Mighty Goose, Review. The Era Of The Goose Has Begun


Taking inspiration from the roots of classics like Metal Snail, this year Mighty Goose comes to give us a good dose of action to PC, Switch, Xbox and PS4.

Geese fever does not seem to be over. Game Anonymous Goose lay the first stone inspired by many other developers, Blastmode among them. This indie studio makes its debut in the video games we call them Big goose, a run-and-gun that will bring back yesterday’s emotions with a look that is adapted to and reflects the modern weather this genre still has a place in an ever – changing industry.

Let’s be clear and direct: history is an excuse to store hundreds of bullets in the enemy’s rib cage. Which is really important Big goose and that many of you are waiting to read is that we will, in fact, have control of a goose. Reason? Squawk and be the only one who can free the land from an ugly enemy that he will send his troops to finish you and be the main dish for his dinner.

Go bulletproof

To face them we will have a simple pistol to survive while we wait for submachine guns, missile launchers or shotguns, weapons to facilitate our progress but they will be limited by ammunition. The main problem with this is that you are practically sold without a second one Big goose. It is true that we can ask for them in exchange for money, but the imbalance is so great between having them and not having That generates frustration and a lack of help not being able to do anything in the face of so many enemies.

Assistants come in here, but sadly they are unbalanced if not second player at the controls to control them. Individual, offensive helpers are practically useless except for one: the one that provides you with weapons. No matter how strong a character is if you, as the main character, are not able to defend yourself. Thus, between the imbalances of the weapons and the zero utility of the offensive aides, the obligation to use certain objects send again in Big goose.

Mighty goose, goose, weapons, submachine gun, enemies

A separate article we have dedicated to a unnecessarily close combat. It activates automatically and reduces the overall rhythm of the action. On the other hand, we can have other elements like ours special ability, a roll (to change direction as we do it) or a set of bonuses which will make our goose an even more powerful animal.

The best of it Big goose (rather than the goose) that comes when we are armed to the teeth. The sense of chaos and destruction we will leave behind is enduring, however she is funny. The gameplay is enjoyable and the dedication they have taken ever since Blastmode so that we feel full control of the situation. It is true that there is a small inaccuracy (especially when driving a vehicle(b) it will take us to get used to it, but in general the feeling of power is very satisfying.

Wrong addictive

This has a major impact on the “Mighty Mighty”, a changed state that we can activate as we destroy enemies. In this mode we will be inviolable and the weapons will change their behavior to be more deadly. This addition is the one that has just rounded that circle that we call gameplay and the one that is truly in charge turn the tables in a moment of trouble.

Mighty goose, goose, mighty mode, missile launcher, ultimate enemy, boss

Because, as is usual in this genre, the enemies are simple and hardly have a few attacks, but things get complicated when there is one. many of them on screen. Ar Big goose there is no difficulty selector and the control points are too far apart, therefore could be made uphill for those of you who are not used to a certain level of activity, although we promise you it won’t take you long to do it very simple control. In fact, hardly two hours in length We managed to check our progress thanks to a final grade that started with C and ended with S. 100% of the game will only take us a few more hours as we have to spend the episode in New Game +.

To do this we have to go through those ten different areas that are composed Big goose, but with such a similar structure where we are is of little importance. In fact, the big difference is the ultimate enemies, various battles that we easily overcome but do their job: to be a bullet sponge. These battles will put us to the test and we will have to adapt to the phase changes through which war vehicles, giant worms or ghosts will pass from another world.

Mighty goose, vehicle, enemies, sword

Big goose it’s visually appealing with great “pixel art” reminiscent of other works (saving distance) like Dead Cells or Metal Slug. Maybe The Goose This may not be the best example of this, but it does elaborate and detailed design. If we can put up a problem we feel confident visual confusion to identify ourselves with so many particles moving from one place to another on the screen, a problem solved as we went along. At the sound level we have a soundtrack made Dominic ‘s name, who did excellent composition in other titles like Blazing Chrome. He knew how to take us back to past moments and understand what’s in the title to keep you connected. high beat melodies which expresses speed, action and addiction, the three characteristics of Big goose.

Mighty Goose, helper, vehicle, shooting, desert, horizon

Goose pixelated

Mighty goose, goose, shooting, enemies, ships, industry


The Mighty Goose is entertaining, frenetic, and outrageously fun with only three actions: jump, shoot, and duck. The gameplay is well measured and, while with some inaccuracies, manages to keep you connected for an entire evening without thinking of anything but the pixelated goose and its weighed landscapes. It is unfortunate that there is so much inequality at the in-game level that it affects the overall finish of the game, despite such a good and right decision.

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