Hitman Review 3: Agent 47 Sets The Bar For Quality


The conclusion of the global murder trilogy leaves us with a title that keeps the bar on quality. Hitman offers 3 more doses of reusable sandbox.

We reached the end of the trip. The IS Agent 47 in front of a last tango in this trilogy from the life of the murderer. Nearly five years it took us to complete the creative perspective of IO Interactive, a reboot whose main attraction was to fulfill the desire of the fans: creating the experience sandbox that does justice to the nature of the character. That is to say, take your roots and take advantage of the possibilities offered by today’s technology. Something to be thankful for, given how different the path he took with Absolution was.

The purpose of Hitman 3 is not to develop the formula, far from it. The Danes chose to follow the excellent trend of the previous two, maturing a formula that ensured the success and recognition of their community. Definitely, lay the foundations of the definitive platform of the three in disorder. We’re facing a game that goes beyond just closing some events; it’s the right place to experience the elements that Hitman defines at its best. Too bad the business model leads to a rare title in novels.

Close the wound: bet on the story

We had to wait until 2021 to see a witness a try more narrative compared to what we were used to. In the previous ones, the information pill consisted of a brief scene before and after the turn case was completed. The divide still exists, except that it is now important at the levels themselves.

It’s something we talked about in our prints. Dubai, without going any further, includes a section of just 5 minutes, which extends the beginning even though we know in detail the state of the objectives. The trend is maintained at almost all levels, except in exceptional cases. They are clearer in some of them; in other cases, not so much. Dartmoor, for example, spreads the introduction to the plot, while Berlin does the opposite: gives packaging to the scene.

Review verdict note Hitman 3 ps5 xbox series x pc nintendo switch stadia

These changes are special circumstances that affect the play area from the first time you start the mission. When you are finished, an alternate entry will appear that will put you at the beginning of the real level, though an choice plot in case you need to relocate it again. In any case, that narrative pressure is primarily translated into the videos between missions, where there are more useful footage, which tells us in more depth the state of each part.

There are materials in practice. First, the storytelling conveys a feeling similar to a previous labor feeling. Sometimes he goes jumping, its speed is high compared to what the viewer collects. In some moments there are characters whose role you do not know. “What exactly is he doing here?” We often ask myself. Secondly, the perception that the objectives are mere formality. Relevance of objectives Hitman 3 It’s high for the murderer’s Universe, and at the same time you don’t connect too much with his motivations, especially after the circumstances we go through. Good luck for Interactive OJ, it ‘s best to cross this little bump after you know the rest of the game.

There is a place to marvel

Maybe that’s one of the headlines he leaves us with. There is room to surprise the player. We have gone through many experiences since 2016. Bombay, Miami, Hokkaido, Sapienza… We have been involved in film cases (and pun intended). In that case, it is difficult to squeeze the set of ideas on the table. The biggest achievement they have made as a team is precisely that, managing pressure creative boundariess in some cases.

Review verdict note Hitman 3 ps5 xbox series x pc nintendo switch stadia

Two sites fall in love with us. Dartmoor, as you saw during the propaganda period, there is one. The main story hangs on us the detective badge, in which we must solve a mysterious death in a mansion in the south-west of England. While the ultimate goal is the same as it has always been, to kill someone, the course of the mission involves a real investigation. We are introduced to two unprecedented mechanics: questioning the suspects and collecting clues in their rooms.

That’s where smartphone, the new tool that will always get you started with 47. The camera that incorporates it has various uses. On certain electronic surfaces you can modify them by will (a window, for example), as well as collect information that is added to the rest of the report. Basically we will have to examine the environment by putting the missing pieces in this complex puzzle. We will not reveal sensitive details about their progress (we insist: it is worthwhile to see as little as possible), what we can say is that you will have the same freedom that you have always had. Do you prefer to take other options? You can, no doubt. The great design of Dartmoor is that it works in any way, be it as a traditional Hitman level or by testing this new line.

