Legend Of Curators, Review. The Dungeon Master


This roguelile from French studio Goblinz Studio manages to offer a formula based on turn-based management and combat.

Tired of stories about heroes? Tired of the good people who always win? Then you might be interested in taking the curriculum in Mazmorras S.A., the leading security company send the paladins and to prevent his clean hands from touching the protected store at the end of the road. Legend of Curators: Career Dungeon Manager is the latest production from Goblinz Studio, a French developer and publisher specializing in roguelike video games.

Once you have signed the contract as guardian of the mound, it is time to go into business and prepare the employees for the tough mission that awaits them. The heroes, sticking their noses everywhere, do not stop organizing raids. They diligently look for monsters to send them to the next neighborhood, although some already have a very skeletal appearance. And no, don’t think the company really supports it, as soon as you sign in, they tell you that there is no time for training, so you have to put up and learn as you go along .

Incorporating the bad guy

So in Legend of the Keepers, we manage the group of villains. The goal is to prevent the heroes from gaining the ultimate treasure. The plot is simple and evokes humor on all fours, but outside of the bags, we have little interest in the story itself. We also don’t think it’s the cornerstone of this project, which focuses on its management mechanics and turn-based battle system. Isn’t it strange that the story is developed in the roguelites through static, contrasting images nice 2D sprites of fighting. In any case, the narrator ‘s texts fit well with the role – playing (and parodic) spirit he intends to convey.

After a period in early access, the commercial version can now be purchased on PC and Nintendo Switch. The game puts us in the shoes of one of the ultimate bosses of the dungeon, though as the great foreman of the one who stays at the end of the road, for fear that all of the above will fail. The Goblinz Studio title is structured around a series of chapters with different scenarios and challenges, though a playable core remains stable during all games. Overall we have the opportunity to manage three: the owner of the slaves, the ecologist and the engineer, each with their own specific powers.

Legend of Curators, Review

The game is divided into three different aspects, but the management comes together on each of them. The tasks of the week are imagined as if it were an agenda, with missions and events happening as the days go by. The roguelite condition is represented not only in gameplay through runs, but also in its random elements. So during this first step, we manage the hiring of new employees, their training, leveling the traps, transferring the potions, the black market acquisitions and even the looting. In these cases, we select the destination on a map and (or not) the volunteers fulfill their mission based on various variables. It should be noted that the agenda allows us to choose between a number of tasks, which appear randomly. Once we select one, the rest will automatically disappear.

All of this initial stage is reflected in combat, which has different difficulties and introduces planning in each case. Those unfamiliar with role-playing terminology may be overwhelmed by the number of attributes this must be taken into account, since all types of enemies and allies have specific characteristics that must be considered when going into battle. That is to say, applying the simplest example: if your enemies are specialists in elemental ice magic, you should definitely choose the fire monster. It seems simple on paper; it’s actually a little more complicated. Easy to learn, hard to tame.

Preparation for combat

As we plan, we progress through a series of scenarios i scroll lateral, where we have to locate our host. As well as choose your exact location (at the forefront, in the middle or at the back), we must also use traps to prevent the heroes from reaching the end alive. Assuming that happens, the final boss – us – will stay deep in the dungeon. The next step is the combat itself, which works the same as a turn-based role-playing video game. They attack, we strike, and the battle continues until one of the two parties succeeds. The victory was not too difficult at first, although enemy attacks often quickly destroy intermediate monsters. Not everything is hitting, you need to know when skills can be launched that intimidate the enemy, because we can expel him from the mound without being dead on the ground.

Legend of Curators, Review

At the end of the fight we get the relevant rewards. And what happens if the boss is killed? We have a resurrection, but we must begin run again, and all that pertains to that. At the very least, the level of our main characters is permanent, as well as passive skills. The rest of the progress is lost, so we have to repeat the process until we succeed at the end of the week. On the other hand, monsters can be monsters, which means they have no emotions. If humans are emotions, these creatures are not left behind. Death takes a toll on their spirit, so when they return from the life of the dead, if they chain a few beats in a row, as a manager you can’t forget to give them a break so they can regain their morale.

Legend of Keepers: The Career of a Dungeon Master treasure that addictive element (well understood) invites you to try, not stop playing. However, the mechanics are revealed almost from the beginning, so that something repetitive can be done in the long run, not to mention that luck sometimes plays an overly important role. What we liked is that the studio has implemented a difficulty selector. It implies that most titles of this genre choose high difficulty, so they are usually not overly accessible games. Anyway, let’s face it – it’s not the simplest video game on the market, but it will make you use your brain, just as Goblinz Studio likes it.

Legend of Curators, Review

Review of the PC version.


In Legend of the Conservatives, we look at the bad guys, the ones who make heroes bite the dust. Goblinz Studio has created an addictive roguelite game that mixes management with turn-based combat. The gameplay is developed through several stages, leading to the final fight. But just as important as the execution, perhaps even more important (after all it will determine the outcome), is the previous preparation: choose the right monsters, position them well on the battlefield and monitor their motivation. Anyway, at the end we always have, the final boss, to try to fulfill the mission. The progression system applies lasting improvements to our character and other aspects that are lost when we die permanently. It’s important to note that Goblinz thought of different types of players, so they added a difficulty selector. The title is very addictive, it’s one of those games that makes you think, even though its mechanics don’t come up well enough and in the end it can be repetitive.

THE BEST _____

  • Engaging in gameplay
  • Number of strategies and possibilities
  • An parodic tone


  • Repetitive in the long run
  • Luck determines some too many actions
  • There are so many things to consider that you can choke



It’s not the latest or the most original, nor does it have the best execution, but it could be fun if you like the genre. Good, but there is room for improvement.

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