Judgment Remaster, Next Gen Review On PS5 And Xbox Series X / S.


We analyze the version for the new generation PS5 and Xbox Series X / S consoles of Judgment, a byproduct of the Yakuza saga, with SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio.

The world Yakuza it has always been a matter of interest to the eyes of the west. Colorful tattoos that cover a large part of the body, extraterrestrial habits and a strong sense of loyalty are just some of the elements that characterize the Japanese mafia. Its origins go back to the 17th century, but even today, in mid-2021, we are still eager to learn its ins and outs. Thanks to Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and SEGAThrough the Yakuza saga, we managed to put ourselves under the shoes of non-memorable characters like Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima during a series of deliveries that already contain a collection of legends.

After the most remarkable Yakuza: Like a Dragon, which survived 2020, we can enjoy the remodeled version for next generation consoles with Judgment. It’s about a turns out of our saga, focused more on the suspense thriller genre and the realm of law, which we might enjoy for the first time in 2019. A few years later it returns to graphic and technical facelift that suits you perfectly, taking advantage of the specifics of both PS5 and Xbox X / S Series. What Google Stadia motion. Recommended for both novices and lovers of the saga; we tell you.

Next-gen PS5 Xbox Series X / S Google Stadia Yakuza SEGA judgment review

The legal side of the Yakuza world

As in any yakuza story it’s worth its salt, the plot is over Takayuki yagami detaches betrayal, bitterness and violence. But let’s start at the beginning. Judgment introduces us to a prominent attorney who has won from a complex case. If we take that into account in Japan more than 90% the prosecution won cases (Miles Edgeworth told), we understand what it is about. Office phones don’t stop ringing and all the voices on the other side of the device demand the same thing: “We want Yagami to represent us.”

However, it doesn’t take long for the case to take a ninety degree turn when the face of the man who saved our main character is on TV. The reason he presents a look is unexpected and moving: he is being arrested for murdering his girlfriend and setting her apartment on fire. With the huge weight of guilt inside it and the regret running through his mind, Yagami ends up falling apart.

Next-gen PS5 Xbox Series X / S Google Stadia Yakuza SEGA judgment review

Three years later we know him as a scrubby man who turned into a rude man private detective. Willing to know the truth about all the situations that come before him, whether small or significant, his fight will not stop. Along with Masaharu Kaito, Formerly Yakuza, he opens a modest office in Chinatown Kamurocho and he swears to himself that he will not allow himself to repeat the same situation that happened to him. It will not be easy for him, since a truly controversial case arises when he met him. There are already three bodies that were visible with their eyes gouged out and everything seems to show a relationship between them … but which one? It will be up to our main character, and therefore us, to find out.

The judgment shares several in-game bullets with the Yakuza series, but not all of them. It innovates in various sections to present a scheme with specific elements of the detective genre such as the research leisurely, through drones, the questionnaires, the turn, use green picks or from fancy dress sneak into unfamiliar territory, etc. This title provides many mechanics and makes it stand out from being different from what was played in the Yakuza, much more focused on action. It is not for that reason that Judgment abandons her, far from it. Despite Arsenal not having as extensive a battle as Kiryu or Majima basin, Yagami can bring out a few unique fighting styles. On the one hand we have that of the crane, much more agile and aimed at large groups of enemies. On the other hand, we can style the Tiger charge aggressive power to our main character and focus on one adversary.

Chases, drones, lockpicks and subtlety … or not

Combat skills and research can be get better, thus a RPG touch with the title. It doesn’t reach the level that Like a Dragon presents, but they are enough for every lover of the genre to enjoy accumulated points, invest them in their favorite improvements, build potions to regain health, stamina and more. In this section we find different nodes on other works like Dragon Quest (in appearance and name of some recovery articles), to cite an example, which adds to string funny scenes and comedic escapes which helps to ease tension over the hottest moments in the incident.

