Madden NFL 21, Review


Due to the alarming lack of novels in all its features Madden NFL is 21 steps back for the franchise, and needs changes in the new generation.

The teams are already preparing, although the start of the 2020/2021 season in the NFL is something, like almost everything in these times, completely unknown. This is not the case with the relevant entry, as it does every season, of a new installment of the old-fashioned sports franchise. The electronic arts, Y. Madden NFL 21 not to be missing, how could it be otherwise, the appointment. Current MVP Lamar Jackson, the successful Patrick Mahomes (ring and contract in summer) and all the changes that came, such as the name of the former Washington Redskins due to the racial situation in the US, or the new shirt worn by Tom Brady (that’s the Buccaneers), they’re just some of the highlights of this uncertain season, all embodied in this new installment. Unfortunately, a Canadian company has not changed on its own initiative and is undergoing obvious depletion, partly as a result of hardware that no longer yields, but also, and which is not an integral part of the last generation, certainly laziness.

Let’s be honest: it’s not easy to offer a product that feels like new every season, especially for sports titles, and even more so when they’ve reached a certain level of quality, especially play. In this case and while it is far from perfect, Madden’s gameplay has been around for several years without many changes, and needs a few tweaks here and there, this time offering what is known as skill stick. Namely: every movement of the ball carrier The player who carries the ball with the right stick, is able to go on one side to go to the other but turn right or left or reverse by making a 90 degree movement, without going further. longer, actions previously assigned to the trigger, e.g.

Madden NFL 21, Review

Inadequate field changes

This twist of the screw has a huge impact especially in the racing game, which requires more and more skill from the player more and more – we always start from the premise of playing All Pro difficulty or higher – and above all , be patient, find the hole that opens the offensive line, and start. It is also something that wide receivers will appreciate, although we already know how difficult it is to get YAC -yardas after reception- in Madden, and what current support the main beneficiaries of this change, especially when protection against race is extremely effective.

Unfortunately, this and a new change of handling defense line behind Jump -It’s not that kind of thing anymore fast time departure– These are the only changes to the play level, some videos left over from previous deliveries and some glitches in contacts, supports and animations that are a bit abrupt. The defense will continue to get an impossible interception, our receivers dropping incomprehensible balls…. It’s true that all of this is fully configurable thanks to some very complete slides, but it doesn’t seem to take much excuse for drawing the same errors year after year. No evolution can be seen in the passing game, as line defenders and defensive backs, the playbooks are the same year after year … We believe it can be said that the success of sales and lack of competition contributed to EA He lay on his lorry in the light of a delivery that, on the field, develops very little.

Madden NFL 21, Review

When we navigate through the menus of the various game modes it is when we realize, unfortunately, that we have even taken steps backwards. This is the Career mode, which seems to have definitely taken its name The face of the franchise, and is so far from the quality levels reached by Longshot and Longshot: Homecoming, which had some of the best stories not only from Madden, but from any sports title. There is only one chance similar to FOTF, and that is, after a cruise editor, that we move on to some bare storytelling in which we will be the typical subdivision under the shadow of the first quarter that happens, after the turn of fate, that he has the opportunity. Throughout this magazine we are given various conversational options that have no impact on the situation, to make matters worse, since the characters ’response to any of our decisions is always the same. In fact, during a game session we tried two different options – one asking for forgiveness and the other pointing our finger at the field – and the result for the two characters present was exactly the same.

The presence of college football is nothing more than insignificant, with only a few games being played with our chosen college – among a variety that includes the best NCAA football programs like Texas, Oklahoma, LSU and more. In addition, we don’t know if they are designed to act as a tutorial but they are very boring because of the null challenge they suggest, having exaggerated bulky markers during our session. This event is undoubtedly an uninspiring one, and even then at the end of this part of the story we will not find enough incentives to continue further, by following a structure similar to the Franchise, with the exception, of course , focus on our player.

Steps kept in their ways, even a step backwards

And since we mentioned Franchise, let’s talk – or sing homily in his honor – in this way, once preferred by fans and completely reduced today. We don’t know if it’s completely doomed to depart, but everything seems to indicate that EA’s interest is practically zero, as evidenced by the fact that not only is there no news, but the interface is exactly the same as 2019. edition It is not an isolated case, since this kind of modularity is in the background in almost all sports franchises, but we believe that at least a little effort is needed to offer even small changes. bare copy and paste of Madden NFL 20. Too bad.

Madden NFL 21, Review

Meanwhile, the increasingly famous Final Team continues to offer plenty of content, with a good handful of challenges and a place where football fans are likely to spend most of their time this season. The collection is already a very important part of sports games, and therefore, with the inevitable presence of micro-transfers, more present than ever and with prices in some truly exorbitant envelopes. Despite being a cornerstone of EA’s economy – FIFA’s FUT packages have long outpaced more than the game’s own sales – it’s surprising to see how, like Franchise, the presentation has barely changed. There is a bigger challenge, yes, but it is essentially the same, assuming that the player will have to invest many hours – or some real money – to move on without being frustrated. beating the copper in online games.

Fortunately, EA saw a novelty fit to implement among its offering of game modes, as The Yard, a kind of 7 vs 7 street game where the rules change a bit, such as the possibility of giving unlimited passes behind the scrambled line. It’s just and fun, to be able to play online in games that are memorable for those in the vicinity of NBA 2K – saving distances in terms of depth, which is a lot of them – but it’s hard to know the this method will have a long-term impact, once past the fever for the novel. Of course, again we get the presence of micro-transitions for various outfits for our alter ego, the vast majority of which are so unwritten that it’s best to look at the picture on this item.

Madden NFL 21, Review


Another thing that is more obvious in Madden NFL 21. As in real sport, victory – a large number of sales, a good reception among critics and the public – often weakens the sad reality: not everything is doing well. This new delivery is a great in-game continuity, which is almost accepted at this point of generation, yes, but also in terms of content, which is harder to forgive. The franchise mode is completely abandoned, Face of the Franchise hits the spot with an unobtrusive plot section, Ultimate Team barely introduces any new features … And the Yard is fun for a while, but unless challenges are offered or dynamic events, there is not a very long journey to be seen in this strange season. Renewal or dying, and the arrival of a new generation seems to be the best excuse.

THE BEST _____

  • Solid graphic, despite some glitches
  • The standard game, accessible as well as in demand
  • The attempt to add a new mode to The Yard


  • Precisely, glitches in the contacts and strange physics with the dead ball
  • A franchise route, always loved by the public and now abandoned
  • Not a lot of news in the Final Team
  • The storytelling part of Face of the Franchise, to be honest, could be improved
  • Micropayments, omnipresent at the Yard and UT



It meets the expectations of what makes a good game, has quality and does not create serious flaws, although it lacks elements that can be taken to higher levels.

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