Lost In Random, Review. Welcome To Azar ‘s Life


We analyze the new proposal from Zoink Games: Lost in Random, which is already coming to PC and PlayStation consoles, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Imagine a world where everything, everything absolutely, leads by chance. Imagine that the result of one roll of the dice could secure your future forever and ever. No matter how hard you try to change your destiny, death has already spoken. Do you roll 6 and get all kinds of luxury and wealth, or 1 and serve your life sentence in the suburbs?

Swedish developers Zoink Games creators Flipping Death and Paste it for the man! They bring us Lost in Random, an original “Timburtian” action adventure that bases his frenzied imagination on the concept of randomness. Seo randomness is determined by death, marking the outcome of our roll for us our whimsical or unfortunate future. Will our destiny hit us or will we embrace chaos and learn that it will work for us? In Lost in Random we go on a sinister journey with young Par and his dice Dadelio to play with time limits and to break with him, the curse of the Azar kingdom. Will we be lucky?

Lost in Random, Review. Welcome to Azar 's life

“The dice say that”

Once upon a time there was a girl named Par who humbly lived with her family in Region 1 of Azar’s life. This particular world of Azar was composed of 6 regions, 1 the poorest region, and 6 richest. As happens every year, and as the evil queen rules the 6 districts, all the children on their 12th birthday had to roll a dice to choose their fate. Each face of the dice was part of the area in which they were to stay, and far from being a simple change of address, this meant abandoning his family to live forever in the area that chose death. The story of Pair It just begins when her sister is chosen to roll the queen’s solo death, as she tries to abandon her family to move to the new district, the 6th. Which may be good news to pass in the best area of ​​the kingdom, she soon turns into a nightmare after taking her from her family. A pair go on a long journey in search of their sister – Odd – in the company of a nice dice named Dadelio, one of the few magical dice in the world. They will try to solve the mysterious and complex secret of the poor Queen Azar, as well as fight a duel with creatures of all kinds.

Lost in Random is a story about magic, evil queens, and powerful spells that rule the world. It is a speech with the darkest intent of Alice in Wonderland and the classic tales in which magic works and the incredible thing happens. While it doesn’t look like the classics, there is nothing colorful in the Azar realm, nothing reliable and only a few who have good intentions towards us. With a script by Ryan North (author of the comic Adventure Time) and a perfect soundwork by Blake Robinson (composer of Alice Madness Returns) the result could not be otherwise: a true visual and specific gem in every way. The most ambitious project from the Swedish studio puts some very interesting things on the table, which makes us feel rather that we are in a movie of Burton in the style of “Frankenwennie”, “Corpse Bride” or “Nightmare before Christmas” is the reality, while controlling a console. The built worlds and the redundant characters who live in them create a setting and stage worth inventing that manages to go beyond the norm, every day. All of these ingredients come together in original title despite their obvious influence on other classics like Alice Madness Returns, get your own voice, quickly pushing us into his own realm of fantasy.

Lost in Random, Review. Welcome to Azar 's life

We will be in Lost in Random a dose of linear exploration, side quests, collectibles, and an interesting card combat system. While we have an even more important aspect in developing our adventure: the dialogs. In this sense, enter the characters we run into in each of Azar’s 6 crazy worlds, ever since the dialogues in Azar’s life gain important weight and meaning. The dialogue will have a sense of (ironic) humor, which will make us smile on specific occasions and reflect on the personal circumstances and tragedies of each of others. Most importantly, they will set our course and sometimes it will be crucial to respond correctly to move forward. In all our adventures we need to talk to every citizen of every region, in addition to doing it to beat the final bosses. We will have moments to remember such as the battle of rhyme and insults to beat the boss shift (Monkey Island style) and many other crazy conversations. In addition to the dialogs, we will also have another disorder character: the omniscient narrator. A voicemail that will accompany us throughout the adventure and introduce us to our own fiction of the “storytellers”, reciting our movements and other relevant elements of the story. Each world we visit will be completely different but will share many characteristics at the same time. All these worlds will be full of lights, shadows, there will be excessive climates, inhabitants and conflicts. All areas seem different, although they present a similar vision: they all normalize concepts such as tragedy, beauty in the eyes of others, the fringe, what is broken, too much and create your own cartoons and parodies. The result is a truly unique and enriched Universe.

Much of the time we will be fighting and this time we will make it through rolls of cards and dice. All in all we can unlock 34 cards different in categories: weapons, damage, traps, luck and risk. Don’t expect a very deep system like Hearthstone, since a key factor also comes into play here: randomness. Good luck must be on our side in order to be able to play one card or the other cards in order to draw the best attack strategy and win. For this reason, it will be necessary to create our own deck and improve Dadelio. To throw the cards in combat, all we have to do is equip the Par slingshot, and shoot the weak points of our enemies – in the form of blue crystals – to increase the slogan bar, and with it, the possibility of playing our cards. When we have the full bar, it will be time to attract the lucky ones and roll Dadelio ‘s friend dice – to find value in equipping cards for ourselves. For example, if we roll 3, we cannot use cards with more than 3 attacks, but we can swap damage card 2 and damage card 1.. So we will be practically dependent on what the dice require.

Son of the bastard Alice Madness Returns and Burton

Each card has a limited time per activity or ability, so we always have to draw Dadelio. Most of the time we will be playing low value cards that will give us the opportunity summon a sword or bow, heal us, slow down the time or launch the heaviest explosive artillery. As we move forward, we’ll unlock more powerful new cards and be able to customize our deck in a more personal way: by buying them on the clothing line (Duke style) or by progressing in the plot. In short, we need to collect a slogan, roll the dice and play our cards well. In addition to the classic fighting, we will also have another fighting system based on the classic board games. Yes, a board with squares. On this occasion, Par will be in the middle of a program, and he must move the signal and proceed to its final square, going against all the enemies that appear in the encounter. An addictive combat system that we will quickly appreciate, but like everything else, can sometimes make us desperate if we are not lucky.: by getting the desired cards or by getting a low number in our spread. Of course, we will use the dice on a recurring (fortunately) basis increasing our chances of success.

Lost in Random, Review. Welcome to Azar 's life

At the inflatable level we will have some simple puzzles to progress in the story by activating levers or buttons to access hidden places, as we will have to spend a lot of time completing orders. All of these objectives will be easily achievable, without apparent difficulty and will be part of our normal journey in the various worlds, as well as giving us the option to complete secondary missions in order to receive simple rewards. The game mechanics will be accurate in each region and we will have to resort to the dialogue with the citizens. We, Par, will determine the personality through our answers, although in most cases they will not affect the development of the story. For the most part, the key is collectibles. We will collect storybook pages that can be found in all areas explaining a little more about the Azar backend, and collect coins Hiding around the scenes destroying small clay pots with the slingshot or launching Dadelio to enter swing doors. We will need the bases to be able to improve our deck in the store and buy special cards.

With a space dedicated to exploration and hidden collections, there is definitely a story ahead linear, narratively deep, and with an environment that is undoubtedly unnoticed. Simple, but at the same time original, with a good story and a combat system that hits and targets at the same time (unless we are lucky). Its weird mix of genres pays homage to classic board games and fits the bill perfectly. His technicality stands out for his excellent lighting work with his constant lights and shades, making us one more inhabitant of Azar. With a duration of about 12 hours, the studio is the end result Zoink, which reminds us that the indie market is not without means. And much less, as far as creativity is concerned.

Lost in Random, Review. Welcome to Azar 's life

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Lost in Random, Review. Welcome to Azar 's life
Lost in Random, Review. Welcome to Azar 's life

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