Next-gen PS5 Xbox Series X / S Google Stadia Yakuza SEGA judgment review

Going back to research mechanics, it should be noted though that at certain times us they may look repetitive, they generally work well for the formula presented by Judgment and thanks to the next generation improvements everything moves smoothly much more fluid. A very clear example to illustrate this is the turn. While pulling a punctual frame in the original could cause us to lose track of our purpose in a race through the city streets full of fast-paced events, in the remaster at our disposal that will no longer happen. Everything is much faster and more agile, that is thanks to the controls.

City of Kamurocho it’s simply magical. Few cities have a vivid memory in any other video game. While it is true that it was built over the years, delivered after delivery, and often recycled, it is for this reason that walking through its streets again feels like coming home. Supermarkets full of colorful produce, bars and restaurants where you can try real lice are not SEGA game rooms where you can spend the evening or the clubs where you can bet a few thousand yen are just some of the activities that Kamurocho offers us.

Next-gen PS5 Xbox Series X / S Google Stadia Yakuza SEGA judgment review

Being able to enjoy the whole thing the third person or the first person (We can change our vision at any time) it is a luxury, we must be grateful for it especially in these times when we have had to live, where we have a distant and unattainable dream to move to another deep. Despite a limited amount and of not being able to visit other cities or areas as is the case The vast majority of games in the Yakuza saga, Kamurocho continues to offer countless unique tasks for children discover and sometimes have fun that extends the experience beyond the about thirty hours comprising the main story.

We come to the new outfits that elevate the experience according to the needs of the new generation of consoles. 4K graphics, 60fps smooth gameplay, refined visuals, and almost non-shit displays stay tuned for this remastered edition. Our case is that we played it on PlayStation 5 and we can make sure that we only need a few seconds after we start the game to start playing. Games load at a surprising pace and the transitions between cinematics (which are by the way high quality and sometimes we watch a movie), battle scenes, and gameplay feel natural and light.

Next-gen PS5 Xbox Series X / S Google Stadia Yakuza SEGA judgment review

The IS Dragon Engine Engine it delivers deeper color tones, shadows and exceptional attention to the smallest details shown in all the sections that comprise Judgment. Oh approx careful and realistic facial expressions on situations full of thousands of details (All you have to do is go into any supermarket to be enticed by the display of the products available), this remaster raises even more of what we played a few years ago in the original version.

Kamurocho more alive than ever

We are grateful for a significant translation into Spanish, something unusual in the saga so far. While it is true that some errors appear in some conversations that have not been corrected in this recast version, worldwide the quality of localization is very good. Not to mention the soundtrack, built with a varied soundtrack featuring Japanese rock songs of the band ALEXANDROS, who composed several songs exclusively for Judgment. We also have dual audio in Japanese and English, to switch between dubbing that suits us best. The actors whose voices we will recognize in the game are Takuya Kimur, Greg Chun, Crispin Freeman, Matthew Mercer, Yuri Lowenthal, Cherami Leig and many more.

Next-gen PS5 Xbox Series X / S Google Stadia Yakuza SEGA judgment review

Finally, it should be mentioned that remodeled version it comes out at a reduced price, so it’s a chance to find out for the first time or replay it enjoy all the new generation enhancements which contributes. While not up to the level of the Yakuza (though it will depend on everyone personally) in terms of plot and characters, it is still an essential task for any lover of the genre who wants to get into a vibrant, dangerous and exciting city controlled by the yakuza.

We analyzed the PS5 version of Judgment Remastered thanks to digital code provided by Koch Media.

Next-gen PS5 Xbox Series X / S Google Stadia Yakuza SEGA judgment review

Next-gen PS5 Xbox Series X / S Google Stadia Yakuza SEGA judgment review
Retro and modern minigames, for all tastes

Next-gen PS5 Xbox Series X / S Google Stadia Yakuza SEGA judgment review
Spanish translation with thanks.

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