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Ryu Ga Gotoku invites us to investigate a new murder case in Yokohama. We review the keys to the sequence for the acclaimed Yakuza byproduct.

At Rya Ga Gotoku Studio it seems like hell is inclined to extend its state of grace. The Japanese team, which shaped the first chapter of the Yakuza saga more than 15 years ago, has one of its best moments: last year it surprised everyone with Yakuza: Like a Dragon (the seventh main installment), and a little earlier, in 2019, it launched Judgment, a byproduct that surprised its original story, and which finds the continuity we now have in hand. Yes, we are talking about Lost Judgment, the new adventure Takayuki yagami together with his inseparable friend – and companion to a thousand battles – Masaharu Kaito.

“99.9% of the accused are convicted,” Yagami said almost five years ago, moments before he emerged as the main character of the other 0.1% after he imposed himself on the prosecution. At the time he worked for the Genda Law Firm, although both parties took different paths. His life changed radically as a result of the fateful situation, until he ended up wandering aimlessly for several years, with no greater ambitions than to live another day in Kamurocho. Over time he healed some of his wounds, caused primarily by the feeling of guilt that kept him. Perhaps that is why he decided that helping others could be a way to agree; he changed his suit for a leather jacket and set up the Yagami Detective Agency, currently located in Yokohama. But that’s a story, and now another story begins.

There is a shadow hanging over Yokohama

Yes, it happened again. Another trial, another murder. On this occasion, the starting point is to find a body in the decomposition process, sitting on a chair and covered with a blanket, which was discovered by the fire brigade after serving a false fire warning. And what bothers him most is the unexpected evidence of a man accused of another crime (sexual harassment), who claims to know the identity of the victim. From this moment on, what would be expected happens: we are immersed in an investigation against the clock, suspecting that something much more than a simple homicide is about to happen in the city.

It’s great to write great stories at Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, and this time it wasn’t going to be any less. The stage is very careful, the photography is unreliable and the plot is full of surprises and nuances. Aside from Yagami, Kaito, Genda and their own, in the first installment we met countless characters that we will hardly forget, and in this one the level is maintained. Of course, the first hours of the game seemed too late for us; the script takes its time until it starts “for real” and, once again, the rhythm does not always keep due to the decision to introduce small sub-stories just when the progress is interesting.

Review of Lost Judgment PS5 Series Xbox X | S Kamurocho Yokohama Clan Tojo PS4 Studio Ryu Ga Gotoku Sega Takayuki Yagami Yakuza

We don’t know how Yagami manages – it may be Kaito’s fault – but there’s no walking around the neighborhood, the search or the errand that doesn’t end in the fight against dozens of thugs, Yakuza members or turmoil with no story to tell , But addiction to trouble In other words: Aspects of Lost Judgment end of diabolical fighting, much higher than the original title. This is something that may upset some players, but, while it is true that we can be immersed in a fight at every step we take, it is so good this time that it is relatively easy to pass for many of them Olympic. It is a thing.

The combat system has been refined, and while it’s persistent and we know from the very first moment what we get, the battles feel very agile and win deeply as we progress through the skill tree. In addition, it has been implemented new style of fighting: Snake, which connects the Tiger and the classic Crane. The Snake style is designed to take a more defensive position than usual, offering us a wide repertoire of avoidance movements and non-lethal countermeasures. Of course, the classic EX acts are not lacking; that important moment in which we make spectacular attacks such as raising a bike to the horizon and throwing it violently at our competition with a kick. Pure show.

Fights, progress and more fights

As if it were a true RPG, we have a huge range of possibilities for growing as a fighter and customizing our skills. We get points for almost everything we do, although winning the best fight is the quickest way to get that much-needed improvement. We can too give ourselves different things (not seen in real time) which allows us to increase our statistics on attack, defense, resistance to various diseases and even the capabilities to search for clues on stage. This progressive system engages you and encourages you to do side missions or participate in optional activities, as we are often given exclusive pieces of equipment, the kind we cannot buy in stores.

Review of Lost Judgment PS5 Series Xbox X | S Kamurocho Yokohama Clan Tojo PS4 Studio Ryu Ga Gotoku Sega Takayuki Yagami Yakuza

Investigating murders, intervening with pimps or tracking down people who have a habit of stealing underwear from their neighbor’s clothing line is a great thing, but now and then it’s necessary to take a day off and enjoy life a little. And in Yokohama, those who don’t have fun, it’s because they don’t want to. Motions of Lost Judgment lots of minigames and side activities, each with its own unique system of progress and reward. Drone tournaments, card games, betting, mini golf, skateboarding, motorcycle races, dance competitions, classic shogi… The list is endless. You are free to follow the main strand and not get lost too far from your path, but we strongly recommend spending a few hours to make the most of the city’s possibilities. You will thank us.

An element worth mentioning separately the ability to play various Sega classics within the game. At any time we can go to different arcades and invest a few yen to enjoy a game, and this time, there is a very generous title offer: Fantasy Zone, Sonic the Fighters, Enduro Racer, Super Hang-On, Alex Kidd in Miracle World some of them. And not only that, we happen to be able to sit back and really enjoy a Master System! The level of detail is so great that we can even change the region of the system. It’s not a new feature in the franchise, but it’s more comprehensive and better implemented than ever.

Review of Lost Judgment PS5 Series Xbox X | S Kamurocho Yokohama Clan Tojo PS4 Studio Ryu Ga Gotoku Sega Takayuki Yagami Yakuza

In mid-2021, we will not find out the task of the Japanese team designing the scenarios of their games; After 15 years of exploring Kamurocho, today it is hard for us to be surprised to see details such as people with masks in crowded places, legible labels on products placed on store shelves or perfectly detailed menus on the blackboard of any bar. However, advances in technology and the possibilities offered by the next generation consoles have helped the studio push its own limits a little more; Yakuza: Like a Dragon, was a real leap from the sixth installment, and Lost Judgment goes one step further and becomes the graphical ceiling of the franchise.

The game offers graphical configuration options, allowing you to choose between prioritizing the frame rate per second or the resolution. In our case (PS5), we chose to raise the FPS to 60, and we can ensure that you have a very fluid experience and that she barely suffers from time to time. Of course, the study took full advantage of SSD technology; there are hardly any loading times and now it is possible to travel fast in a few seconds. This was used to refine the city’s taxi system, which now allows us to take out our smartphone, choose between multiple destinations, and change position without even seeing a loading screen. In short, we can say that we are facing the title of a new generation, despite being far from the graphic references of the moment.

Review of Lost Judgment PS5 Series Xbox X | S Kamurocho Yokohama Clan Tojo PS4 Studio Ryu Ga Gotoku Sega Takayuki Yagami Yakuza

Million things to do

Review of Lost Judgment PS5 Series Xbox X | S Kamurocho Yokohama Clan Tojo PS4 Studio Ryu Ga Gotoku Sega Takayuki Yagami Yakuza
Review of Lost Judgment PS5 Series Xbox X | S Kamurocho Yokohama Clan Tojo PS4 Studio Ryu Ga Gotoku Sega Takayuki Yagami Yakuza

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