Mega Man Legacy Collection Zero / ZX, PS4 Review


A new compilation of the blue robot comes to our homes with six new games; four from Game Boy Advance and two from Nintendo DS.

Capcom continues in its thirteenth to bring the Mega Man back to our homes and did so, this time, with another compilation of the saga that included some of the titles featured in Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. The four installments of Mega Man Zero and both of ZX in one package with some extra things that saga fans will definitely enjoy.

Although it does not provide news on other compilations of the bluish hero, the truth is that we are facing a little gem in the history of this franchise because at least the Zero saga is very popular among the public who could enjoy it at GBA . However, there are some other points that did not convince us and we explain a few paragraphs below.

Compilation material

Mega Man Legacy Collection brings Zero / ZX inside Fear mega zero, Mega Man Zero 2, Mega Man Zero 3 and Fear mega zero 4, all of which were originally released in Game Boy Advance. In the ZX part we have Mega Man Zero ZX and Mega Man ZX Adventure, two from Nintendo DS. All six video games are available in European or Japanese format – there are some differences between versions – as well as the possibility to play with updated voices or a remodeled soundtrack.

Next, there is content loaded as an art gallery for each of the six titles. Also with jukebox with all the music tracks in the package in its original version and the same renewed one for the event. Finally the Z Chaser method where we have to beat the ranks of each title in record time competing against ghosts. Of course, with a global scoreboard and an option for two players in a little-known local mode. In this part, with a multiplayer option using the internet connection, you might have won many integers, but at least they thought of the second player, even if the same console.

Mega Man Legacy Collection Zero / ZX

The Game Boy Advance cartridges come with English texts, similar to the original ones, and the ZX saga has the option to enjoy them our language. They can be played in four different screen configurations, with the first two most beneficial despite the inclusion of frames and the most affected panorama. These frames are usable with lots of different wallpaper so at least it doesn’t hurt so much to watch having two bands on each side.

To eliminate Capcom included three different filters enjoy all six titles. The first has an aggressive smoothing and HD look that can only be defined with one word; terrible. The second attempts to emulate typical CRT TVs with a slightly grotesque result, and the third Original graphics adapted for HD resolution which is undoubtedly the best choice if we want to enjoy the compilation.

Mega Man for everyone

Mega Man is not a saga that stands out precisely for its simplicity, so the Japanese company has added two features that greatly facilitate the advancement of new players. The first one is a choice that will make our character does not die easily -Does not exactly- though the latter checkpoints that, in dying, let’s get back to them not starting from the beginning of the degree. Both of them or one of them can be activated and, of course, are completely optional so that veteran players can do without these features.

Mega Man Legacy Collection Zero / ZX

And what about the second Nintendo DS screen in ZX games? Capcom also included them. How? Well, in two possible configurations. The first is to add the second screen to the right frame – and eliminate the left side – and the second retains the side bands and includes the touch screen on the game screen. We can only think of a better way to solve this “problem” the second screen is controlled with the right analog stick and not very comfortable to handle.

If you haven’t read the analyzes we published at the time on all the titles of this compilation – links in the third paragraph – it’s worth noting that Mega Man Zero, the first one, it moves away completely from the usual scheme of the saga where we have to choose a stage and face a foreman. Here we are given a huge map with blocked access until certain tasks are completed. The other three zeros return to the original return even though they are kind of both ZX’s metroidvania Very elaborate, though fun, they stand up too much from the original saga and may not be liked by many players.

Mega Man Legacy Collection Zero / ZX

In short, the Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection is a good collection with many hours of fun inside. The brand’s followers will stick a lot of time on the screen if they try to get all the extra content added to the package and it is always appreciated, especially when they are used by great representatives of the name. of the titles included. Of course, we want Capcom’s opinion as to why they decided to jump back in time and forget about it. Legends of a mega man and follow or recreation Power battle, to be the first two loved by fans of the blue robot.

Mega Man Legacy Collection Zero / ZX


The Mega Man Legacy Collection Zero / ZX follows in the footsteps of previous compilations but nothing more. Undoubtedly the most remarkable thing about this package is the huge amount of extra content and updated music. It’s also perfect for players who have never tried a title in the series for their two options designed for them. We’ve added the various filters and screen formats we can play with the trash, and most of them are unused.

THE BEST _____

  • Six great games in one package.
  • Lots of extra things to collect.


  • The filters are bad.
  • Z Chaser method locally only.
  • Imitating the touch is a bit gifted.

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