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ArcSystemWorks creates a game that allows people to speak at a competitive level, but that comes with little content. Now on sale on PC and PS4.

Great Blue Fantasy Versus it is surprising in the competitive fight. The title, based on a JRPG successful nippon which was one of the major references made by the gatcha on mobile phones, surprised Steam – not announced until a few weeks earlier – and attracted attention, especially in communities such as the Spanish one that supports the because. Now, March 27, it finally reaches PS4 after a chaotic launch: when it came out in Japan there was no date for the old continent. The result? We are facing a competitive bet at the first level, but one that comes with decisions more than product-level debate. Both sides of the coin.

The franchise is true WOW in Japanese lands. Born with important names behind him as the composer Uematsu or developers of games such as Final Fantasy 6 and 9, he marked the evolution of the type of game we have today on all mobile devices. This in turn guarantees its success in the Land of the Rising Sun, with the rewards linked between games and also because it is an excellent fighting title. Its sales start was exceeded Tekken 7, FighterZ, and Street Fighter V. So the progress he has made on PS4 – which will be the main platform for almost everyone, will give him another chance.

granblue ps4 pc review

Surprisingly playable: the face of the coin

Unlike ArcSystemWorks games, in this case we are confronted with a slower speed title, where the neutral game is very important and the combinations are left unlimited for another event. Granblue see more on fighting style as Street Fighter, but with his own personalities. And what it manages to generate is an attractive new bet for the newest genres in the genre and for competitive players. Just a little better entry into the genre you will find Granblue Fantasy Versus, able to accompany you from an inactive state.

There are several reasons for this. The first, a system of accessible combat with three attack buttons and one special for each character, technical commands based on known movements (lunar quarters, shoryuken, etc.) and similar execution between the characters of their special attacks. Then, of course, the fact that we’re not discussing title with complex style combos BlazBlue or By Night. And third, because the game incorporates a simple command system to offer specials at the press of a single button and direction.

granblue combat ps4 pc

What Granblue does to make this a waste is not to reward the technical player: if we use shortcuts, the cooling time to do the same special thing is much slower, so competitive level or online is not the most recommended. It is precisely one of the joys of the game, to offer this system to those who want to play alone, to buy the license title but who are not scholars of the genre without compromising the traditional player of the games fight.

In Granblue everything is accessible although its substance is to dominate the combinations with special items, EX versions, using the wall bounce and changing properties depending on whether we enter normal or counter, among many other attributes. The characters have autocombo – three times weak, medium or strong – but it doesn’t work if we hit close, not from any distance, and the sequence, while blocking, leaves you sold out. It doesn’t reward as much as it can happen in other games as the penalty can be almost Health crops 50%. And that’s another, in Granblue the main art is to gain standing and open up the competitive defense. It costs and does a monumental job, but upon receipt it is necessary to maximize the damage. What will happen next.

11 great characters and balance

And so we spend our first few games, understanding the combos system, looking at how EX attacks are that allow the enemy to bounce off the wall, as there are others that raise their competitor’s adeptness to continue with low attack and keeps hitting without touching the ground and learn the details of each special attack. The game has an extensive tutorial that allows us to get not only information on each character’s personalities, but also some of their basic combinations, combat strategies to follow and situations that will happen above the ring. How to punish certain situations, how to respond to competitive offenses (such as cross-ups), the symptoms of some of our attacks … Or how to use them the defense. In addition to guard, three-button and push-back, we have the option to make a perfect guard that generates more arcane bars and we can do two types of evasion: Forward-to-dash dash beat and projectile or dodge moves from our position.

psb granblue template

They all have their part advantage and disadvantages. Movements of this kind can help us progress if they try to zone us out and, with long-term characters such as Ferry or Katalina, punish the competitor. Or Dodge when you are under great pressure to be able to punish quickly after completing a rival combo. If we add to this the air block, ground and air grip, the universal overhead-heading with pressure and if contradictory, to make catastrophic combinations- and the use of the arcane bar, we have a very complete variety of combat activities.

