Kosmokrats, Review. The Stars Will Have To Wait


Piloting drones to assemble space station modules is a very frustrating job.

The puzzle genre is often subject to different biases. Often disturbed as games with no depth beyond the puzzles themselves, we have high titles that have shown that our minds can be challenged and offer us an engaging and immersive story. Portal is a benchmark that integrates puzzle solving with inspirational narration, and for this reason it is used for example in many video design schools. For him, Professor Layton’s saga takes us on an educational detective adventure with riddles for all audiences: adults, children, expert gamers and lay people in the field. Today at MeriStation we analyze Kosmokrats, title for Windows PC which aims to strike a good balance between storytelling, setting, and clever, but disappointing gameplay in this final part.

Polish studio Pixel Delusion begins with a work that is, as you would expect from a indie, promises its own personality and originality in its design that stands above the limits of your budget. Kosmokrats turns out immersed from the first moment, with a solemn audiovisual division that we all intend to put us in the USSR space race during the Cold War. Cartoon characters with split heads reminiscent of South Park Canadians, a font that mimics Soviet posters, a discreet soundtrack with a slight distortion that makes us think of an old record. And above all, technology vintage which overrides the cosmetic part and moves to the game interface and gameplay, as discussed below. Its perfect localization Castilian shows a site that cares as little as possible. The final touch to this work is a humorous impression on its back in which a tragic story is accompanied by acidic politico-social criticism. So, Soviet communism is presented to us from a satire that mocks its errors and critically considers its contribution to astronomy.

Pure immersion in the Soviet space race

In Kosmokrats, we play a potato peeler accustomed to the constant breakdown of its superiors and an unexpected job change falls into its lap: we will be a drone pilot dedicated to assembling space station modules. So our working day will be sitting in front of the monitor and from there controlling the assembly robot and getting the parts right, a task in which the gameplay.

With the arrows or the WASD + Intro we control the drone through space, and push the pieces until the inertia brings them together. This adds to difficulties such as connectors that can only be connected to those of its color, a magnet with a limited battery and the time limit for the mission, since if we exceed it we will start to go out of orbit and lose the game. So every step will last maximum of about 5 minutes, so that the succession between puzzles and storytelling sequences takes place in a very dynamic way. It is also worth mentioning the transitions between mission and mission, where not only cinematics will take place: in our workplace, we are the ones who decide when the mission will begin. Whether we want to spend 10 minutes looking out the window or playing a computer game —And we emphasize the joke of playing a game within a game– Until we press “start of mission”, we will not continue our journey.

Space race puzzle Kosmokrats Pixel Delusion race USSR PC Windows Steam comedy comedy Communism Soviet Union

In addition, at each stage we will have a set of conditions that will bring freshness to each mission. Assemble the puzzle while avoiding the cosmonauts, assemble the module and engineer kidnapping, try not to damage the potato reserves, etc. The IS additional conditions Not only will each mission be an incentive for an extra score, but it will be part of a very interesting decision-making system that will, instead of choosing dialogue, be given in our commitment to work and excellence in the performance of our tasks.

At the end of each mission, we will be given a summary of our performance, and neglect of optional objectives will result in penalties such as reduced food rations or suspension of salary for a few weeks. These consequences have a certain logic within making implied decisions the way we play: or can we expect a generous supply of potatoes when all our stocks are destroyed?

Drone pilot routine and surprise

With pay, we can buy accessories for our work corner, or the food portion to keep hunger at bay without compromising our performance. Similarly, the progression of the story will lead to decisions that will change events and bring us to new circumstances during the assembly of the modules. There will also be events that will force us to choose a sacrifice in favor of the regime and hinder our game or, conversely, we will choose an improvement that will make the day more English.

Space race puzzle Kosmokrats Pixel Delusion race USSR PC Windows Steam comedy comedy Communism Soviet Union

In addition, there is a difficulty selector that allows you to adapt the game for veterans of the puzzle genre and for players with less experience. So Kosmokrats has all the ingredients that would make it a very special game: interesting storytelling, excellent immersion, a player-related decision system without resorting to explicit dialogue options, a fresh level design, a comedy that we do you think from laughing … But it ‘s the big fault own design of mechanics.

We understand the intent of Kosmokrats to offer a realistic experience of what it looks like to work in outer space. We understand that Pixel Delusion seeks to offer a fair challenge, forcing the player to respond quickly without losing warning. We also understand that the intention of the creators may be to convey to us the feeling of dissatisfaction of an employee who has not received adequate training for an unsatisfactory job. However, Kosmokrats would have worked much better if the gameplay hadn’t been so frustrating.

Space race puzzle Kosmokrats Pixel Delusion race USSR PC Windows Steam comedy comedy Communism Soviet Union

Of course we are in space, and that zero gravity is an obstacle that we must always deal with, and without this the title would lose all its excellence. When we push a piece, we must remember that it will not stay where we estimate, much less where we calculate. And sometimes you will be in a very collaborative position for our project. Here’s where the problem lies: in a constant feeling of clumsiness and uncontrollability that will drive us crazy until we complete the task, because even after experiencing zero gravity, dealing with it will always be a pain. Regardless, all missions are usable, even if we want to meet the additional requirements. But the process is so rewarding that we just feel like finishing the game with each step. It also doesn’t help, moreover, that we can’t uninstall the pieces, so if we made an irreversible mistake we have to wait until the counter reaches zero. After about 10 hours of play, and despite enjoying a video comedy that explores communism with affection and criticism, we firmly press “Yes” every time the game asks us: ” Do you really want to go out? ” ? “while trying to close a session.

Space race puzzle Kosmokrats Pixel Delusion race USSR PC Windows Steam comedy comedy Communism Soviet Union

The problems of zero gravity gambling


Kosmokrats is a puzzle consisting of several pieces and one of them is faulty. Her story is delightful: a story that humorously tells the tragedy of the Soviet space race, an acidic comedy that criticizes the mistakes of the USSR and makes a humorous reflection on its progress in astronomy. Because of his immersive care to the smallest detail, we feel inside the anodyne and dangerous world of the potato peeler that was promoted as a drone pilot. His decision-making, which is integrated into our form of place, seems to us to be a clever proposal, as well as the originality of its puzzles in zero gravity. However, the gameplay is precisely what detracts from the whole series by being so unsatisfactory.

THE BEST _____

  • Excellent jump.
  • A decision system that is very well integrated with the way we play.


  • Zero gravity, while well-intentioned, makes the gameplay frustrating.
  • Not being able to unhook the pieces once they are in place.

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