Just Dance 2021, An Review Of The King To Dance At Home And With You


At the holidays, Just Dance turns our living room back into its dance floor.

There is no Christmas without Just Dance. Every year, the biggest dance players look forward to the new installment of this Ubisoft saga. Winter parties are the best time to turn the living room into a dance floor for the whole family, as dancing is a very welcome activity in Festive meetings and where everyone is welcome. Last year, we had an edition that commemorated the 10th anniversary of the history of one of the most relevant video recording series in the music genre. This year, marked by the coronavirus, Just Dance became one of the video games that made our childbirth more bearable, especially after Ubisoft granted a free month of Just Dance Unlimited. Let’s analyze today Direct Dance 2021, available for PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch.

In dark times, we welcome joyful and gay video games with open arms. Just as Animal Crossing New Horizons was the virtual oasis for many players during quarantine, Just Dance 2021 presents one more year for Strange Christmas make us happy, where family gatherings will be reduced and many of us will stay away from relatives. The spirit of the saga is still present and alive in this new edition: dancing is a healthy and fun exercise for everyone. Two video game veterans, as the lay community, adults and children are welcome to this dance floor where the only guide is to imitate the movements of the dance monitor that the choreography will show in front of us. Without judgment or shame, the only requirement to enjoy Just Dance is to have the desire to have fun and we do not need exceptional physical form.

Everyone on the road!

Like the latest installments, Just Dance is still there very intuitive and with very comfortable navigation. The graphics continue the usual psychedelic and festive aesthetic, with faceless dancers defined so we can easily touch them. The music is heard with impeccable clarity, and in all the songs we have a pub version so that the lyrics are with us.

Just Dance 2021 maintains a formula that’s great news, in the same ways in recent years: we will be able to access the thematic lists or individual songs to give us the best, and the accuracy of our movements will be punctuated with qualities ranging from “OK” to “ Perfect “”, until you participate in a star scale. Sometimes we will be given the “Yes” movements, which will give us “Perfect” just by hitting it. At the end, we will get a count of all the correct notes and we will level up.

Just Dance 2021 Just Dance Ubisoft PS5 PS4 Xbox One Xbox Series X Google Stadium Nintendo Switch dance music video game

Likewise, we get a mojo to complete the songs and daily challenges and we can use them to get collections like avatars, stickers or titles. We can unlock new choreographic versions of the same song if we tackle other challenges, such as dancing on the same theme five times. This decision, which we have already seen in the last issue, keeps interest fresh. However, Just Dance 2021 wick will be short, as we will explore later.

We have the normal Children’s method, with a selection of themes for children designed for the smallest house, and a series of choreographs designed to stimulate their psychomotor ability. The scoring here will be much nicer, since the goal is there encourage children enter the world of dance for pleasure but move to the rhythm of music and without competitive performances.

Same old song (and the one we like)

It should be noted that we can play up to six in this edition at the same time, which opens up very nice interactions with our teammates. As for the competition, we continue to provide the World Dance Floor, a global dance floor where we will meet dancers from all over the planet to participate in three-song competitions, after which we will enter a world ranking where we can keep scoring points if we keep participating. In this way, we can continue to enjoy songs not available in the 2021 edition and encourage ourselves to improve ourselves in all competitions. Because these are short, we will be busy chaining some contests with the aim of perfecting our score.

Just Dance 2021 Just Dance Ubisoft PS5 PS4 Xbox One Xbox Series X Google Stadium Nintendo Switch dance music video game

As in other editions, we can compose our own list of songs. If we decide to go from song to song, we will have the choice Quick Play, in which the game randomly selects themes so that we do not remain undecided in the menu. If we choose a solo song, at the end we will be given suggestions on more similar themes to continue the dance session.

However, Just Dance 2021 continues to sin from the same commercial strategy as previous editions, which is to offer a catalog that we can explore in a week to encourage us to subscribe to Unlimited. The list of more than forty songs, and their alternate versions, will end if we are regular dancers and we decide to do this game as one of our fitness routines. On the other hand, we recommend the variety of the selection of themes, in which we find dance music classics such as Dancing (Paradisio), indie pop hits as Dancing monkey (Tons and I), hip – hop Eminem and his Not me or the mythical In the Navy (covered by The Sunlight Shakers).

Just Dance 2021 Just Dance Ubisoft PS5 PS4 Xbox One Xbox Series X Google Stadium Nintendo Switch dance music video game

We understand that Ubisoft ‘s intention is to create an incentive to switch to Unlimited, the subscription program whereby we access a much more generous song catalog, with songs from previous editions and new additions added over time. It’s easy to be tempted to get it, especially if we’re regular players who won’t have much knowledge of the 2021 music menu for them. However, if we only intend to release the game in spaced home meetings, we can be happy with what this edition has to offer. On the other hand, further method innovation is needed or bring back fun additions like the Dance Lab of 2018.

However, it is worth talking about the biggest disappointment created by Just Dance 2021: adapted for PlayStation 5. While we could use the camera or the Moves to dance in previous versions, this version only supports the mobile device and the Just Dance Controller app. Currently, no support for Sony HD camera, This has led to a number of complaints and requests to Ubisoft forums. With the mobile phone, the accuracy is okay, even better than what we had in previous editions. We maintain, however, that this method is the least ergonomic method for dance. It is uncomfortable to hold the mobile all the time while dancing, and we realize that it can be dangerous if we have an accident at the device at some point. In addition, it is an obstacle for the smallest part of the house: they usually do not have their own mobile phone and even dancing with the device in hand is not advisable at certain ages. If we have straps for the phone, we suggest you use it during our dance session.

Just Dance 2021 Just Dance Ubisoft PS5 PS4 Xbox One Xbox Series X Google Stadium Nintendo Switch dance music video game

Despite its continuity, and poorly adapted gameplay for the new generation, Just Dance 2021 becomes enjoyable, and we hope that the camera and Movement support will be incorporated without delay. All in all, dancing is an experience in which we rejoice during the times we rejoice in a strange Christmas or, simply, because we want to exercise in a healthy way or without major demands.

Variety of genres for short party

This game was analyzed in its version for PS4 and PS5.

Just Dance 2021 Just Dance Ubisoft PS5 PS4 Xbox One Xbox Series X Google Stadium Nintendo Switch dance music video game


Just Dance 2021 returns to make a strange Christmas happy for us and a way to make it a success. Without innovating its usual formula, it offers us a catalog of songs of various genres and affordable choreographies for the whole family. Presenting the spirit of dance as a healthy healthy activity for all is still present, but in this issue we noticed a few shortcomings. More dance modes that extend the life of the game are lost without resorting to Just Dance Unlimited, though this program is designed for regular dancers. It was also a mistake that the PlayStation 5 edition can only be played with the Just Controller mobile app.

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