King’s Bounty 2, Review. 30 Years Is Not The Same For Everyone


The iconic 90s saga returns with King Bounty 2 adapting to the current times which made it great for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

First in 1990, then in 2008 and now in 2021. King’s Bounty It is the perfect example that one should never give up because one is always happy that studios are trying to reclaim a brand as classic as it is important for the industry. More of it 30 years later it reaches us King’s Bounty 2 hand in hand with Entertainment 1C, who was already in charge of the turns out from 2008 to King’s Bounty: Legend, but now that it was his responsibility to translate with the world everything that the saga has done so well. straight sequence of the 90s title.

We are in Nostria, a kingdom characterized by the purest medieval fantasy: kings, wizards and an enemy who seek to dominate the world. Before you start walking through this big world of it King’s Bounty 2 we must select one of the three available characters: Aivar, Katharine and Elisa. The only thing that will change between these three characters is the beginning of the story, so there is no substantial stimulus to replay it beyond the passive abilities between them. In our case we chose Aivar, the typical hero who fought to regain lost honor and who is versatile in all areas.

Pure medieval fantasy

We can choose the personality of our character depending on the decisions we make between four to choose from: order, power, cunning and anarchy. Each of these branches in a tree of talents with abilities and there will come a time when our character it refuses to take certain paths unless they are part of the ideal we have pursued so far. This interesting decision of King’s Bounty 2 however, it forces you to be faithful to the principles that have characterized you throughout the game, as we have progressed through the story we have found that our decisions they were not to take on the relevance we had hoped for.

Ar King‚Äôs Bounty 2 we could fully apply the saying “Rome goes all the way.” No matter what ideal we choose beyond what has been said about the main story will not change at all (or very little), losing that fundamental part of the role that that genre represented. Side missions are the big ones that affect this and a minimal relevance in the transformation and course of the kingdom of Nostria. We cannot choose dialogue or make important decisions that change the course of the game, just watch their story lose steam and interest in the 35 hours the title survives. A story that, by the way, unfinished and that we hope that it will come to an end to match a conclusion.

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The truth of the matter is that it’s not bad news, but you quickly lose track of what’s happening and become intertwined with endless list of primary schools. Just as in The witcher 3 he marveled at the quality of the stories told outside the main story, i King‚Äôs Bounty 2 the opposite happens: the storyline is narrowed and lowered to the same level as a secondary mission. This does have an impact, however urgent need to perform all optional missions and reach the level required to progress in the main story. So much so that we finished them all.

This requirement is marked by usability too conditional on money. After each battle we can heal the units as an alternative to this, but if we lose the whole battalion we will forced them to recruit again, lose even more coins until they run out. In fact, it is a very common thing, because King‚Äôs Bounty 2 offers no clear indication whether the fight is viable or not and the person closest to you may spend hours trying something that is practically impossible. If it’s not viable, take a turn as you probably don’t have the required level.

RPG with small font

Fight the King‚Äôs Bounty 2 it‚Äôs tactical, but it doesn‚Äôt take a turn, but it works according to the characteristic of the initiative: the higher it is, the sooner that battalion will attack. Fight all of them belongs to an ideal ideal and the game itself punishes you if we mix them down lowering the morale of your weapon, so you usually adapt to what that ideal offers you. It’s not a negative feature per se, in fact, we like it because it’s a complex game and every battalion has its own characteristics, so it is necessary to make them aware of heart to win the battles.

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As we travel through Nostria we encounter optional challenges that go beyond simple combat. They are cases where King’s Bounty 2 He challenges us with a different weapon and a hero with spells you might not even know. These are very useful for knowing the weaknesses of certain battalions Or discover that there are more parcels than the one that has always worked for you. Battles develop and you have to adapt to them.

In this aspect King’s Bounty 2 we liked it from less to more. At first we didn’t fully understand how it works, but once you master them they are fun and very satisfying. Each ideal has its own characteristics. For example, Anarchy battalions are usually focused on criticism and charming battalions on magic, but the former is weak in terms of spells and the latter feels melee. Nothing new but there is no perfect ideal. In addition, all battalions are leveling and learning new liabilities to destroy our enemy or to support our units. There is a lot of variety and that King’s Bounty 2 does it do exceptionally well.

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If we can add a problem the inability hero fight. We wish we had a greater presence acting as that unit that turns the tables on a fight that seems lost. It is not completely useless because its characteristics affect its weapon and able to cast spells (support or attack) we learn in our adventure, but in the end it doesn’t take the prominence it should have.

As we said at the beginning, Nostria is a classical medieval world and very pure with what we already knew. It does not reset anything and you will be familiar with everything that is seen. The kingdom of King‚Äôs Bounty 2 it ‘s beautiful, with a great level of detail and a lot of cases that we didn‚Äôt stand against the screen capture. However, you have the feeling that you have played something like it before because, while the combination of tactical and open play suits the world well for him, the world around him It seems like a generation or two ago.

King's Bounty 2, ps4, xbox one, switch, computer, puzzle, dungeon

In this feature he added a lot of titles like Inquiry into the Age of the Dragon– An open world full of invisible walls, outdated animation, and narrative linearity shaped with a certain freedom. Nostria is made up of beautiful big corridors, but you can’t interact with practically anything and a way from place to place where we get some other loot and, on rare occasions, certain combat.

To the weapons!

However, the exploration is hampered by the inability to collect loot on horseback or the slowness of our character. strange King‚Äôs Bounty 2 it has a button to slow down the hero’s movement, but not speed it up. Fortunately, these issues have already been fixed by the developers, increase the base speed and loot collection of the character, so it seems they will be watching out for complaints from future players.

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In addition to the tactical component and the open world, Entertainment 1C It was animated with the puzzles in the dunes. Lots of them they are simple and require little attention by the player, so do not be afraid if you are not very skilled in this. On the other hand, the sound level does not stand out in almost anything, with a soundtrack a it is not up to the task at the peak of history, but that it succeeds as we explore.

King's Bounty 2, ps4, xbox one, switch, computer, skeleton, recruiter, enemy

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