Greak: Memories Of Azur, Review


A hand-drawn adventure that bets on gameplay, platforms and entertaining puzzles; discover Azur secrets on PC and consoles.

From time to time, standalone video games appear to be little or nothing known and suddenly they draw a pleasant smile on the person thanks to its completion; or various features that succeed in overcoming other less spectacular traits. This is the case Greak: Memories of Azur for Pc, PS5, Xbox X Series S. Y. Nintendo switch, an action platform with lots of puzzles that you fall in love with from minute one and positioned as one of the most recommended and entertaining Indians in recent months. Developed by a Mexican studio Navigator Entertainment under the editor Staff17, its creators have completed an obvious adventure classic 2D flavor with more layers than it seems a priori and dazzling stage with handmade graphics and animations. Let’s see what secrets to hide the magical lands of Azur from the hands of his three main brothers: Greak, Adara Y. Raydel.

As we say, the adventure begins in the lands of Azure, where the people of the Curtains they are forced to flee in the face of a threatening presence Urlags, monstrosities that destroy everything in their path. In the fate of the survivors named a young man Greak, the main character of this interactive fable who embarks on his unique journey to find his two missing brothers and, incidentally, save his members. Here’s how this 2D episode makes it side scroll real-time combat that encourages us to harness the skills of the top three to progress to massive levels full of challenges and puzzles, some skill and some logic.

Greak heroic quest

We began the journey ruling the youngest of the brothers, Greak, armed with his little sword and flip bow. As we follow the clues to where his sister is Adara and his older brother Raydel, will inspire the inhabitants of the village we are in to complete some missions, some key ones to complete the airspace they intend to escape and other secondary ones that we will have to explore all corners of. of each level so unlock some combat techniques, for example. While the plot simply fulfills a simple but effective script, the real main character of the title is its gameplay and the options it offers, including a timid approach to the genus metroidvania.

Because yes, at times we will have to look for key things that will serve to open up new avenues that we could not go through before, although the presence of these cases is relatively secondary. Greak: Memories of Azur in the cooperation between the main three, a feature that will go with a crescendo as we move forward in the story and reunite them. And the point is that each of them presents their own abilities that will serve to open paths, overcome obstacles and chase down enemies, especially some end bosses who will put us on the ropes, depending on a slight imbalance. between competitors and certain situations.

Greak: Memories of Azur, Review

Greak brandish a short sword and promises attacks from a certain distance with his bow; AdaraIn the meantime, he will be able to deal with it arcane powers You can launch and levy energy projectiles for a few minutes. Both will also be able to swim and dive. Finally, Raydel, the largest of the three, wield a mighty sword and shield to protect against attacks and traps, as well as having a hook to reach places where the rest cannot be reached, although it must be kept away from the water. And each with its own health characteristics and inventories. All of this means we have to collaborate and harness the abilities of each character, and create the most varied and fun scenarios; and that is that certain levels of reflection and exposure a great design work by those responsible.

And this is when we address one of the aspects that will give us the most headaches. While two or three character controls are alternated in a quite natural way through the crosshead, we can also move a group at the same time pressure on one of the two stimuli; the other will call one or two of the brothers who may have been left behind for many moments of the incident. And it is in these moments that the system reveals its weaknesses, and that many moments are more painful than anything, especially in parts of platforms. And is that a must give each character one by one from one point to another repeatedly not the most enjoyable thing of the experience, precisely, even causes unexpected deaths. Where this type of control shines with its own light it has a secret puzzle and mechanisms that we will have to resolve or activate, respectively, through the unique abilities of each of the brothers. One lime and one sand for this.

The adventure is complemented by many elements to play with and add a layer of depth, such as precious crystals as coins for purchase goods in the village shop or some street vendor, or different ingredients that we can cook in a bonfire to get pots with the most varied effects, whether positive or negative; experimentation is a constant feature in the episode. We can also unlock magic menhirs through quick trips in exchange for a small sum of crystals, as well as saving the game in a smaller size, some of which may be far apart and may force us to repeat very long sections if any of the brothers dies. A minimap would be great sometimes, no doubt about that.

Greak: Memories of Azur, Review

In this sense, at the beginning of the adventure we can detect high difficulty, because we often die after the player becomes accustomed to his gameplay. three or four touches or influences enemies. While we get a grip on the controls and start to evolve, we will be able to move on with ease except for the occasional casual boss who will make things a little difficult for us. However, we can finish the adventure in a few 8 hours playing at a good pace and completing all the missions, although it is true that much of the surprise is lost in the second or third pass if we know what to do each time. There is even a trophy / achievement that encourages us to beat the game in less than 3 hours. At the localization level, it offers texts in Spanish, and the voices come in English; It should be noted that there are quite a few dialogues and text to read that will allow us to learn more about this magical Universe created for the occasion.

And what about his amazing stage based on graphics and animation hand-drawn with endless details that make every print a true digital canvas. The characters move like a charm and show some very neat animations. In addition, the scenarios are very beautiful, as well as varied, with backgrounds with several layers of scrolls that are real show. The sound setup may not surprise you at all but it is on a more than acceptable level.

Greak: Memories of Azur, Review


Greak: Memories of Azur is a simple and entertaining adventure that fans of the most classic video games will enjoy, while its development is becoming more and more complex as we move forward with the introduction of the various main characters and their possibilities. skill level and combat. You move forward easily and always want to enjoy its secrets, level design and visual finish. A notable title that fades into certain aspects of gameplay and user experience, but is positioned as a more valid alternative to platform, puzzle and fantasy fans.

THE BEST _____

  • Great handmade presentation
  • Entertaining and challenging gameplay at some points
  • A very challenging level design
  • Collaborative possibilities between the main characters …


  • … That can lead to despair at times
  • A small variety of enemies
  • Not very deep in combat or exploration



It meets the expectations of what makes a good game, has quality and has no serious flaws, though it lacks elements that can be taken to higher levels.

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