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The famous roguelike from Supergiant Games is finally coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles, bringing the same quality and freshness almost a year ago.

There is no doubt that the roguelike have stayed tuned thanks to great authentic games like Dead Cells, Isaac’s connection, Spelunky, Kill the Spire or Loop Hero, among many others, which consolidated a very special way to understand the video game and enhance features like pure gameplay and progress. And this has a lot to say Game Super Giant, authors of titles as prominent as Bastion, transistor or pire, and that almost a year ago now he is surprised Hades for pc Y Switch (after a long period of early access), a new twist on the genre that did a lot of what defines the roguelike very well, and now finally reaches larger platforms, such as the current and previous PlayStation Consoles and Xbox. Let’s see how the port sat to Hades PS4, PS5, Xbox One Y Xbox X Series | S in our Review.

As most experienced people in the genre will know, Hades puts us in shoes Zagreus, mac Hades and the immortal prince of the world below, whose only and only goal is to escape the shaving of the god of the dead and his terrible home, in an attempt to reach Mount Olympus. To do this, he will have the advice of various gods from Greek mythology, such as Zeus, Athena, Artemis or Poseidon, who will provide one of the distinguishing features of the title within his genre: a kind of narrative thread that feels great with the development of the episode, as we say, in key dungeon crawler. No less, since the support of the character strings helps to pack the story, all with perfectly localized texts in Spanish with voices in English.

Hades, PS4 Review

Escape from the underworld in a key crawler dungeon

While Hades’ s real focus of attention is his gameplay and how he proposes to develop it as a roguelike, a formula that is still intact for the original and that is it. as addictive as satisfaction, especially in the realm of sensations by the controls and the evolution of the character. The games have a clear common connection that is none other than death; for yes, in Hades we will die many, almost without rest, promoting new efforts or runs have applied the corresponding improvements and what has been learned in previous attacks, all through the various randomly generated rooms and makes up Hades unique hell.

Its development does not hide much mystery, since it offers everything that can be expected from its classic roguelike, that is, we will go from room to room after clearing all of them enemies, so achieve all sorts of rewards that will serve so that we, together with our learning by the controls, can go a little another each time. A special mention of the wide range of enemies and their various attack patterns, an essential element in a title dedicated to the ongoing reaffirmation of scenarios. The video game itself, and how it might have been otherwise with a direct port, is still intact; and that is what follows Hades keeping the freshness years ago, establishing itself as one of the most valuable exporters of its genre.

Hades, PS4 Review

On the other hand, the experience of the total controls is satisfactory and full action is transferred hack’n’slash isometric on our hands in a sensational way. The controls allow you to perform all types of mischief through four key buttons, following a traditional scheme of normal attack, special attack, spells and Dodge or Dash. As we say, the new multi-platform release of Hades it gives no news with its development or gameplay, so those looking for new level designs, enemies, weapons or abilities will have to settle for the already known title, which is not a bit.

So much so that the smallest news on the original version of Switch goes through solution improvements depending on the system; not so on a PC, which already offered all sorts of configurations depending on the hardware. So while on Switch he was happy with 720p resolution at 60 frames per second on a dock and laptop, on PS4 and Xbox One it reaches 1080p at 60 fps, and on new generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X. | S runs at 4K and the same constant 60fps. All this adds to the art design and visual art of Hades look better than ever, as well as eliminating the stroke of the clear deceleration of the Switch at times more load on the screen; always in reference to Hades’ completion on consoles.

Hades, PS4 Review


Hades retains the excellence of its original version for PC and Switch in its leap to PlayStation and Xbox consoles, betting on the same formula that offered such good results almost a year ago. While it does not provide any novelty at the content level or the gaming experience (remember it is only a port and not a new version), it manages to enhance certain graphical features at the console level, going beyond the limits at resolution. level and Change the performance to stronger scenes on PS4 / Xbox One and PS5 / Xbox Series X | S. A safe bet for roguelike lovers who now have more options to enjoy the latest from Supergiant Games on their favorite system. In addition, Hades is also available in physical format and from day one on Xbox Game Pass.

THE BEST _____

  • A clean addictive roguelike game
  • Great level of customization of the protagonist
  • Excellent and enhanced audio-visual section on consoles


  • Some other AI inconsistencies
  • Few builds are really effective at higher levels



A reference title in its genre, which stands out above its competitors and which you will enjoy from start to finish, again and again for sure. A game that is destined to become a classic over the years.

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