Mayhem Brawler, Review


The beat’em finds up a new competitor to Mayhem Brawler for PC and console; choose your character and make your way in homage to 90s comics.

After the successful corruption of Streets Rage 4, the beat’em up genre has regained some of its popularity yesterday, a coup that enhances recent alternatives that are not as interesting as River City Girls or Fight’N Rage, among others. Now, and coincide with the advent of the expansion X Nightmare, Uas from the excellent video game DotEmu, comes a new competitor Brawler Mayhem, the new bet of Concept Hero, an independent studio based in Istanbul. So its creators have completed a video game that aims to make it one of the most significant titles in the concept. “yours against the neighborhood“With a stage that is, again, reminiscent of the fourth installment of the Sega classic, though with its own very significant personality in terms of gameplay and plot, with constant nods to the world of comics. We’ll see if this new title is on combat street destined for us which inevitably takes us to the Lounges arcade 90s.

Mayhem Brawler is mostly a beat strict definition of gender, without revolutionary inventions or concepts; and of course, the outcome could not have been more promising. From the first moment you can create a classic fragrance that retro fans will enjoy Final fight or Rage Streets they will thank you without hesitation. To begin with we have three main characters, in this case, Trouble, Dolphin and Star, three Dingle police officers with Superpowers that they will face the most dangerous and surreal situation of their profession. And it is precisely the use of their powers that will allow each of the characters to demonstrate very different abilities from each other, while respecting a fundamental pillar of the genre. That said Trouble will be the most balanced fighter between mobility and strength, though Dolphin and Star they will indicate the “tank” and “agile” options, respectively.

The funniest street fights

And it’s in the definition of the main characters when great feature and Mayhem Brawler. The trouble is a werewolf half with huge claws who will make a violent attack on his enemies. Star proud, for her powers of telekinesis to hit a certain length, showing more agility even though it is not as strong. A dolphin, a hybrid between human and dolphin, will entrust all kinds wrestling techniques, something like Haggar in Final Fight, delivering like no other despite his rough movements. And that’s even the best of all three players You can choose your character to play in funny cooperative games, although the game is just as enjoyable alone.

At the control level, the characters respond relatively well and move with it quite fluent; Following the pattern of similar games, we move laterally with the freedom that the scenery gives us in depth, with the possibility of even jumping and running. To all this we need to add the usual beats, jerseys with attack, grip and special techniques, with more destructive power even though they are self-enabled energy bar, straight and area. Likewise, we can resort to all sorts of weapons that our competitors will release, from baseball bats to knives, through iron bars, police sticks and even the possibility of throwing the typical barrels or cans of garbage with items inside.

Mayhem Brawler, Review

They will not miss the appointment Firearms, from pistols to assault rifles, as well as the option to launch any weapon to block an enemy located on the other side of the screen to prevent him from throwing some kind of projectile at us and taking advantage of the situation to find a better location or escape from various enemies. Fighting generally takes place within expectations, although there are times when we can barely react and shout the dust. The reason is none other than certain imbalances between the skills, health and resistance of some enemies, even clearer when they attack in groups, making us sold even at low levels of difficulty.

In addition, and as an inconsistent feature we are accustomed to in the genre, there is the possibility block goals in exchange for losing less “health”. Of course, the variety of scenarios works in your favor, and a certain amount comes into play. strategic aspect while dealing with the ongoing confrontations. There will be no shortage of normal food that gives us health (yellow) or drinks such as coffee that will fill one or more items of the bar with “specialists” (in blue). As a feature in itself, a set of icons which will appear on the characters and enemies that reveal various temporary states like bleeding, trick, vulnerability and many more and that we (the enemies too) can take advantage of to gain certain advantages. In general, Mayhem Brawler shows all the typical elements of beat’em with another contribution of his own, though it is so complex and so satisfying than the most notable titles. And after a pass or two he can start feeling too repetitive in his approach, since he is too conservative in his development.

His era is also not like the whole, because we can finish the adventure from beginning to end barely an hour, yes, with decision-making to build one path or another and thus face different types of enemies along the way. We can choose between four levels of difficulty (Pupil, Agent, Superhero and Legend), with the two best but true masters of the genre. In addition to the campaign, a arcade mode without “continuing” and without the possibility of saving the game. And it is at this point that we should celebrate the a great variety of enemies From the ordinary neighborhood thugs to the police, going through a wide variety of amazing characters like beetles, zombies, vampires, elves, meta-humans, ratmen, warlocks and many more, creating a funny feeling from the beginning. all this through a simple story told as if it were a comic through vignettes, with dialogues in Spanish and voices in English. Conversely, the ultimate bosses don’t stand out in particular, since most of them don’t go beyond standard enemies that have more health and null charisma.

Mayhem Brawler, Review

His audio – visual presentation is a powerful reminder of the aforementioned Rage 4 Streets, with hand-drawn graphics in high definition showing a humorous personality on all fours. The size of the characters is quite generous, though it could go a step further at the level of animation. The melodies and sound effects do not go beyond testimonials and do not stand out in any aspect, beyond a more rugged theme with a bit more personality and in mind the other products of the pop culture.

Mayhem Brawler, Review



It’s not the latest or the most original, it doesn’t have the best execution either, but it can be fun if you like the genre. Good, but there is room for improvement.

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