Horrible Stories: The Wine, Review. What’s New From Carlos Coronado


The Catalan developer takes us on a journey through a Mediterranean island. Illness, a bottle of wine and lots to discover.

He invited us to reflect with Mind: Path to Thalamus, showed us how it feels to be persecuted by Infernium, helped us see the reality hidden in the depths of the ocean with Koral, and this time, offers us a trip to a Mediterranean island devastated by a terrible pandemic. Is Charles Coronado, the Catalan developer we already know very well, and his new bet serves the name Horror Tales: The Wine, the first installment of what will be a trilogy of independent titles.

The game barely takes a few minutes to introduce us to a strange disease, which has claimed the lives of countless people in a coastal city located on a Mediterranean island. That and that, as key people, we need a bottle of wine Banydebosc. For some reason, from the first moment it is clear to us, thanks to her, that we will find a cure Devil’s Fever, that is the name given to the condition.

Horror Stories: The Surviving Horror Wine Carlos Coronado PS5 PS4 PC Xbox Series X | S

Devil’s Fever

Once we enter the city, something powerfully grabs our attention: the way loneliness connects with the beauty of a great place; it is impossible to imagine what things would be like in better weather. Alleys, houses, wonderful views… We don’t mind living here, even though we came to the devil’s bottle. We are not going to reveal the details of the story, firstly because we are facing a brief – but intense – experience and secondly, because there is nothing better than discovering it for yourself. Anyway, it’s the only thing we can tell you soon we start noticing that something is wrong…

This is not the first time we have talked about how complicated it can be to understand the situation a person enters into when they feel fear in their flesh. And many a time terror also appears in the light of day, in the least expected place and time. The game manages to create an atmosphere that helps generate tension regardless of whether we are in the middle of a square, contemplating a beautiful landscape under the Mediterranean sun.

Horror Stories: The Surviving Horror Wine Carlos Coronado PS5 PS4 PC Xbox Series X | S

It’s one of our favorite features, since the moments where the tension could be cut with a knife are perfectly complemented by others that are much quieter, in which uncertainty permanently engages us. Be aware that someone – or something – is watching us and the loneliness of a city with a terrible history, as well as certain trips to abstract places that come up from time to time, are the right ingredients to creating an exciting experience. , in the good sense of the word. Horror Tales: The Wine offers good horror experience at the environmental level.

As far as gameplay mechanics are concerned, the suggestion is simple and effective: we explore situations, collect documents that offer us the details of the story, write down occasional clues to solve various puzzles and play with physics to make things happen. to move and try to progress on the journey. In this sense, there are survival horror fires, while it is true that we are not facing a very deep title; Sometimes it’s more like the fashionable walking simulator.

Fear in broad daylight

Procurement success is one of the key elements for this new invasion by Carlos Coronado well measured experience, which is not extended – or decorated – more than is necessary to achieve its purpose: to tell us a story as we travel a short but intense journey. The title can be completed in about three or four hours, a decent figure given the tensions we play with and that strange way in which we see a time when we put ourselves in control of a horror game.

Horror Stories: The Surviving Horror Wine Carlos Coronado PS5 PS4 PC Xbox Series X | S

It does not surpass either when it comes to confronting us with enemies, we are not about to disclose data so that we do not destroy the surprise of you. If we take as reference those sections of the Infernium where we had to turn around and escape from our cultivators until we gave them the slip, we would say that it works here in the same way, but much more limited in number and duration. . the chase. In addition, the tension generated by its presence is priceless and gives us some of the best moments in the game. Of course, it would not be bad to bet on a greater variety of them.

Horror Stories: The Wine offers a good horror experience, as well as the serenity needed to explore a series of well-designed scenarios. If we take into account their strengths and weaknesses, it does nothing particularly bad, other than a slight break in rhythm in some parts. Anyway, the first part of the trilogy deserves a chance for lovers of the genre; It’s one of those titles that goes well and is enjoyed to the end.

Horror Stories: The Surviving Horror Wine Carlos Coronado PS5 PS4 PC Xbox Series X | S

Finally, we cannot forget the console version. In our case, we enjoyed the title i PS5, whose port is handled by Jandusoft, and we are surprised, the performance is solid in almost all times. For its part, the controls are very intuitive and perfectly fitted to the controller. It is common to think that less production can suffer from various problems in this article, especially when the experience is transferred to consoles, but nothing is further from the truth: there is no reason to think that Horror Tales: The Wine is a worse experience. than another depending on the platform.

A short but intense journey


In his second attempt to scare players, Carlos Coronado proposes a completely different experience from the one we saw in Infernium. It’s a balanced title, which moves away from the clock when it comes to telling its story and has a handful of good moments. The arrangement and direction of art illuminates with their own light during much of the development, and the suspension is responsible for keeping us glued to the screen to the end. Short, but intense.

THE BEST _____

  • The origins of the plot and how it holds suspense to the end
  • There are some really great situations
  • The console version, very technically robust


  • A greater variety of enemies is missing
  • Occasional deterioration in punctual rhythm



It meets the expectations of a good game, has quality and no serious flaws, although it lacks features that could take it to higher levels.

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