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As if it were a journey through time, Bobi ‘s new Wonderboy game allows us to relive the sensations of early 90s platforms with the title of frenetic action and the most colorful scenarios.

Tanuki Justice seems to be a game from another time, from the one in the early 90’s, in which no matter what cover you look at in the video store, most likely if you didn’t know its game, it would be a 2D platformer there. The most prolific 16-bit genre left huge gems, but with the jump to 3D it went from dominated to almost completely out of sight. Undoubtedly this title refers to us for that golden era of the genre.

Created with Clickfusion 2.5 by the creator of the also popular Aggelos platform, Wonderboy bobi, Tanuki Justice does not at any time attempt to masquerade as a current game. Everything (except perhaps a short tutorial) is an experience as we would expect from any game released in the early years of the school. 16 bits.

Shorten your Shuriken

Against Aggelos’ more narrative style, Tanuki Justice is a platformer of it pure action. Without dialogue or narrative as his previous work encompassed. If Wonderboy is the inspiration for Aggelos, this time we are heading for a title closer to Megaman. A game that challenges us to overcome some levels that are not very long, but yes full of complex moments that we will, in the old fashioned way, find truly deadly traps at first but that we can overcome, after a few games, to continue to the next challenge.

There will be some things available to us that we can improve, as well as the possibility of special attack (Guriken giant). To do this we need to fill a special bar that is augmented with objects we collect from the stage, as well as to attack the enemies. In addition, we can block the direction of our shuriken shot as we move forward if we want to make things easier for ourselves. A double jump we can control even in the air will also be necessary to survive in the authentic bullet hell that in some cases becomes.

Justice Tanuki

In front of us will be a series of enemies that will not be more difficult to overcome by repeating attack patterns, arranged in their smart level design which clearly shows that this game was made with a lot of care. In fact, all the stage has its own style identifiable, coupled with an ultimate boss who will make things difficult for us.

The difficulty is calculated to extend durability otherwise it would be short enough with only 7 levels (although it unlocks new challenges like survival mode), and yes. And if we get used to leveling design we need a bigger challenge, there are two more in the game difficulty levels which will increase the experience of the most enthusiastic in a few hours.

Full retro experience

In the graphic we are facing a game very colorful and, without drawing particular attention to any aspect, fulfills fluid animation more than is appropriate in all cases assorted enemies, bosses of various dimensions and different situations with a strong personality.

Justice Tanuki

The same thing happens with the sound part, with effects that we immerse ourselves in again Sounds of the 90s, and some melodies that marry the bustle on screen to immerse ourselves completely in the action.

In addition, we will not have to play alone, the possibility is included in the game share the action with a friend or a friend on the same console. An addition that does not change the level design but is appreciated and complements a platform that will undoubtedly please the fans of the genre.

Justice Tanuki
Justice Tanuki
Justice Tanuki


Tanuki Justice will be very popular with fans of retro games who enjoy action running titles and frenzied guns. With the difficulty of changing to be challenging without being frustrating, colorful graphics, and original enemies changing at every level, the experience could not have been more faithful to what a great platformer would have been if it had come out in the early 90s. .

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