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The RPG returns with life simulator elements from the Nintendo 3DS with enhancements to the Nintendo Switch. A refined and equally fun experience.

We’re not used to it being Nintendo 3DS titles that are translated with enhancements to Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console embraced the idea of ​​giving past titles a second chance with more or less success; Fortunately, Miitopia is the chosen one, whose face is enough to return to and check that out the formula has a lot of potential. After a few weeks of playing this irresponsible RPG with a touch of Tomodachi Life, there is something that does not change, despite its repetitive structures: it is hilarious.

Miitopia is original, no doubt. And it’s a title that reveals the essence of Nintendo in its way of understanding interpersonal relationships; not being afraid to put up unusual situations or do something unusual out of the ordinary. Because if we launch banana peels in Mario Kart, why not trade chefs here that have our pans tools? This is the constant feeling that the playing of this work, in particular, transmits magic; with its strengths and weaknesses. And why not? It is a matter of let yourself know what the Archmage has prepared for us, the main enemy of an adventure far more usable now than the new original laptop.


Laugh again: eccentricity, and with great honor

This was one of our main reasons: the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have two screens. This rethinks the structure of the interface, but it is not a problem. Moreover, from our criteria it is much worthwhile to be able to enjoy the game in 1080p resolution (720p in portable mode) than in 240p. The difference, seen one in front of the other, is abysmal. Therefore, yes, it is a great adaptation, not only technically, but also in what Anglo-Saxon calls it quality of life, those details of quality of life which makes this experience better than the title published in summer 2017.

It is no coincidence that Miitopia returns. Put it in perspective, despite its mixed reception from the specialized critics, the fact is that the public welcomed this turn-based role-playing game with a platform gameplay in its approach to open arms mapping. . It was commercially successful. The story is not surprising nor does it look at the major JRPGs of the genre; it’s a valuable gateway, really, to the smallest place in the place for a video game type. The work we do today is not about trying to tell you so much of a particular story, but instead suggest a base on which you can build your own adventure. To do it, the new Mii editor is a complete stop, in the best sense.


It is the mission of you and a gang of Mii who are joining your small team to confront the evil Archmage, who, well, he stole the faces of the inhabitants of Miitopia. The location is the brand of the house. It’s very hard not to laugh – even out loud – with some of the scenarios the game offers. That’s why you have to come forward. Predict that it would surprise us, the satiety of the long-lasting avatars created back in the Wii era, and understand that epics sometimes come from everyday settings. He is sometimes a traditionalist.

Needless to say, we recommend downloading the Miitopia demo from the eShop. Here’s how you can check if those first bars of the title fit what you ask for the work. The new Mii editor it is simple to use, deep and with many options. It has been improved so much that facial elements can be adjusted nicer than even in a Nintendo 3DS editor. The whole original can be moved here by importing, but now it goes one step further. Regardless of aesthetics, with over one hundred hair colors, we have make-up options for eyelashes, eyelashes, lipstick, eye shadow … Everything Hands you want to be. Grace comes from personality – kind, firm, sweet, cool, stiff, stunned and attentive – which directly affects the character of the Mii. The combination with diametrically different others will lead to funny moments; also in the fight.

What is Miitopia and why Mii fans like it so much

The best thing in the creation option is to download others. The originality and ability of users to replicate icons from the cultural world is very interesting. From Harry Potter to Princess Zelda, Iron Man, Hatsune Miku and other popular icons are here and can be part of your adventure in just a few steps. You select, import and … voila. From time to time we will see new secondary characters appear in the episode whose faces we can also change. In fact, even the main enemy can be a disguised Naruto type like Archmage. Why not? Anything goes in Miitopia.

