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One of the most compelling Apple Arcade titles comes to Nintendo console to tell a dark and hard story through three characters.

Apple Arcade It was launched as a proposal that sought to promote a new type of mobile game. The one who does not have space is sure to succeed among the gatchas and free to playpacked with elements like integrated purchasing and an aggressive business model. In the Apple service we have a number of salvaged treasures, including Sayonara Wild Heart, who finds her space within a subscription that allows her imagination to run wild. Inmost was one of these bets. Last week it came to Nintendo Switch to bring with it a story of loss and hope. Death, unrest and sacrifices. The game of Hidden Layer Games leaves you indifferent.

We will not enter large prey, since Inmost ‘s gaming experience is under four hours of play and is an inalienable part of its appeal, but if we say that it is a raw game, through which we see face through eyes through a dark, unrelated, main character of life. The IS hero, he seems to be an ordinary man with no combat skills or anything like that and trying to escape from the dark beasts that are turning on him, as the connecting point of the whole plot, where we also find a young girl trying to escape from danger – much more mundane, but dramatic – and of a knight fighting the beasts with a sword and a hook in his hand.

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The main characters of this game are where the puzzles they play an essential role in understanding the likes and dislikes of the game. The first thing is that you can see that the control and response style of the characters was initially raised for mobile phones. Slow pace, jumper type and highly marked movements and everything built so that the less precise touch control doesn’t play tricks on us. What we say is not a bad thing, but that is obvious it shows straight from the bat. This is accompanied by a development that is not accompanied by two or three challenges at once, but which we go step by step with: one thing leads to one thing.

And what do we need to do to advance the story? It depends on each case. After a brief introduction to the little girl under our control, we will have the worldly man, an ordinary ordinary man who solves puzzles as he progresses. The IS protagonist he can pick up and push things, find things that will help him break through – like a pick to break stone walls – and pick up and fit gadgets wherever he goes. In this way, our progress is developed by building gears and placing them in machines that allow us to lift ourselves, using ropes to lift objects from remote areas, mounting platforms with a beam removed. previous side and push wheel bars, find keys and jump from one side to the other. All while dodging enemies, jumping over them, or scouring away as they chase us.


His playable proposal is thoughtful, always looking for something to interact with on stage. Likewise, although she has different abilities, the girl is small. That has a role that is much more focused on stealth. By not being visible, and by escaping from all various obstacles, the interaction with the stage is not focused on rising to places that, due to its size, do not reach the use of what is around it. And finally, we have the gentleman. This mystery sword man He has a great team of skills, but he can’t jump. We have a sword so we can attack the enemies and stand up to them – the only one capable – along with a hook that allows us to grab all sorts of places, also vertically, to follow continue their journey. With a higher rhythm, and without many puzzles, it is the one that puts the most agile and intense action on the board, since we will have a certain confrontation when you face them – like the backslash – they will crucial for later resistance against enemies that other characters may not overcome.

It all works reasonable good, although it is true that the development of the steps of the girl is not particularly encouraged, and the trial and error with the hero is quite trivial. Too many times we are forced to die because of ignorance of the dangers that threaten us. An enemy who appears from a place that cannot be seen until they have killed you sometime too often. We also lose more precision in certain jumper moments that are sometimes not as precise as we would like. It is clearly up to the knight and to solve puzzles when the title best expands, no doubt.

The outcome of the game does not help in the final stretch. On the final quarter, and without trying to reel, the game breaks into its events and the way to explain them, causing the mystery and the data we are compiling in the first part – in some cases , with NPC we explain and narrator who complements it first and then, over-main character – they are diluted.

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Of course, we cannot ignore this pulled apart audio-visual within the equation of what Inmost is and thinks. We are tackling work that elevates the concept of pixel art with great settings, full of detail and layers that offer depth and are capable of transmitting everything – dark and diminished – that it has to offer. Due to the character design, the hobbies of the dark beasts and certain elements, such as the lighting effects, it is a very attractive game to look at, static and moving. Accompanied by this, a beautiful soundtrack, capable of casually accompanying piano in puzzle minutes, but raising the tone and drama when the enemies meet us. His role is to join us and let everything flow. And he succeeds.

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Inmost is an indie that easily attracts attention thanks to its compelling graphics. Behind it and its excellent soundtrack is also a game with a gloomy dark message, imitated by three types of main characters with their game mechanics. Stealth, puzzles and opponent are exchanged as we play with each of them, although the result is not always at the same level. While the scenes with the knight are satisfying and well-resolved, the scenes of the girl escaping and looking for a way out of danger are less motivating, and the hero, an ordinary man who connects the plot, navigates two waters. : interesting puzzles that force him to relate to our environment, but platform areas that show control problems and sometimes frustrating trial error. It’s not a game that’s going to mark a new milestone in this style of indie-style titles, but it has many elements to consider, despite some of its flaws.

THE BEST _____

  • The audio – visual part is great
  • What is included does not leave indifference
  • Most puzzles and action sequences


  • Slightly unconscious control in some cases
  • Acute trial error: too many deaths without showing danger until too late
  • He rushed in every way in the last part



It meets the expectations of what makes a good game, has quality and has no serious flaws, although it lacks elements that could build it higher.

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