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We know the work of developer Fabien Weibel, an exploration and resource management title that stands out more for its aesthetics than it executes.

The empirical discovery of the unknown is one of the things that video games do unique medium. The promised independent scene we now call healthy games has been around for a few years; a subgenre that forgets to prioritize time pressure, goals or statistics. Swiss developer Fabien Weibel presents the title Haven Park lights and shadows which fails to optimize.

Haven Park is not an Animal Crossing; not A Short Hike or Stardew Valley, but they have a few, though their execution doesn’t end up enjoying the way other big media producers do. Fortunately, his greatest virtue is sharpness, conciseness in his message. It’s a free, friendly and, at the end of the day, video game It makes you feel good in just four hours travel.

Haven Park

The satisfaction of making others happy

Weibel’s work with Mooneye Studios Comes to Steam and Nintendo Switch putting ourselves in the shoes of the Flint, a chicken in charge of keeping his grandmother’s park upright so that visitors, campers, can enjoy this island as much as expected in a safe and detached day. Haven Park is a title with a generous message: altruism, unexpectedly giving anything back.

We will receive requests to build camps to attract more public to the island and thus identify a world by the redundancy of its character, its rumors and gossip. A common thread of gameplay is these missions, which require the search and collection of certain content. Some greater challenge or complexity in the puzzles would not harm him at all; they are a procedure. The variety of options for managing such camps is so limited and, in a way, disappointing.

Haven Park

It lacks a little more variety in its play structure. The cycle is always the same, missing unexpected turns or some other mechanics. The more experience points, the more skill points (get more resources by destroying aspects of the environment, get more wood, metal, coins, expand the map …) and more facilities to restore the camps ; each with a set of basic needs based on relaxation, food, shelter, activity and decoration.

The world created around the title brought much more, especially due to the different verticality and height of the environments. In addition, on certain occasions of the incident we need certain things that may be on the other side of the island … but with no indication of whether they are real or where they are. Rather than arousing a desire for exploration, it generates a complete feeling of loss, as if you had forgotten something along the way.

A world with room for expansion and evolution

The value of his artistic direction collides with crude control, a little unconscious and not entirely pleasant; and it is a great shame. Because the tone and the way the game immerses us in his life, when placed with his right camera position, do not go hand in hand with his mechanical level control. Therefore, in order to enjoy Haven Park you have to forgive him for having several hours waiting for us to be disturbed and inaccurate by the controls; While the reward is full, it is authentic: relaxation, reflection on its magnificent views, from the pleasure of building a wooden bridge that facilitates the transition of campers from one mountain to another. The small things are, in short, the most important things sometimes.

Haven Park

While the story is interesting, not all characters work as well; perhaps because of the lack of depth in its characterization. Not all the effort was made to write his dialogue – some of them very crazy – the interest that the game world brings. It is his secrets, mysteries and myths that keep us going.

The positive thing about Haven Park is that the base is very good and there is a lot of growth through updates or small additions, it does not have to wait for a sequence to emerge in its play approach. The first thought that comes to mind is the variety of the seasons. We currently have spring and winter, but there are many more.

Haven Park

Fortunately, and we say this for those of you who intend to acquire Haven Park, updates 1.0.7 and 1.08 add something essential: the map shows the completed areas and some capabilities can be activated and deactivated . In addition, bugs we found in the Review process have been corrected (now bugged) and the autosave stops displaying errors.

We appreciate the effort to translate the game into Spanish, thus facilitating the understanding of his story for all audiences in Spanish. If we had to stick to one version, we would definitely recommend choosing it Nintendo switch. It seems to be designed for a hybrid console thanks to its portability. The game consumes very little battery and the definition is in full portable mode: color, light, lack of pop-in, fluid image … Good job optimized.


Haven Park is a solid idea with a lot to improve. An entertaining episode supported by a magazine with camp management and an emphasis on human relations. From exploration to resource economy to object – making and socializing with visitors, the title is entertaining and not a waste of experimentation. Unfortunately, its control is much better and the repetition of the mechanics makes you want more.

THE BEST _____

  • His way of telling the history and secrets of his world.
  • The design of the island and the emphasis on exploration.
  • Very artistically beautiful.


  • Character control can be greatly improved.
  • The structure of his mission, too similar to each other.
  • Disappointment with camp construction.



It’s not the latest or the most original, it doesn’t have the best execution either, but it could be fun if you like the genre. Well, just room for improvement.

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