MLB The Show 20, Review


Sony San Diego is progressing well despite the previous big installments, with small and large details in every part of the game.

Spring Training should be underway right now, which is no more than preseason the MLB, who is currently considering possibilities in light of the current coronavirus crisis that has forced many competitors to definitively cancel. This didn’t bother Sony San Diego I worked all these months in MLB The 20 Show, which not only in the last installment will be seen in this generation alone, but also the last without PlayStation 4. Of course, at this point we can expect that a study that has been working on a single license and polishing it for several years will reach a maximum quality in the last console death ratios, and that is indeed what has been achieved studying California.

Those of San Diego do not fix what is not broken: already MLB The Show 19 It was a game that convinced the fans, showing a great qualitative leap from the previous installment and showing that they listened to the public and made their wishes. On this occasion, most add-ons revolve around the topic, since the formula has in-game created all these years, but that didn’t preclude some small details that weren’t applied to paper. Turn 180 degrees but in practice, they only enhance the overall experience.

MLB The Show 20, Review

Complete baseball season

As we said, all this time Sony San Diego set up a series of mechanics that have been shown to work, so that the tires remain unchanged. As always, for batting and burning pitching -launch-, as to the parking -defense-, the controls are fully adaptable, and in addition, in all these difficulties the dynamic difficulty remains to be seen, which varies according to our domain in each. This way, we have a personalized game throughout the season without having to change parameters in any menu, an idea so good that other sports titles might be expected to accept it, although this is not the case at the moment. It’s also understandable, given that not all sports can be differentiated into three parts as baseball does.

When we are on our way to a park we hardly see any changes from the previous delivery, but not when we hit. In MLB The Show 20 some changes were made to the PCI -Place Cover Indicator-, which is no larger than the limiting space we move to establish the batting accuracy, which in turn supports the new system Perfect-Perfect. This system, which is also clearly based on the player’s skills involved in the bat, rewards in particular our superb swings, namely: in contact with the ball and in timing when hitting it. This way, we have a better chance of making a great batting that could end up with home runs or win multiple medals.

MLB The Show 20, Review

But it is far from the only in-game change that has been implemented, and that is from a defensive point of view, that the quality of players is greater than ever. So, not only are the great ones like Nolan Arenado or Mike Trout capable of making great plays, but you are unlikely to see them make any mistakes when they have a simple catch. In contrast, if our field player is technically smaller, he can drop an easy ball, or simply, he will not have the same accuracy as throwing to base to eliminate the runner . This difference between the elite and the middle class was already noticeable last season, but it is even more apparent now, especially when the CPU is in charge of the defense.

Another aspect of the defense that has been polished almost to the extreme, is the players’ ability to catch in the air as well by throwing themselves to the ground. If we have an athletic player who can do it successfully, it might be worth taking the risk and doing it, and eliminating a striker right away. On the other hand, if the player we are controlling is not as agile, it is probably best to be conservative, let the ball bounce and leave the play alone rather than risk and if harmless, batting ends a priori as a three-piece. As we have said, they are small details that help polish an experience that ends up being very rewarding and with a great level of simulation.

San Diego Studio has long understood what fans mean by “more content.” No more content or more cards and more envelopes to wear the stumps – virtual currency of the game- or real money, but more challenges, more challenges, more activities … In short, more ways to have fun with a video game, not at the end and after all, it’s all about it. Thus, some new features, of more or less weight, were actually added to the MLB The Show 20 game mode.

MLB The Show 20, Review

For example, Franchise It’s a way we’ve been talking about for years that is definitely non-stop, and not just in this franchise, it’s worth the redundancy. Sure it’s about losing it in general popularity, but there is some oversight on the part of all studios in charge of sports simulators with this method, something San Diego noted well so we can’t do the same say season. This season, among other novels, we can change any of the MLB franchises for one of our creations, rename it and put it in the city we enjoy, but there’s still more. In fact, we also have true minor league teams, where players who have just found their professionalism become sought after in the big leagues, which, incidentally, saves a lot of work for the public previous years there were seasons dedicated to their creation and import.

As we know, with franchise links March to October. In fact, it is appropriate. First, because MTO rewards us with experience and experience for Diamond Dinasty, and vice versa, because we can only play the first season playing its main moments, which is something to be appreciated that MLB season exceeds 100 games … So the results we get will determine the team dynamics in simulation games, or we may get some specific improvements for specific players if we get good performances. This year, in addition, the possibility of making transfers during the first season of March to October was extended, which was not possible in the last issue.

MLB The Show 20, Review

Too Road to the Show It has gained some affection, because that game mode is already a classic of all sports titles where we include our alter ego. He does not do so for example NBA 2K, because of the MBL The Show case there is no competitive scene for obvious reasons inherent in the sport involved. However, it is a very strong way in which we can even maintain friendships with our colleagues based on our chemistry in the field, something that can only be sustained by passing the ball. Also create competition with an opponent, interacting with them on social networks, but above all, we have a more complex skill tree than ever before that we can look at this same item, based on its advantages and levels. It’s also worth noting the Road to the Show progression system, which emulates spectacular RPGs, far from being based on investment stumps, namely: every time we take positive or negative action, our parameters increase in the enable or decrease.

We ended up talking about the game modes, which will make the star stand for several years: Diamond Dinasty, the classic of collecting stickers, and where the content is almost endless. And most importantly, for those players who would like to enjoy the game alone, because precisely, in the multiplayer modes is where less progress has been made. In this sense, we continue the seasons with a degree, the battle royale – a sort of multi-draft FUT Draft – and the specific events that you have to form a squad with certain needs, however, as we said, this is when we are playing solo when we get a glimpse of the great effort that has been made: we continue to rely on different types of Cork – the “minigame” type of Risk – and the Minute, challenges that appear each week based on legendary performances or the actual baseball season . Of course, in this issue it remains to be seen how this will be managed before, at least, the MLB tournament. But we have to mention a new method we really liked: Exhibition.

MLB The Show 20, Review

At Showdown we started drafting three teams, at the outset, and obviously the quality was very limited. However, as we move forward, we face challenges and needs, which, if we meet, offer us the opportunity to improve players or to a higher standard. After 3 different challenges, we are faced with the real Showdown, which is devastated, which means if we do not overcome it, we will have to start from the beginning. And what is it? Our batting squad will basically take on a series of winning battles against some of the best killers in the competition: Justin Verlander, Chris Sale, Max Scherzer … trying to score a certain number of runs with a killer limit. A way that we particularly liked not only the rewards, of course, but also the feeling of tension that every test brings: whether we are overcoming it, or at home.

In short, it seems complicated to think of a way to add more content to a sports video game, and that is that San Diego has done some truly exemplary work in this regard. Now the new generation comes, and they are given an unparalleled opportunity to show that they can still take another turn of the screw, and to show that they, of whatever size to the general public – and at least in Europe – to study many go unnoticed, one of the most talented also in sports simulation.

MLB The Show 20, Review

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MLB The Show 20 is not the biggest leap in this franchise in recent years, but it is the biggest leap it can make at this point, that is, we can say that the has reached its peak of quality. Whether in terms of simulation or in terms of quantity and quality of content, it seems that it is not very easy to overcome either aspect of a baseball video game, the San Diego studio will now work for more platforms —Xbox One and possibly Nintendo Switch and PC-, and abandons exclusivity for PlayStation 4 through the front door with a very complete video game if left unnoticed due to the low popularity of baseball in our country, but not in Latin America, where it is very popular in countries like Cuba, Venezuela or Puerto Rico, as well as Japan or South Korea.

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