Legend Of The Hero: Cold Steel Corridors IV ~ End Of Saga, Review


We analyze what the fourth installment of Trails of Cold Steel, a title that marks the end point in the history of Rean Schwarzer and Class VII, offers.

With a some delay, the installments of the recent series The Legend of Heroes are coming to our limits. In the case of Trails of Cold Steel, these subsidies began their progress in a way that was rather awkward in their versions of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita when the first two installments arrived during the end of Sony ‘s desktop cycle. The jump to the next generation with PlayStation 4 would mean a change in the quality of the series, as it would offer a revamped graphical division enhancing the level of detail in character modeling and scenarios, as well as the combat system interface, retain its features attribute essentially, through the release of the third installment of the series.

In the West we were lucky to get a remake of the first two installments of the series last year, which offered all the content per download included, though we’ll see the arrival of the next title, Trails of Cold Steel III , who started the second part of the Erebonia arc with Rean Schwarzer taking on the role of instructor for the new Class VII. Today, then, comes the fourth and final installment of this arcade in which we see the end of Rean’s story and the culmination of his confrontation with Giliath Osborne. We will then detail what this new title has brought.

The story of this new installment takes place two weeks later from the events that took place at the end of the previous title, to the continent of Erebonia about to prepare a new war in which the Empire prepares for a conflict that will face the Republic of Calvard. Meanwhile Juna Crawford. Kurt Vander and Altina Orion wake up in the village of Eryn under the auspices of Roselia Millstein, the most powerful witch who leads the Hexen clan, along with members of the old Class VII. In the face of prevailing events and low morale, the determination puts pressure on Juna Crawford and his companions, Altina Orion and Kurt Vandal, to venture in search of Musse Egret and Ash Carbide in hopes, along with members of the ex. -class VII find the whereabouts of the missing Rean Schwarzer to, with your help, halt the progress of the Great Twilight, a phenomenon that has affected much of the region and its people and will lead to the end of the world, together with the plans of Giliath Osborne and his followers.

The action of the game will lead the group through different areas of Erebonia, including the scenes in the previous title as well as new locations to be visited as the plot progresses, in front of the monsters that will be found along the way, as well as bosses, with their some of the villains include the saga. To help them on their journey they will have help from members of the former Class VII, which may be selected as part of the opposing group at certain times, and also from members of the Thors Academy branch, dispersed after the end of the last match and which will support through certain moments of the game during the development of the story, without being part of the combat in this case. The resemblance to the development of this game with Trails of Cold Steel II is, therefore, especially for those who have played the entire series. As in the previous title, some of the top graduates of the campus, appearing in the first two titles, they will appear as part of the development of the plot, and valuable assistance, as well as perform specific tasks for them, as in the case of Rex, who in this case will fill Vivi ‘s role to paint send you various areas of Erebonia.

Legend of the Hero: Cold Steel Corridors IV ~ End of Saga, Review

The combat system it retains the attributes acquired from the previous delivery, offering the command control scheme using the instruction buttons and those of the command to offer simpler access and, in turn, the various classic attributes of the saga, such as magic (Arts), special attacks (Crafts and S -Crafts) and the link between characters (Link), in conjunction with the Brave Command system to give temporary improvements to parameters during several turns in exchange for BP (Brave Points) points, cumulatively by hitting critical attacks on enemies and the use option as a result. Link Attacks. In this installment, some changes in the ordering system so that they are more even in combat while increasing the Brave Points bar to a maximum of 7 points, facilitating the option to use extra commands or commands while refilling the bar more easily. Another newcomer will, once the story has progressed, Summon Panzer Soldats units of new Class VII members in combat make a special attack, throwing the character’s magic bar points in return.

The newspaper offers the various regular tasks from previous games, both with character cards with some details about them, which will be added through the development of the game or by looking at certain events, such as the various cooking recipes and completing their versions, books with details about the life history of the game and other adventures, the cards collected from the Vantage Masters minigame or the fish caught through the various designated areas in Erebonia. It will also be dated the progress of the various commands presented during the adventure, both main ones related to the main plot and other secondary ones, which will primarily accommodate the amount of AP (Action Points) received during the adventure at the end of each section of the game and serve increase academy degree, which will provide some rewards as an additional incentive. These can also be obtained by fulfilling intended objectives during boss fights in the game. On the other hand, the chest challenge appear in Trails of Cold Steel II, which requires certain characters to repel special monsters with great power and which, after being expelled, will also give improved versions of the commands of some of the characters involved in combat. an the lost arts (The Lost Arts), a powerful quartz containing powerful magic and found after defeating high-level enemies in specific areas of Erebonia.

