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We analyze Humankind, Amplitude Studios’ new work with SEGA. Create a journey of humanity for dreams through more than 60 cultures.

human race it takes us on a journey through the history of mankind. Amplitude Studios sets aside Endless Space science fiction to offer players virtual pencil and paper. How will your civilization be great? What path do you follow between the main human areas? The study breaks away, in part, from its key influences to show a viable alternative to the currently popular 4X. Here are the conclusions of our journey.

Participants of Civilization will see mankind marked similarities in the game concept. However, it’s the establishment of your own culture that changes the way you approach your event. Unlike the title Firaxis, you need to be mindful of the cultural race in front of your opponents to be able to have freedom while choosing the path we want to take.

Human grade computer grade Review

Track your history

How does a game with Humanity work? Very simple: you start in the Neolithic with a handful of nomads trying to find prosperous lands to grow and develop your first job, which will be your starting city in a few more turns. This way you will be able to choose how you want to progress from the era. The opportunity for war is provided by killing certain peaceful animals, or by finding opportunities on the map to help find the long-awaited stars.

The cultural process, even at low levels of difficulty, beat marking for movements. The faster and more efficient you climb at that time, the closer you are to being one of the first to change the era so there will be more free cultures to choose from. As we said at the outset, speed is essential to being able to draft our long – term plan. Fame will measure how far we are from progress.

Human grade computer grade Review

From that moment on we will start first contacts with the rest of the civilizations. The diplomatic menu dominates being able to communicate directly with the other leaders. From being able to draw trade routes to accepting the opening of borders. In fact, artificial intelligence has sometimes been a ploy in this regard. On more than one occasion we have received serious warnings regarding the occupation of border space simply because of the extension of boundaries between one turn and another.

The IS startInstead, they examine the laws we need to enact and shape the future of your society. They are all choices between two distinct possibilities, which will change the world view of our culture compared to the rest. We can see in real time how the elections take place thanks to the boxes displayed on the screen. Do we want to base ourselves on tradition or seek progression from the beginning? It’s in your hand.

Setting your culture

Another characteristic to take into account is the stars of influence, a value that will act as redemption currency seeking new laws, creating new cities and more. So comes one of the factors we liked during the first hours: the possibility of adding exits to our capital. During those long startups of the games we can colonize other parts of the world without trying to build another city. By simply attaching these posts we can build the buildings to which the capital has access in any neighborhood.

Human grade computer grade Review

During the equatorial phase of the game, forces begin to resolve. It is no longer enough to invent a strong culture, but take advantage of the strategic resources at your fingertips, especially those of luxury. Fans of the genre will know the construction and how to exploit them. Through the grids we can choose what type of building to build outside of our cities; Among them, however, the development is based on areas, buildings that give us certain advantages in exchange for production or loss of food.

Grids also act as a battlefield when the situation has to be resolved through warfare. In general terms it is functional; we want a little more tactics, that is, it did not depend so much on the number of units you have in front of your rival. That pinch of RNG Along with the classic triangle of forces and vulnerabilities, let the combat be just that, a choice with some surprises. In fact, when you are at a disadvantage, it only stretches your next movement on the map for a few turns.

Human grade computer grade Review

Perhaps that is one of the great advantages of mankind. Whether you are a newbie or a close-up fan of the biggest hits in the genre, this title allows you to cover a wide number of player profiles. Indeed, offers facilities so that newcomers can be more comfortable understanding the key concepts. And they are not small.

During the game you can access an extensive Spanish-based wiki, located in the lower right of the screen. While it covers everything a newcomer should know, there are a few points that leave it to be interpreted. For example, areas of influence are not well specified in the tutorials; during the first hour you feel at the mercy of civilizations that you are getting. A relevant passive factor like this should have a better gate.

Human grade computer grade Review

It has certain disadvantages in that it works at all levels, such as some mechanics that stay too far on the surface. We did not have the feeling that the religion too much influence, when it is usually a component that other competitors in the market have developed over the years. Another mechanic involves a material that adds variety to the relay course. We talk about events, emerging decisions that have a short or long term impact. One of them invited us to explore some mines where monsters were said to live. You could choose between sending a champion to make a lie about catching the beast or continuing to pursue the mines without knowing if the threat was real. It’s in your hand.

Miscellaneous with the community

We also can’t get opportunities to talk about these excellent work at visual level. Mankind is, without a doubt, valuable. Many times the map looks at a moving oil painting, and it feels good to be with the original artwork on display during events, enemies, and so on. It gives an exquisite taste to the art.

Human grade computer grade Review


Humanity achieves what it intends to do: offer a valid alternative in the historic 4X for the vast majority of player profiles. It really conveys the feeling of shaping the culture from all the versions you have at your fingertips. Optimizing your game to reach first place in the election in the era of change becomes an ongoing race across the main stages. It is noted that some promises for the day of launch, such as religion, do not have all the weight it should, but it is clear that the current version serves as the basis for construction over the months. A base that works well, has its own identity and benefits from the influences it exerts.

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