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Review of MLB The Show 21, the first installment of the franchise to reach Microsoft consoles, and also the first intergenerational one.

This season The Show’s MLB saga has attracted particular interest. On the one hand, Las Mayores’ license exclusivity was lost Sony resulting, for the first time, landing on Xbox consoles. On the other hand, and no less important, and the decision of the league itself, MLB The Show 21 included, from its first day on the market, in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, this is the first game of it PlayStation Studios in Microsoft hardware, and to make matters worse, in its star subscription service. But also, and as usual in the last few months, specifically since November, we are talking about the arrival of a sports franchise to the new generation, which raises special expectations for its progress on the new consoles, PS5 Series and Xbox. Is the game Sony San Diego?

Since bringing any sport to the virtual world with perfect simulation is not easy, translating the king of American sports into video games is an easier task than doing it with soccer or basketball, for example. But don’t forget, that doesn’t detract from the work done by a California study, over the years, developing one of the most complete sports simulators in all aspects. The playable formula has been around for a long time, and starting from that premise, it doesn’t make much sense to fix something that isn’t broken, so you can’t expect a revolution in hit, tilt or parking mechanics.

MLB The Show 21

Minor changes to the pitch

If anything, San Diego Studios tried to introduce it new biased mechanic. On this occasion, in addition to the ones already known – and which worked well, after all – a new and more complex one is added, no newcomers are recommended at all in the franchise. . Now, along with the stack animation, we are about to discover a circular on-screen interface that will show us different tracks to do depending on the complexity of the cast, and that we will have to repeat with the right stick in movements. like the special shots in a struggle game. As a result of the sensitivity and demand of this method we will make many mistakes at the beginning, so if we want to adapt to it, it is convenient to do it first at a low level of difficulty, and the existing dynamic difficulty, as usual. , which increases or decreases as we hit not only pitches, but also hits.

The striking mechanics have not changed at all, and are as demanding as ever, even at low levels of difficulty. It’s not common to see a beat in a baseball game, let alone a home run, so it’s understandable that we might get frustrated at first by being able to hit one ball. Patience, this requires a lot of practice, starting to know how to recognize the different pitches, and above all, go over the classic rookie mistake of trying to hit every pitch. However, the only concern is not the direction of the release, but also the timing, which is really the most complicated aspect of this part.

MLB The Show 21

Where do we get it there is an obvious improvement on the pitch while defending. It is less common to see infielders and outfielders make mistakes on easy balls, and our decision is exclusively to make one that we think we can achieve. We have sometimes noticed a certain delay in the reaction of lower average players, which attracts negative attention, despite its stats, because it is not entirely close to reality. But in general we are talking about an improved aspect of the game, where many new animations have been included that will allow us to enjoy great defensive plays by the big players in this field like Fernando Tatis Jr or Nolan Arenado.

In general, MLB The Show 21 feels more fluid, more immersive in the actions that require that touch also thanks to scenes behind them, which is exactly where the next generation jump is most visible. Visual progression is abstract, and we are about to discover it, above all, not only in the animations, but also in the faces of the players, now more recognizable – at least the most popular – and among the communities, this time without many assistants tracking each other and with very different behavior. This is especially important, since we clearly see the lower stands, and different behaviors depending on the state of the game, with the respectful sitting in the first guts, but standing and laughing more in the definite moments of the game.

A site for any baseball fan

If there is something characterized by the MLB saga of The Show, it is with being able to show a huge amount of content, this season is no exception. It is true that the way Road to the showOur alternate ego has hardly changed during his career in Las Mayores, and these are present primarily in the edition and custom of our player. For example, now it can be made more versatile thanks to the possibility of adding a type of perks, until it is able to turn it into an all-around player like Shohei Ohtani, the Japanese from the Los Angeles Angels. However, the decisions and progress have hardly changed as the seasons have progressed, and this is clearly far from the most popular game mode.

MLB The Show 21

It’s a great idea that was implemented in the last edition and improved this time March to October. This mode allows us to play an entire season with our favorite team, except that it is limited not only to the most important games, but to the definite moments of these, and it is not convenient to forget that in a regular MLB season of a whopping 162 games. In MLB The Show 21 we still have more control over the franchise, adding a layer of depth to this method which, after the first season, already gives us full control so that we can play every game – or simulation.

However, it is traditionally the most popular game mode Diamond Dynasty, which would be equivalent to the FIFA Final Team, for example. This is built on very strong foundations, such as the possibility of making a large number of stumps – the currency of the game, which is present only in this mode – simply through market management, or the generosity of its reward. For a few editions, he followed the seasonal model – which lasts about a month – which is now the standard in almost any game that works as a service, but the change implemented this year makes this system more dynamic. We explain ourselves.

MLB The Show 21

In MLB The Show 20, we could progress to the level of the season by getting stars, which could be achieved by achieving certain objectives or every 2,000 experience points. Well, MLB The Show 21 dismisses this confusing progression system to limit itself to one that is controlled by experience, and everything we do in any game mode will help us move through the season. What do you get with this? Basically we play at our own pace and what is as important or more important, as we do not see ourselves immersed or limited in meeting the challenges we face, although this clearly speeds up the process. Outside of that, Diamond Dynasty it is provided with very good content for playing online and against the CPU, with the usual Conquest modes, Moments challenges or last year’s star, Showdown.

Unfortunately, there is nothing new to be seen in this regard, which makes the intergenerational nature of the game very clear, a two-generation delivery launched to get into trouble and take the right jump, hopefully, in an edition. 2022.

We performed this Review with a digital copy provided by the publisher.


Sony San Diego completes the process in delivery with many peculiarities, almost none of which are related to the game itself: launch on Microsoft consoles, inclusion in Xbox Game Pass … If we stick to what the title itself offers, we get a discreet knee jump, when visual progress is barely noticed, and play is almost there. In the meantime, it barely offers news in terms of content compared to last year – overwhelming, by the way – so one can still think that the real step forward is still to be taken. Maybe in 2022 …

THE BEST _____

  • A recognizable recognizable formula, hardly requiring changes from year to year.
  • Wide offer of content, any player will find their favorite game mode.
  • March to October, a great idea to copy by other simulators.


  • Visual enhancements are negligible to the naked eye.
  • There is little innovation in its game modes compared to the last edition.
  • The stadium editor doesn’t seem like a bold enough plugin.



It meets the expectations of what makes a good game, it has quality and no serious flaws, although it lacks elements that could take it to higher levels.

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