other than not kill ourselves with our shelters? The goal will be to progress through the phase pushing the orb of light us, avoiding losing or destroying it. For this you will need to activate levers, mechanisms and avoiding numerous obstacles, always staying in the light fields projected by the sphere. By having two characters, there will be divisions in which they will be separated and in which they must function independent tasks in a coordinated manner. This goes beyond logic, saying that perfect coordination and timing between characters (controlled by a single player or two) is also crucial to solving the puzzles. As we have already said, the difficulty of these is never very high, and in general we will always be clear about what we should do. It is still in our hands to do it without getting lost in the attempt at a deadly shadow at the wrong time.

Loved the various scenarios and mechanics applied. The game doesn’t fall into disrepair at all, though it’s true that he doesn’t have much time for it either. Short length of title, within the interval of 3 at 5 o’clock based on our expertise and desire to explore, it is our main complaint. Although his proposal is very fresh and original and varied, that era does not allow him to enjoy too much, and it makes us want more. This is compounded by the fact that the game has paid downloadable content which expands it from the same launch day, debate policy to say the least. While there will be no dialogue lines or written words in the whole game, this game has it all translation of menu texts and instructions into Spanish.

Morkredd: Computer Review. Individual and collaborative shadow puzzles

As we have already mentioned, the whole story depends on the visual part of the title. And in good faith he succeeds, with numerous on-screen elements that suggest traces of a story that will surprise us. That’s why the graphic part of Morkredd is to be commended, as it’s a one-sided victory for capturing a complex and dark universe is very original and attractive, and conversely also manages to retell a story without the need for any dialogue or adult scenes. The artistic direction and the shades of gray and black used give the game a distinctively attractive touch. We love the scale used in the cases, which makes us feel like a tiny piece of much larger and more complex gear. The title plays its trick very well in some transitions and approaches that leave us with wonderful moments and spectacular, although some of these sequences looked abrupt.

But it’s not just in the story that the visual part influences him, ever since Gameplay takes full effect on the shadows cast by every aspect of the game, which gives an even more protagonist role to the amazing graphic work done in the game. The IS the audio part is more discreet, with a soundtrack that is in the background during practically the entire adventure, and the game has no spoken dialogue or voice of any character. The sound effects evoke a gloomy, unsettling and oppressive atmosphere, and help complete an unforgettable journey.

Morkredd: Computer Review. Individual and collaborative shadow puzzles

Dark world


Morkredd is an engaging and very original puzzle and skill game. The possibility of enjoying it alone or together without changing the number of characters on the screen or the mechanics of the game gives us two very different and equally enjoyable perspectives in both cases. We handle the two main forms with a control stick if we play alone, or we coordinate with each other each person handling their character. This coordination will be necessary, since we move in a world that is completely dark at the pressure of a light field, and the slightest contact with any shadow is fatal, including those cast by the characters. To progress you will need to solve puzzles with switches, transport objects and coordinate the two characters to perform simultaneous tasks, in jigsaw puzzles and skills that are never too complicated but satisfying. The unsettled dark stage surprised us and we managed to build a great atmosphere. The short length of the title and the lack of a certain depth prevent it from reaching greater heights, but nevertheless we really liked it and we think it is an ideal video game to share with that person who is not a normal video game player. is, giving us great moments.

THE BEST _____

  • Both perspectives it offers if we play alone or with a person, without changing the number of characters or the mechanics.
  • It’s an ideal game to share, even with people who aren’t regular video game players.
  • Very original and attractive mechanics and stage.


  • Short distance, that leaves you wanting more.
  • His proposals do not go into much depth.
  • The decision to launch a paid DLC that extends the title on the same launch day seems more than incredible.

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