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We analyze Twin Mirror, the new one from Dontnod Entertainment, a storytelling adventure already available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

The Dontnod Entertainment project, which began as an episode and has suffered more than one delay, reaches our Pc, consoles PS4 and Xbox One and the new generation, with PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. This new video game story bet, Linked Mirror, following after another production with a French studio to present us a daily story with certain paranormal elements. Nonetheless, does it measure for others as Life is weird or Tell me the story recently? We tell you, in detail.

A few years after his adventures march from Basswood, Sam Higgs, he returns to his hometown to meet the back of his best friend. However, sadness is not the main emotion that clouds his mind, but guilt and abuse randomly run through the mental palace of the main character. Since he left, he has not once spoken to his friend, who ended up dating his ex-girlfriend and landing on the local paper post that Sam had always wanted.

Twin Mirror Review of new game Dontnod Entertainment PC PS4 Xbox One PS5 Xbox Series X / S.

Sam Higgs and the return to Basswood

He manages to get everything out of his mind as soon as his friend’s daughter shows her concern about her mysterious death. Apparently it was a car accident, but the little girl believes that there is something else behind the matter and that it is a real thing murder. Le clear references to the famous Twin Peaks by David Lynch, he said detective and journalistic spirit Sam will wake up and take advantage of it we will have to go with him all over the place five hours in which the whole plot will be developed.

We found it a bit concise and maybe that’s why it was originally set up as an episodic game. This, combined with the delays it suffered in launching, could lead to problems in the development of the title. We do, however, appreciate having short stories that go to the point of being able to traverse our long games with episodes of this style, which we can finish in an evening or two.

Twin Mirror Review of new game Dontnod Entertainment PC PS4 Xbox One PS5 Xbox Series X / S.

On the other hand, and without going too deep into the Twin Mirror argument so far do not enter the land of prey, we must mention the familiarity and everyday life we ​​feel as we explore Basswood. Despite not being a very large step, but a series of small connected spaces, we get some very dishonest characters which we will feel we know forever. Personally we failed to connect with any of them, but other types of players are likely to find broken love, friends and acquaintances with whom they can be identified.

As you know if you had a Dontnod Entertainment title, the playable scheme of these narrative adventures is quite simple. We can see a series of cinematic scenes, move freely through certain spaces to explore every corner, hold conversations in which we are presented with various defined decisions and solve certain puzzles whose complexity is not too high.

The Mental Palace and double the main character

In Twin Mirror this is all present. The riddles we find are not too innovative, since they go back to the typical ones we have already seen in works of these attributes, such as, for example, finding the password for a locked or safe computer. However, the new Mind Palace mechanic all of these scenarios turn into something more interesting and different from the controls. Curiously, this concept comes from a metaphor invented by St. Augustine (a saint of the Catholic Church) to refer to that virtual place that exists only in our imagination and through which we share our ideas in different orderly rooms.

Twin Mirror Review of new game Dontnod Entertainment PC PS4 Xbox One PS5 Xbox Series X / S.

In Dontnod game this translates in particular central and investigative scenes, in which Sam has to gather his ideas and explore a certain room show all possible variables of things that could happen then. In this way, you can recreate the scene and thus discover the truth hidden in your cloudy memories. On the other hand, we will too certain cryptographic sequences in which Higgs is trapped in his own mind and from which he must escape after overcoming a maze of mirrors, doubling himself and other obstacles.

Apart from The Mental Palace, the other novel that Twin Mirror brings is the double of the main character. He will be there from the beginning to hear his own insight into Sam’s ear and to help him decide what to do in each situation. We can listen to him or not, since we will only hear his chatter. Depending on what is most logical for us in each case, we can choose one decision or another, which will end, as you well know. resulting in one end or the other That can vary greatly depending on the direction we take.

Twin Mirror Review of new game Dontnod Entertainment PC PS4 Xbox One PS5 Xbox Series X / S.

Graphically, Twin Mirror seems to us too simple and at below expectations we have a title that reaches the doors of the new generation. Our case is that we played it on a computer and despite being able to move it in Ultra, details like shadows, contrast and definition of stage elements and characters seemed to be of a fairly modest quality (as you see in the next image). We know that Dontnod ‘s work does not seek graphic realism, but nevertheless we found that this installment is not on the same level as the recent Tell Me Why, to cite one example.

About her technical section, we have come across the odd bug, but fortunately none of them prevented the progress of our game, so we do not think that they are serious. Indeed, could be fixed with the arrival of future patches we have no doubt that the development team is already working.

Twin Mirror Review of new game Dontnod Entertainment PC PS4 Xbox One PS5 Xbox Series X / S.

Finally, for audio section There is an OST with original themes that accompany the action in each scene and that will help us get into the environment that emerges at every moment. The team of voice actors and actors, with voices available in english At the moment, it’s not bad at all and while the localization may be a point above its current state, it fulfills its role and we haven’t found serious grammatical errors in Spanish, so Dontnod’s work is perfectly enjoyable in the sense seo.

Graphic part below expectations

Twin Mirror Review of new game Dontnod Entertainment PC PS4 Xbox One PS5 Xbox Series X / S.


Twin Mirror is the latest from Dontnod Entertainment, masters in creating narrative works in video game form. We believe, however, that the work in progress is second to none such as Life is Strange or the recent Tell Me Why, as it presents a predictable story and a team of characters with whom we have failed to connect. Innovative mechanics is where he really enjoys, the Sam Higgs Mental and Double Palace, which will give a lot of play to allow us to interpret the plot in a different way and make different decisions that will change the course of the story and it will lead to one end or the other. . In short, it is a work of praise for all those who love the genre, but yes, it would be advisable to lower our expectations a bit before we take control of the new project from the French studio.

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