Lamentum, Review. Horror Of Survival With The Smell Of Great Classics


The Spanish studio Obscure Tales is dedicated to the oldest side of the genre. We’ll tell you what we think about our stay at Grau Hill.

Lovers of horror of survival Traditional is enjoying a very fruitful period for the genre, thanks to the works of Song of Horror, Tormented Souls or a remake of Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water (October 28), among other things. The genre is in good health and every day more developers dare the challenge of designing an experience that is able to remember the perceptions we once had at the controls of the classics as, for example,. Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Today we are talking about another who decided to take part in the party: Lamentum, Spanish study title Observation Stories that just landed on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

When we talk about the horrors of survival and when we stress that we are facing the older version, we try to go beyond the rigorous understanding of the two words that comprise the name of the genre; We refer to an inflatable series characterized by a set of mechanics that we do not, at present, see collected in the same title too often, beyond this small oasis that has emerged over the past few months. ANDxploration of a complex case, backtracking, resource management, hint search, puzzle, feeling vulnerability, lack checkpoints… Lamentum is all that, and we tell you why you shouldn’t lose sight of it.

Lamentum PS4 PS5 PC Xbox One Series Xbox X | S.

Would we do anything for a loved one?

It is probably not even necessary to ask such a question: of course we would. He must have thought that Victor, the main character of the game, while deciding to take a trip to Graul Hill Mansion, located in New England and owned by an alternate sciences alumnus. The reason? The desperate need for a solution for his wife, who is evicted by doctors because of a strange disease with a terrible prognosis that keeps her tormented. Above all we can give you a little spoiler: things go wrong as night falls and we prepare for our first night at the mansion.

Our initial purpose is to conduct interviews Lord steinrot, which many people consider the importance of ancient medicine, the same one that science decided to turn its back on. To make matters worse, practically without crossing two words, he is particularly interested in answering our requests and assisting us, starting by offering us room to spend the night before we start preparing for the our wife ‘s first clinical examination. In short, we do not want to reveal too much, we will tell you that the origin of the story is interesting, although its development is predictable and does not take too long to discuss topics. It’s not something that touches on the strengths of the title, but …

Lamentum PS4 PS5 PC Xbox One Series Xbox X | S.

If we had to briefly define our experience of Lamentum controls, we could say without fear of being mistaken that it was practically equivalent to enjoying the first installment of Resident Evil. After all, when we meditate on the prologue and enter the supernatural mansion, it takes five minutes to see everything to come: design phase, full of secrets and, while it is true that there is not much we can do during the first bars of the game, it immediately expands and we begin to look at blocked paths, mechanisms of which we are not very clear what we should do a calm but satisfying feeling that one – or something – might be willing to end the game at any time.

Obscure Tales was very clear about their purpose in designing the game: to leave everything in the hands of the player. And that can only be done by offering sufficient means to proceed, but without granting assistance of any kind. Lamentum has no checkpoints, so if precipitation makes a fatal mistake when we start a journey without calculating the risks, especially if we are not clear when we last saved the game, our screen may have a “Game over” sign easy. To save our progress we need to find a save point and write ink, which is taped in the famous Capcom saga, and while not a hard resource to find, we are often forced to leave it in the stock due to the need to carry forward other essential elements.

Learning from the best

The inventory is quite limited; We only have nine slots and we have to consider whether it is worth spending half on weapons, ammunition and medical flasks. In our game, there was a moment when we decided to build a number of routes with the goal of gathering and storing resources, saving the game and leaving the remaining ink in the stock; we had a few paths to explore and one of them required up to five different objects to solve one puzzle. It’s one of the keys to Lamentum, and whoever misses the time when the vast majority of titles in the genre offered something like this, he’s lucky, because they will a demanding but very rewarding experience.

Lamentum PS4 PS5 PC Xbox One Series Xbox X | S.

Another feature that plays a fundamental role in the Obscure Tales game is the combat system, which is more focused on melee than the use of range weapons for a simple reason: the lack of ammunition. Yes, we love to throw a revolver and take our enemies out of a safe place, but that is not something we can often do. Instead, many times we are forced to pull out the knife, poker or saber and wait for the enemy to attack, dodge it and land our best blow. This surprised us with something unusual in the genre: hand-to-hand combat works very well, is easy to control and we have never noticed that fighting is an uncomfortable procedure.

On the other hand the puzzles, a key piece in any survival horror worth its salt. They are practically present throughout development, and while their complexity is not excessive, they require us to notice what we see in one place if we want it to help us elsewhere. Apart from keys (thematic, like the ones we saw one day at Spencer’s Mansion), we often have to resort to trying to put different things together, as well as reading documents or adding visual elements of memorized, because we never know when they might help us continue to move forward.

Lamentum PS4 PS5 PC Xbox One Series Xbox X | S.

Overall, Lamentum is a very interesting title. His commitment to offering an experience inspired by great classics, as well as his engaging aesthetics, allows him to establish himself as a horror game capable of convincing any lover of the genre. However, not without problems although they should be easily corrected by updates, they played some tricks or other for us: on one occasion the controls did not respond, which we resolved by restarting the game. In another we have to suffer a bug, since we lost some of the progress after a failed attempt to save the game. We cannot ignore the development of history, which goes from bigger to smaller and lies when it comes to falling into subject a commonality that disrupts the vast majority of games entrusted with a Lovecraftian theme. It is not a key feature, but it could be dealt with in a more precise way.


Lamentum delivers just as Obscure Tales promised from the beginning: a survival horror experience similar to the old ones, always designed with fans of the genre in mind. There are many recognizable aspects of the classics on which he is inspired – Resident Evil in particular – but moreover we get an interesting, albeit predictable and titled story with his own personality thanks to his pixel art style, as well as his commitment to togetherness. Capcom’s franchise key playthroughs with some features of Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark, among other things. One more proof that we don’t have to travel far to get good horror games.

THE BEST _____

  • A horror experience delivers survival like the old ones
  • The mansion design and clever use of the backup
  • Surprisingly melee combat is useful and satisfying


  • The story goes from bigger to smaller; it is predictable
  • Some bugs, very specific but annoying



It meets the expectations of what makes a good game, has quality and has no serious flaws, though it lacks elements that could take it to higher levels.

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