Gundam Extreme VS Mobile Suit. Maxi Ar Boost, Review. The Most Complete Game In The Franchise


We analyze the PlayStation 4 version of this fighting arcade based on the Gundam series, offering a large number of additional characters and content

Not much can be said about Gundam. One of the most popular series on the manganese scene and with numerous layers under its belt is expanding the phenomenon through its versions of the original robot as well as its main characters. In video games there are a number of titles that have given the series so far, such as The Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, Gundam: Target in Sight and other titles, unpublished in these limits, which we review in a report dedicated to mega in video game.

An Serie Gundam Versus He was one of those who was gaining a presence through his latest games, adapted from the original arcade games that appeared in Japanese salons. While we ran out of Gundam Extreme VS in the past and the review it did afterwards Full Boost when the versions appeared on PlayStation 3 these games didn’t come out, although we saw the Gundam Versus title for PlayStation 4 that appeared three years ago. This time we get the conversion of the Gundam Extreme VS MaxiBoost On, a title that follows the guidelines seen in previous installments with some changes and a wide range of game modes, Mobile Suit and additional content to choose from.

There is no method of storytelling in this title, offering it instead different game modes to take part in battles against various enemies, showing in some of them the most iconic matchups of the franchise, such as the last battle of Amuro Ray and Char Aznable in the first Gundam series. The main mode, and the first one on the selection list, is the mode Branch Battle containing, after selecting a Mobile Suit from the 183 models available game roster (ranging from various Universal Age series and movies to Iron-Blood Orphans, going through other movies like Gundam Crossbone and Gundam Build Fighters), a cycle of battles between five ways with different difficulty go later to a lattice map with different branches to choose from, depending on the situation, each with a normal confrontation, with a few exceptions, but also EX combat case with higher difficulty. The ultimate enemy of all means is the same, the Extreme Gundam Mk. Gundam EXA VS Series II, with the difference that the more difficult the route, the more powerful this boss will be and may have allies that will complicate the confrontation.

In this mode you have supported by a related AI control unit even though two versions that allow you to play in a local cooperative with the second controller or via the online link. For you, you can change your partner’s behavior by pressing the L1 button with a number of different options, including avoiding attacks, staying together or dispersing. The fight takes place through several instances of different layers of Gundam, limiting the confrontations to a defined area, with the aim of repel all enemy units present in the combat area avoiding the destruction of related units in any case, which will reduce the force gauge (Force Gauge) to repaint all related units. If this is completely emptied, it will be lost in combat. At the end of the confrontation the opponent’s total score is counted, deducting points for each destruction on the controlled Mobile Suit, and this will be added to the total score in this mode, after being chased, the option to continue the game . not to lose the score.

Gundam Extreme VS Mobile Suit. Maxi Ar Boost, Review. The most complete game in the franchise

Each unit may use various movements in combat equivalent to different types of weapons. The button with the square and triangle buttons is generally executed basic shooting and melee attacks respectively, while the R1 button makes a special shot attack, R2 melee special attack and L2 additional attack, both of which various types of weapons or additional movements, which sometimes leads Mobile Suit Transformation, which in some cases will lead to different movements. In some cases it will always be necessary to press certain buttons to use charge attacks which will use additional weapons, as in the case of the ZZ Gundam which will use a home missile explosion towards the adversary. The X button lets his use a drive, be limited to the energy of the bar which is in the right part of the lower bar, suitable for it move fast and also to avoid attacks.

At the bottom of the combat interface will be the toolbar. Very big burst that will be filled with the attacks made. Once loaded to a certain point, this technique can be activated pressing the R3 button what time limited power upgrade until the bar is completely empty. there three types Burst in this game: Shooting allows more power for different attacks to be able to alternate between the different types and reduce their recharge time, Expansion for Dodge attacks and counterattack the enemy in extreme situations Y. Fight What it increases the power of near-range attacks allowing, in turn, these to break the enemy’s guard. You can choose from these three types on the Mobile Suit selection screen.

Another of the game modes included is Maxi Boost Missions, in which various missions are offered that cannot be gradually unlocked, to be able to choose any of the Mobile Suits on campus for free of characters in most of them, and others will be subject to the use of a specific one in some cases face the missions with a partner and in others it will be alone. In this case the objectives will be different, not fulfilling various objectives that require the enemy to repel, empty the opponent ‘s force bar or survive the attacks by running out of time limit. Similarly, for each completed stage, performance will be judged and a score awarded, with the difference being that in this case will receive a degree, D is the lowest and highest S, and will be unlocked different rewards such as GP points, additional experience, and customization skills. Level of mission it will rise as you progress through the various areas that will be gradually unlocked, and you have to complete the missions until you reach the one that will allow you to face the boss in the same way. However, the level of direct confrontation against the foreman will be too high, so it will be necessary get the Pause missions, which offers further confrontation with which, after overcoming them, weaken the power of the foreman and balance the confrontation. At certain points there will be reward nodes that can only be obtained by reaching the point where they are at the same time special attack and time scoring missions.

