Hero U, Review. The Adventure Of Being A Student


The Cole couple, creators of the Quest for Glory franchise, sign a title that immerses us in the bizarre everyday life of a university for heroes who hide more secrets than meets the eye.

In a world where video games are increasingly watched on a movie mirror, it is strange to see something that looks like this U Hero, reminiscent of a mid – afternoon TV series. Cole’s marriage game (creators of the saga Quest for Glory for Sierra) does not seek to set the player aside, but to entertain based on manners and characters not because of less interesting subjects. With the funny as a binder and with sweeping action coloring a story without big ambitions, but in ann hooking so we can play one more day, and another day, and another day …

Following on from Sierra’s franchise in the late 80s and early 90s a role-playing adventure with more emphasis on conversation than action, Hero U encourages us to enroll as students of the “incapacitated wards” class, (euphemism to refer to the trúhans) within Heroes University. We need to find out who our mysterious sponsor is and our past.

Welcome to Hero U.

In this whole university, apart from our daily classes, we will be able to fitness, study, exploration its secrets and above all to get to know its inhabitants in more depth. The actions we take will have a direct impact on our character, improve our skills both physically and mentally: from climbing or the ability to throw things to open locks or move stealthily.

Little by little and as we discover the various secrets of this campus we will be able to access to more dangerous places and apply what we have learned by exploring small forts where we will fight rats and other monstrosities. However, these places will not cease to be a complement to the playable core, that is the daily interaction with our classmates and teachers at school.

Hero U.

In fact, class attendance will consume much of our time in the game, and is not just a cosmetic feature. We will do a periodic examination Due to the knowledge gained and not studying, exams will be more difficult to pass, so it will be necessary to pay attention to the daily lessons.

It is just one of the most careful examples of Hero U: the huge amount of statistics for our character and its impact on his true abilities. From the most obvious ones like Combat or Defense, to more complex ones like our skill at board games or our bots. It is crucial to change all of them be able to successfully complete the various challenges that will arise.

Compliant without technical fanfare

It even turns out exceeding the number of options our interaction with the elements, being able to interact with practically all the things on stage to see if they contain any secrets, if they are magical, or even steal them. Although we will soon find out that these choices only make a a little funny joke for our main character without major consequences, it is still a commendable job by the developers.

Hero U.

Of course, trying to pick up locks, listen behind doors or detect a magical presence in small items will help us improve these values ​​a little bit, but although at first we will stand in front of all frames and armor to interact with them, without delay we will continue to focus on use our time in a more useful way within the game (as the game clock keeps ticking, forcing us to go to sleep), and we’ll learn about what’s worth exploring and what isn’t.

At the system level, we are simply addressing a sought-after title adhere without boasting, but that does not mean that he fails to achieve his goal of the university and to properly set his characters. The IS illustrations which appear at different times, which helps to convey that teen novel sensation that this U Hero brings out in many moments. Music also fulfills its role in creating that the magical atmosphere of the universe often seen in movies and on TV.

Hero U.

Below, the animations and character models are pretty simple, and yes some graphical bugs still present in the game. But they are minor elements that do not cloud the experience. If it is more frustrating the simplicity of the combat system, while we will improve as we increase our statistics, it does not leave many strategic and it depends too much on luck we have to avoid attacks and criticize enemies. In the end the best way to make further progress is to come back when we have our stats improved.

Unfortunately for such a story-oriented game, this is just U Hero which comes to us in English or French. Which is understandable given the sheer volume of text, but which can be difficult for players who do not speak these languages ​​to follow the story well; especially in a game that literally includes exams for the players and where it isinteraction with everything objects and characters in gameplay. But if language is not a problem, it is worth immersing yourself in the strange world of this strange university.

Hero U.

Hero U.
Hero U.

Hero U.
The game has some graphical errors, such as when using certain objects in combat.

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