Once we have presented what we have presented, we leave a main village with all the hodgepodge put together: faceless people, desperate couples, a mother who doesn’t know where her son is (Waluigi, in our case) and characters who asks us favors. It’s time to leave. A world is not waiting for us according to what we are accustomed to in the JRPG, but instead board with levels and secular, as in Super Mario Bros., where we move on and choose the path to follow when forks appear. Each level goes smoothly, with the characters advancing until enemies appear. This is where some of the key news appears.

To begin with, rather than being able to advance the pace of battle – when we want to grind, continuously accumulate battles to gain experience—, we can a Automatic mode where we simply look. This is especially useful as an accessibility option; Let’s not forget that there are boys and girls who have never given titles like this, with a turn-based strategy in the form of a combat game. There is nothing to worry about for local veterans; it’s an easy game, really. The team always has four components with simple actions and others that consume magic points. The use of several objects revives both bars, among other effects. At the end of each zone a final applause and rewards await us. There are monsters of all kinds; from golems to scorpions and beings with difficult descriptions. Each with its patterns, weaknesses and wonders, you never know where they come from.


The story progresses little by little, adapted for short games. This is, in fact, the way Miitopia likes it the most. Its repetitive nature, it is one of the big problems of the game By not advancing long enough and limiting your inflatable loop levels and larger levels with the same structure. The positive is that the inn it serves as an operating table. It would be useless to gain experience points, level up and have money without being able to use them accordingly. Among all trades available (singer, chef, princess, hero, sorcerer, flower (?), clerk, scientist, thief, tank, imp, cat …), everyone in battle has their own abilities and actions. So let ‘s go back to the inn and introduce a new dimension to the equation: the synergy.

Miitopia wants the relationship between the bond characters to grow and forge; just as we saw in Tomodachi ‘s Life. It is our responsibility to put different characters in the same bedroom so that their friendship relationship grows, regardless of their gender, and they perform actions together. Go fishing, go to the movies, go to the cafeteria … All of these things will increase the level of affinity, to the sacrifice of each other during certain fights. But be careful, you have to be very careful not to neglect relationships with others or, even more funny, when a certain Mii reaches out to a friendship with more than one companion, jealousy ensues. Jealousy is also resolved by actions, no wonder complaints are so funny and hilarious. It’s a simple, universal comedy, that doesn’t explore any group’s offense, just laughs at itself, and that makes it great.


Before we leave the tour we can too eat —Every Mii has its own tastes and preferences – to enhance traits. In this way, with each stop at an inn it is possible to enhance those experience points as we want and want. Apart from these statistical numbers we also have the usable items, which appear at the request of the characters themselves. Our Harry Potter occasionally asks for new magic strings with better features and a certain price. If we have enough money, it is best to buy it (do not be angry).

Recalling the Wii Era: Socially Thinking Editor

The last notable feature of this version of Miitopia for Nintendo Switch is that we are beautiful steed. After a few hours of play we will also have an animal companion who we must try to take care of our relationship. The more time each Mii spends by their side at the inn, the better their relationship will be. That loyalty will translate actions and attacks into combat that could save us from trouble.. And yes, we can customize it in a thousand ways, like the Mii. Surely your steed is completely different from ours and no one else’s.


Still, Miitopia can get heavy; especially considering it’s a long game. It can be extended to 25 departure hours. We liked it so much that it takes a great stamp this time. Given the choice between the original and this one, we are sure to stick with the Nintendo Switch version. It looks better, it implements very significant improvements that may make sense, in the long run, to avoid that feeling of exhaustion due to the homogeneity of stage design. The formula works, it feels fresh, but it lacks depth. We hope, however, that this issue will serve as a probe balloon to see if console viewers are interested in more Miitopia. With more options and freedom of movement, especially on the routes, the game can win many integers. What we have on the table, however, convinced us. No one is a fool and he manages to mix the RPG with the social simulation. A game that always knows how to make you smile.

We performed this Review with download code provided by Nintendo Spain.


The approach to the inn is one of the great assets of the game: plans, whims, food, paraphernalia … Everything influences the role of the character.

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