Gundam Extreme VS Mobile Suit. Maxi Ar Boost, Review. The most complete game in the franchise

It can equip the Mobile Suit and AI companion in all stages custom skills which will bring improvements to combat performance such as more attack power, defense, increased damage while using firearms or melee, which will improve defense against both types of attacks, more drive, improved allied AI, etc. via the MS Custom option, push a triangle in this game mode. All skills a series of nodes will be required being able to equip them, these are initially limited but increase when they reach certain levels while accumulating experience. On the other hand are most of these skills it will be at level 1 be able to improve them spend accumulated GP points, to achieve the maximum while reaching the third level. While uncommon, some of these will be at the highest level when found.

Online gaming options include four different methods, in addition to the Branch Battle online co-op mode already mentioned, including player games, to configure various parameters and search for opponents, and casual, in which players face teams, leaving the game options later Classified Matching of Shuffle and Hold types. In the first the team automatically shuffle with different players in each new game although the second option offers the opposite, retain members, allies and enemies alike, for the next fight. In these last two options affect your rank and also points earned in each game.

Gundam Extreme VS Mobile Suit. Maxi Ar Boost, Review. The most complete game in the franchise

There are a free mode containing power set up battles being able to play alone fight against the AI ​​or fail against another player form a team locally to face each other cooperating or fighting, in addition to being able to use it as a method of practice get information on the movements of each of the Mobile Suits. Allows combat customization options in this mode configure the various features of the game such as the level of the bars, the strength bar points, the opponent time, and you can select the stage among 42 possible options and also select the combat music.

The method Customize Offers several configuration options for the game, including the ability to game music options be able to configure specific topics to listen to in each mode menu, in the online lobby screen or in the win and chase screens after each fight, be able to choose between the more than 60 themes included as standard or load tracks in MP3 format using an external storage device.

Gundam Extreme VS Mobile Suit. Maxi Ar Boost, Review. The most complete game in the franchise

You can Navi Characters, player and combat. At the start it will add brightness to the main menu as well as the pre-combat stages of Branch Battle mode and also the win and chase screens, offering different opinions, in particular on the performance of the player in each fight. The latter will offer, of its own accord information about the various features during events in support of your partner if it is besieged by enemies or signaling when the treason is empty. All in all you can choose between 37 different characters, in which it is continuously used through combat in the various game modes it will increase your affinity level with the player allowing you to unlock new costumes on the selection screen. The Pilot option lets, of its own configure how the character will look when choosing the Mobile Suit between different versions that will require spending PG points or, failing that, increasing the level of competence, with continued use, to a certain level.

The customization is player card, offering in this case a a wide range of related terms and phrases with the various Gundam series later divided into several categories (bronze, silver, gold and others) select frame, text effect, and background effect, which can include a small animation, and choose another of the options, emblem among those included, referring to each of the factions featured in the various series of the franchise. On the other hand you can too configure the look of the combat interface between different layouts different including colors or related to specific Mobile Suit series or models. Similarly, most of the available options will be blocked and game progress or spending accumulated PG points the option to select them will open.

Gundam Extreme VS Mobile Suit. Maxi Ar Boost, Review. The most complete game in the franchise

In the playable aspect of this title preserve the in-game talents of the arcade machine, offering a vertical confrontation that includes not only beating the competitor but also evading and using the attacks at the right time, as well as supporting the team. Fight in different individual modes offer a suitable challenge with varying difficulties, more notable in Branch mode and in Maxi Boost Mission mode the challenge is progressive as you progress through each zone. As for the fight, which is addictive so much so as to control the wide range of Mobile Sitting in the game, all of them various abilities and tangibility in combat, as in the tensions of confrontations.

The graphic part of the game is a source of pride great visual style both for the designs and effects of mobile suits and their various attacks and for the wide range of cases, although limited in terms of extension but in some cases motion some striking details such as some buildings that can be destroyed by continuous attacks or by throwing units that collide with them.

Gundam Extreme VS Mobile Suit. Maxi Ar Boost, Review. The most complete game in the franchise

As for sound, the game offers a a wide range of themes taken from the diverse Gundam series, appearing in certain stages usually associated with Mobile Suits each. The wide variety they offer is wide, and they also have the option of being able to customize the tracks for different parts and also add custom music by loading tracks from an external storage device, which is respected. As for the voices, the game it only includes Japanese dubbing.

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