Instax Mini Link: A Pocket Printer Designed For The Nintendo Switch


We tell you what we found the Fujifilm gadget after using it with our mobile device. Really synergistic relationship.

There has come a time when the experiences we live in video games are no longer for ourselves: we want to share it. Over the past few generations we have seen the concept of being connected via the Internet become increasingly recurring in a multitude of titles; actively or passively. Similarly, the Photo mode It is a great way to bring those images to social networks. Now, Nintendo enters into an agreement with a Japanese firm official Fujifilm so that your printer is portable Instax Mini Link an app designed and focused on Nintendo Switch. The result surprised us pleasantly.

However, reaching this agreement now is not a matter of chance. Since last April 30, New Pokémon Snap has been available in stores, the sequel to the famous Nintendo 64 video game that we could find in stores back in 2000 with a basic idea: take pictures of Pokémon in their natural habitat. At the level of content, options and editing tools, this installment is much more, a safe bet for any Pokémon lover. If you are not content to take photos and leave them stored in a digital album or turn your Twitter account into a real safari, you may be interested to know that the Instax Mini Link comes to capture moments in a way . simple, fast and comfortable.

Instax Mini Link

Instax Mini Link and New Pokémon Snap, loved at first glance

Quite the opposite of twenty years ago, when video stores installed photographic printing stations compatible with the Nintendo 64 cartridge in certain territories. That privilege, which we could not enjoy in Europe, now reaches a new level, which is very integrated with the traditional language of photography, to have anything other than what you have in your hands. A new alliance, Nintendo Switch, has been operating the Instax Mini Link – available on the market since 2019. The model we analyzed, provided by Nintendo, creates a unique Triforce in which we find three main characters: you mobile, Nintendo switch and this little girl Link Instax Mini – Ash White (special edition with red and blue finishes). An edition with Pikachu sleeve will be coming soon.

Here is the question that we can all ask ourselves at the beginning: how does the Instax Mini Link? Does it have a Nintendo Switch or mobile connection? This device, which weighs only 209 grams (about 250 grams with a movie cartridge) with dimensions of 90.3 x 34.6 x 124.5 mm, is connected to our iOS or Android Smartphone via Bluetooth 4.2; as if we were connecting a wireless headset. Once connected, the new app Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch (available for free in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Android) is the basis of operations.

Instax Mini Link

When we open the app we’ll see lots of filters, a score of Nintendo-themed frames (plus a dozen more of the original Instax) and editing options to simulate how the photo will look on the movie, but to edit you need to have first. While we can print that photo we took with our family, friends or pets, the uniqueness of the app greatly facilitates the connection between ours Album of Nintendo Switch by scanning images by QR code that we will see in the console. By clicking on ‘Direct Print Switch’, we will be able to scan those codes. Another way to take photos to our mobile phone is the console itself, following the classic way of Album> select image> Share> Send to smart device. From simple prints to collages, unique video frames … The options are varied, and even the option to enter texts to congratulate someone or mark a specific date. Imagination is the limit.

We liked how comfortable it is to edit photos from the app itself because it guarantees that the impression will be there when we try it with millimeter positioning accuracy. As you can see in the images, we have selected photos from New Pokémon Snap and Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Super Mario Odyssey. We have not randomly selected these three titles, but due to the full catalog of available frames there are three main themes based on these three licenses. Once you have selected your frame, apply the filters you need, brightness, contrast, saturation and configure the angle or zoom (to correct an skewed image, for example), simply print from the app or press the instax button on the printer. In 10 seconds we will be available. voilà!

How does it work?

This FUJIFILM movie is of high quality, though the colors are less saturated than we see on screen.; less hot (tip: increase saturation slightly before printing). The dimensions of the printed film are as follows: 86mm x 54mm with 62mm x 46mm for the image; It has a resolution of 318 dpi. Another aspect that we need to comment on is the autonomy. Like any portable electronic device, the hours we can use this printer are limited. At full charge (micro-USB powered; cable included) we can estimate about 100 prints. When we used our first 10 film cartridge, we had 88% battery left, specifically. Two packages came in the unit provided to us. Each reel is currently priced at around 10 euros, and the camera can be found for around 120 euros.

Instax Mini Link

The Instax Mini Link is one of those gifts that you will be sure to hit the mark with. You want to take advantage of photos of your mobile phones or you want to take advantage of that huge amount of images from Album of your Nintendo Switch, the result is so comfortable and fast that it would be hard for us not to recommend it to those who can afford it and have titles like New Pokémon Snap or Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which includes by the nature of the idea of ​​capturing and sharing images. The only “but” in the photo itself comes, that the intensity of its color is not what we see on the screen, so editing with these features needs to be kept in mind; anything serious or problematic, everything is said.

The printer is lightweight, easy to use, and easy to carry; added to an app that is pleasant to use due to its unlimited data and because of this frames and finishes are now from famous Nintendo licenses. It’s “the Nintendo Switch printer,” to understand each other, and it comes at a time when the console’s catalog is so vast that we can find games for everyone. They are all compatible with the app.

Instax Mini Link

We did this review with an Instax Mini Link unit provided by Nintendo Spain.

Instax Mini Link

Easy, intuitive and varied editing tool

Instax Mini Link

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