Metro Redux, Switch Review


We analyzed the Metro Redux port for the Nintendo hybrid console. Switch comes with Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light and its strength and personality intact.

Because they are two games, Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light, which were analyzed here at the time and did the same with the Redux version that compiles them remodeled a few years later, we encourage readers to return to those works. Having already said a lot about these great games, this text is meant to be complementary and not redundant.. Here they will read again the benefits of the two titles told in a different way, and will be able to look at the books, the creation of the games or their flight lines with the seventh art.

The plot tells us about nuclear conflict in the world. The surface is razed and contaminated by radiation. The survivors live underground. In the Moscow metro the stations are now metropolitan states. The bellicose trend that has brought humanity to this state is still growing. Different factions face each other fiercely in the tunnels and the population suffers the irrationality of their leaders as in the past. how Artyom, our incarnate protagonist, we will have to make a dangerous journey through the darkness to solve a threat that came after the war: the dark ones. So prepare your masks, check the air filters Is Geiger counter working properly? Perfect, they are already prepared. Hold on, the subway starts.

Stop 1: Metro 2033 is the book, of the first ideas expressed in a secondary to mass phenomenon

Dmitry Glukhovsky he worked for years on his novel Metro 2033. He took his first steps as a child, outlining ideas and, already in university, writing the first chapters. Following the publishers’ rejection, the young author turned the writing into a public work in progress. Advances were pouring into the internet, gradually turning those ideas into a phenomenon. With more than two million people reading Artyom ‘s story on their computer screens, Glukhovsky, then, received several offers to bring it to bookstores. In 2005 Metro 2033 hit Russian shelves. As of today, millions of copies have been sold and translated into many languages; it is a successful book series with collaboration from other authors and extends beyond the printed pages in the form of a wonderful video game trilogy.

In 2006 Glukhovsky turned to 4A Games to make the story interactive.. What made this Ukrainian video game development team a little embarrassing extremely faithful to the work of the Russian writer. The first game, 2033, does justice to the anonymous novel with passion and respect; His successor refuses to adapt Last Light 2034, the second book, but the author is directly involved in numerous dialogues. Both titles retain the benefits of what is included on paper; They magically depict the darkness, the cold, the dampness and the fear, but also the demanding underground life that tries to keep a certain organization afloat so that they do not fall apart, the unpleasant humanity of its suffering inhabitants and the difficult relationships between them. If you are familiar with the harsh conditions in which 4A Games developed these video games, you will understand why everything was so well displayed on screen.

Metro Redux, Switch review

Members of GSC Game World 4A Games who left the company a year before the launch of STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, set up a recognizable reference to seeing what they would do later with Metro 2033. A playable adaptation of the novel of the same name. It was released in 2010 for PC and 360, collecting rave reviews. Metro Last Light did the same three years later. In the development of the second title is where it is applied Jason Rubin.

The famous co-founder of Naughty Dog landed as an executive in 2012 i THQ already fatally injured. He aimed to visit teams developing games for the distributor, through which he came to Kiev, at the workplace of Games 4A. According to his words:

Stop 2: Metro Last Light, the game that came out of the cold

It was clear how tight his budget was:

The famous executive was very impressed to see him working in those conditions:

Rubin tried to improve staff conditions by getting them professional work chairs. Because it was impossible in Ukraine, we decided to buy them in Poland. The problem was that steps had to be taken to run the truck to pass the bribe customs officers filter. In the end the operation was literally put off because the chairs would not fit in the studio offices, where they were already working in a very limited space.

The stories did not cease to surprise Rubin, such as those who talked about days-long failures in electricity supply corrected by the introduction of private generators, or the government’s deficient heating, which sometimes forced them to working in freezing temperatures, in their parks, crowded and hunted trying not to freeze their fingers while keying in the valuable code.

Very impressed, in 2013, with the game already winning among critics and viewers alike, Jason Rubin reported all of this to the Game Industry.

Metro Redux, Switch Review

As is sadly known, THQ went bankrupt leaving orphans and lucky with them on a number of development studies (a Spanish one among them, but that’s another story). Fortunately Koch Media it was done with 4A Games, diverting uncertainty towards a happy ending.

Stop 3: The story of the Metro, a strong point not without some weakness

Metro is a atypical first-person shooter. In this saga you will not find reminders of Call of Duty, Borderlands or Battlefield, where the rules are bombarded and frantic. To begin with there is a player experience. Its powerful and slow storytelling component brings it closer to Halflife or Bioshock, and through an action-packed approach that requires you in many moments to be stealthy and creative while choosing different routes, bridges were created with Dishonored and Deus Ex. Darkness, management of resources in a very hostile environment and radiation-fed and extremely aggressive monsters horror of survival. Metro consciously raises a strong personality that stretches from the famous names mentioned, to the point that you first posted any of its titles and played one before and the feeling is what you no doubt feel: “ This is the Metro ”.

Metro Redux, Switch review

His deep lore transcends the environment. In the settlements there is a story to be heard around every corner, behind every half-open door. You hear a crying man curling in a dark corner, a child wondering when he will see his mother again, the cry of a child in the arms of a banished woman, the memories of an already forgotten world told in the heat of a bonfire.

On the surface sometimes the echoes of the past. Suddenly a park becomes ruined as it was. The light fills everything, like the colors of the swings, the laughter of the children … But you can’t go wrong with mirages. There is always the urge to check the life of your air filter. You tried to shoot a single bug but he managed to call his compromise before he fell dead and soon you are shooting at a mad total package. After the scirmish, your gas mask is cracked, and lost time is being removed from your hand the minute the filter. You feel more terrified at that moment than ever before. You start looking for spare parts running through the ruins and searching for the half-torn human bodies scattered around you. While the occasional crackling sound of the Geiger counter reminds you that radiation is one more enemy, one that you cannot repel.

The monologues performed by the characters that accompany us sometimes bring consistency to the life of the game. Shows thoughts, longings, doubts. Here is an excellent example in the following video. It applies to the Last Light version on PS4, but what you get on Switch is the same. In this case it ‘s interesting excelsa story.

The same but it comes precisely from monologues and not from dialogues. Artyom, the main character, does not speak following the Link trail in Zelda. This is supposed to create direct connections with the player since it does not convey words that do not come out of our head. But Artyom speaks. Every time a step starts, he shows us his thoughts. We also have them written in a newspaper that you fill out throughout your trip. It’s an inconsistency, but as you can see it’s not the slightest counterweight that shakes your mountain of talents.


Metro Redux is an excellent port on Switch. Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light provide us with the same experience here as ever, intense, strong, tense, demanding, focused on the horror of survival, with often calming narrative. Metro has a personality, and his interesting life is far from what another shooter offers. If you are able to play it on a laptop by fine-tuning the aim via movement control, it is a unique option compared to the other versions. As soon as what it offers attracts you, it is an Essential proposal.

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