Another notable feature of the game is the wide range of in-game characters during the adventure. Members already known to Class VII will meet during the trip main characters arches Liberl and Crossbell as members of the active group. This marks the players ’reunion with Estelle, Joshua and Renne Bright, the main characters of Trails in the Sky, as well as Lloyd Bannings, the main character of Zero and Ao no Kiseki who will remember players from his appearance in the final stretch of Trails of Cold Steel II , while this time accompanied by Ellie MacDowell and KeA, his companions and key characters in the arcade development of the story of the Crossbell games. Thus the roster of controllable characters an incredible number of 39 selectable, adding some that will only be available at the end of the game. In addition to these, it is worth mentioning that other important characters from the series will appear during the development of the plot in this game, especially later in the episode.

Legend of the Hero: Cold Steel Corridors IV ~ End of Saga, Review

The minigames in this installment are augmented with some additional options. It should be mentioned from the beginning Master of Vantage it returns to make an appearance and as in the previous game, many of them will be the characters that can be faced in strategic card battles, although they will start again with a basic deck and have to get new cards again . The same Fishing This is another of the activities to take into account, with 30 different species of fish being caught through the fishing areas of Erebonia, but also including the occasional secondary mission to catch a special species. The newcomer is presented by Casino Barca, located in Crossbell Poker and Black Jack games can be played, in which you can win coins to exchange for various goods and accessories, and the Pom! Pom! Party!, a virtual game reminiscent of a certain way of Puyo Puyo in which you face various characters of the series in battles in this interesting puzzle game, earning CP points by making chains that serve to accumulate power and execute Attack Crafts or defense will do. help pressure the competitor’s pieces to load or release the head itself, respectively.

The IS friendship events they return again in certain parts of the game to deepen Rean’s relationship with the characters so that the relationship with them gradually increases in exchange for spending points to activate them as the player likes. The newcomer, in this case, is in the proceedings with some of the female characters that they reveal their feelings to Rean as they go through them as they go deeper into their personal background regarding previous games. By increasing the affinity of these characters, two additional heart-shaped icons can be added that will be part of Rean’s love choices in the final stretch of the game, which must select a certain point at a certain point between him and his head. definitely best.

Legend of the Hero: Cold Steel Corridors IV ~ End of Saga, Review

In the playable part, this new installment Many of the talents made by previous games retain significant and attractive titles for JRPG fans, offering an interesting plot development while tackling a turn that is entertaining and addictive in the long run thanks to the use of the various techniques of their character and the command system, in addition to the new Panzer Soldat summons option. The increase in the number of characters is likely to be part of the battle group great interest in it, especially for those who wanted to see the main characters of Trails in the Sky in action again, which is well received by fans of the series. Meanwhile, the minigames complement the experience through various forms, among which it draws attention return of Vantage Masters and the originality of the Pom! Pom! Party!

As for graphics, the game offers reuse the same graphic engine of the last installment and many of the sites seen in the same title as well as models of some characters who continue to maintain their normal appearance. However, the newcomer comes from the new costumes of the characters, especially to draw attention to new Class VII members, and character redesign from previous arches, which is improved compared to previous installments, especially the main characters of Corridors in the Sky.

Legend of the Hero: Cold Steel Corridors IV ~ End of Saga, Review

The sound part, is his part one of the most notable features of this title, thanks to the compositions displayed throughout the game, including themes already included in previous games as well as new ones for the event, highlighting themes such as Burning Throb, the new theme for the battles at the beginning of the game, That’s Our Own Hands !!, heard during the fights between mecha, or To the Future, the theme of the final dungeon of the game and perhaps one of the best themes of the soundtrack. Generally this feature has the wide variety offered, including musical themes in which the piano stands out as an instrument, as in the track Bands that sound in the main menu, along with more other rockers or others with a more electronic style. For voices, the game offers the possibility to choose between English and Japanese dubbing.


In general, it can be said that Trails of Cold Steel IV is in line with the previous installment, in terms of gameplay and plot development, technical and sound department. While it does not involve significant changes in some aspects, with the exception of minor changes in the combat system and minigames, the real incentive comes from the outcome of Rean’s story after four installments and the final cross between the stories seen in previous arches, especially for the main characters. Liberl arcade, and their intentions for the next chapter in the series.

THE BEST _____

  • The combat system, which continues to be addicted to the various confrontations during the game.
  • The team of characters, emphasizing the inclusion of characters from previous games in the saga and creating a wide roster to choose from.
  • Significant musical division, including tracks of various styles from new and reused compositions from other games.
  • Technically it maintains the quality seen in the previous installment, both in the graphic part and in the framework.


  • Texts in English only.
  • Some data is lost because there is no official place for Crossbell arcade titles.

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