Heroland, Review: The Challenge Of Not Being The Main Character


A team of veterans from the Japanese industry presents us with a game that is nothing like what it looks like and the epic is really papier-mache for the entertainment of some very special hero / client.

Looks are attracting. What might seem like something at first glance, once hands in the mass can do something very different. And that’s what happens to this Heroland from Furyo Corporation and Marvelous AQL. At first glance we seem to be facing an RPG, but in reality this title is closer to the conversational adventure alongside a point of strategy.

Directed by Takahiro Yamane, who also led Fantasy Life, this is not a game that matters. Already from his approach he moves away from the subjects with an argument between the ironic and the sub-realistic, and with large doses of racism. We put ourselves in currito shoes that are just precautionary employees to work in Heroland, an entertainment island where clients can feel like true heroes. In this heavenly place anyone can be the main character of his own adventure for a small fee, going through dungeons and chasing down enemies as an expert.

The client always sails

Our task is to guide clients through these dunes where they will actually face enemies (our coworkers) with the aim of ensuring that they finish the fights, and in the meantime maximize their fun by equipping them and helping them in the right way. as efficiently as possible.

Despite what it will look like, the game there are no exploration mechanics. The “dungeons” we encounter are conversations and battles. In the second, the characters we lead will be in charge of fighting on their own, but periodically we can give them directions as targeting an enemy, saving energy exhaustion attacks, or going all out.


We will also be in charge of carrying what the group members (altered state of healing or recovery) might need and carrying at the right time, as well as selecting the equipment at the start of each game. It will be our responsibility, therefore, especially when things are complicated and able to choose the most appropriate ones at the beginning of each scan.

Since our tips can only be activated after a while in a fight and require a time period to reunite, choosing the right time to advise our clients and make sure they are they will win.

Subrealist history

But outside of this mechanic, most of the game is spent reading, getting to know the strange characters who live in this universe and learning the reality of where we work and some of its secrets. Weird script, full of humor mixed with an intrigue spark hours and large doses of subrealism; Can hold the player’s attention generally but can sometimes be a bit heavy. Behind him is a team with great experience, composed of Nobuyuki Inoue and Nobuhiro Imagawa, who are also involved in titles such as Legend of Mana or Mother 3.


Our character will usually remain silent except when there are panels to choose an answer (a mechanic who uses the game itself), but in return chatty fairy which becomes our historic voice in front of our clients and colleagues. It is a pity that the game comes to us in English, so Shakespeare’s language will require a minimum order to properly follow the plot, and that’s the core of the game.

One of the most striking features is its graphic finish, a Mixing 2D pixel art with 3D which reminds me of what is seen in games like Paper Mario, but with his own personality. Is a a very showy finish, although the situations are a bit simplistic and especially on the dunes we would appreciate something more varied and detailed. That doesn’t help we will repeat cases many times. But in general, humor and color come to save the day in this Heroland.



In essence, Heroland is a conversational adventure in which the greatest enjoyment comes from enjoying its original script. Something that saves only its gameplay, original but somewhat limited and, above all, a bit repetitive.

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