Review verdict note Hitman 3 ps5 xbox series x pc nintendo switch stadia

It is the second spot that we must emphasize Berlin. It took us three games to immerse ourselves in a level that does justice to the nature of the brand. A group of enemies will be lying in a huge entertainment center just outside the heart of Germany. The complex is divided into several areas, in which the abandoned factory stands out, in which there is a nightclub house Survived. We do not know who and how many are before us, we just don’t know that they won’t let us escape alive. At that moment when a cat and mouse game begins, we will now only be prey.

It is our role in the mission Put the case back. Please stay on stage, listen to all conversations and deduction which put a price on our head. That is to say, gradually become a hunter, all of them trying to maintain the tranquility of the place. You can imagine the calico: hundreds of people are giving their all on the dance floor and its surroundings. At night he runs everything, which requires unusual security activity (for fear that it was not already a challenge). All the elements are then produced in an explosive mixture. Immediate pass between the classics.

Review verdict note Hitman 3 ps5 xbox series x pc nintendo switch stadia

We could define both of these sites as the experimental part of Hitman 3, which is the epilogue, another of the levels that breaks with the rest. The remaining three (Dubai, Chongqing and Mendoza) follow the traditional side-by-inch serial structure. It’s not bad at all, far from it, but we could take a look at the sandbox experience from end to end forever.

Experiment and tradition, both sides of Hitman 3

In the trailer at the beginning of January, we talked about the Dubai Progress as we played it. Despite how cold the first visit was, as we scratched the surface we found a perfect level to fit the user contracts. It has a lot of fabric to cut. If we compare it, it is similar to Paris, since both follow a design that takes advantage of the vertical separation of security levels.

Review verdict note Hitman 3 ps5 xbox series x pc nintendo switch stadia

ChongqingInstead, it is completely asymmetric. Crossroads in the Chinese city includes laboratories of the highest level of technology. Towards the top, a modern research complex. Towards the bottom … You better find out for yourself. The beginning of the level is misleading, as you can expect a kind of reinterpretation of Marrakech or Bombay. Nothing is further from reality. It is a level focused on two very specific areas, full of interiors, nooks and crannies and more. In fact, it is the best level of smartphone usage, near Dubai.

Once you reach the second arena, it’s hard to imagine how it would be in the face of a game one suit. Given the security of the complex, the best way is to run yourself as one of them, gradually progressing up the chain of command. Mission stories still have their place in most cases, allowing us to play according to a specific plot that takes advantage of the special qualities we discover. They continue to maintain that extraordinary point as we approach the goal. While the number of headlines is usually around three, we found significant increase in secondary arches.

Review verdict note Hitman 3 ps5 xbox series x pc nintendo switch stadia

It was never so important to be attentive to the rest of the characters (Berlin, in particular). When we come across a character that looks different from the rest, the event, the right window, is activated. These are not added to the main boxes, but are forwarded to the mass of reports received. Veterans will not be surprised; In following these paths you need to portray the role as the real person would, so don’t expect any mark or help (as in a professional who follows a main path). Mendoza is an example of what we say. This beautiful Argentine vineyard is the little Sapienza from Hitman 3. Its design is enjoyed at every level.

Hitman 3 he lives in the middle of a fine line. On the one hand the reasons why the concept of this delivery is clear. The study prefers to bet on the present, to play it safe. If something works, why should it change? But that argument has a grayscale. The scale that claims that a successful formula can coincide with novels at the level of the whole product, justifying that there is continuity.

Review verdict note Hitman 3 ps5 xbox series x pc nintendo switch stadia
Mansion, family and body. The perfect cocktail for any mystery story.

Review verdict note Hitman 3 ps5 xbox series x pc nintendo switch stadia
From prey to hunters. You have to be relentless in Berlin.

Review verdict note Hitman 3 ps5 xbox series x pc nintendo switch stadia
The streets of this Chinese city cover more than they show.

Review verdict note Hitman 3 ps5 xbox series x pc nintendo switch stadia
Hitman 3 examines a larger number of secondary arches. Life is outside the main stories.

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