The bar arcana It serves, when we’re 100%, to launch two types of attacks. One disastrous and one more, Arcane Heaven, with animation in mind when we have 30% of life. Knowing how to turn it into a combo, like life’s Supers, is vital. Crop management and EX special attacks – retrieving to use that attack more slowly – are part of the strategy to be done in Granblue.

lancelot ps4 granblue

The title comes with it 11 characters selectable to begin with, each with variations thanks to both their special features and unique movements. Gran, the main character, is the classic shoto character, which is a chargeable attack and can be used as a combo. Katalina, similar to but with a larger range thanks to his sword, he can use a special guard to counter and prolong combos. Lancelot It has mobility and dashes in all directions which makes it a nuisance to appear near and behind us, even though Metera has a multi-hit combo attack. Of course, to what extentCharlotta It is super small and Vaseraga mole), its range and normal attack properties and special features define each character’s preferences. Lowain, which takes food to recover an arcane feed or bar and its numerous allies (backslides, rocket launcher robots, companion crushes) are one of the most original.

One of the unique features of the game is that despite the public’s agreement to look into it Great and Katalina As the best characters in the game, especially given the number of properties of his attacks and possibilities, he feels very balanced. Sure this will be diluted a bit over time, but so far all the characters – with certain bookings and fights uphill than others – seem viable for trying to be competitive. The campus balance work, at least if we compare it to other contemporary fighting games, is much more visible in this respect, and we appreciate it.

rpg granblue method

We have a diverse and differentiated team despite the fact that the bases are the same for everyone. Although not too extensive, the main thing that contributed to it was the controversy with the DLC. Announce the game with a five-character season pass: Beelzebub, Narmaya, Soriz, Djeeta and Zooey. Due to the lack of control over the course of the game in the west, when it arrives at PS4 today players discover that the first two are already available for purchase and the third one has already been presented via trailer. It’s as if the worst of the original mobile and browser game, brilliant as a JRPG but as gruesome as gatcha, had moved here in this way too. Considering the initial shortage of characters and the fact that Beelzebub is present in story mode, for sure the downloadable strategy should be different.

Controversial DLC

Great Blue Fantasy Versus comes with RPG mode as a great demand for the individual player. It is a storytelling mode in which we progress through different missions across five chapters as we improve weapons according to their typology, create new ones, improve ourselves and collect characters to form a team that suits us. The missions are broadly divided into two types: on the one hand, those of killing enemies everywhere as if it were a blow to 2D plane; and second, the battles with the bosses who routinely confront themselves and others with huge box sizes of huge dimensions not in the fighters squad.

bosses rpg granblue ps4 pc

As we progress we win tickets to unlock weapons, skins and other extras. Problem of RPG mode whether his story has little hook and is quite predictable, on the one hand; and conversely, it does not work as expected. The enemy make-up missions are simple and repetitive, and the weapon crafting and upgrade system is not exploited throughout the main plot (about six hours). We don’t have the feeling that we need to improve that water-type weapon to have a decisive advantage against enemies, to understand each other. The best thing about RPG mode, on the one hand, is being able to play local cooperative or online and, conversely, in the final boxes which offer us much more interesting and fascinating battles.

When we finished the story we opened missions hard and Others additional missionsas well as a challenge tower. All of this, more interesting in terms of challenges, but that doesn’t give us much in the rewards we can get. You may go quiet over 10 hours, but it fails to stimulate interest after the first few challenges and what we achieve with it.

The offer for the single player ends in type Arcadian with successive battles of various difficulties and the possibility of fighting locally. There is a contrast between the good in the training, the glossary and the specific training regarding the lack of modalities for the player who does not want to try it online. Online, meets the title: battles with a classification system for classified games and lobby style rooms as in FighterZ where you can meet, communicate and play with other players from our own or other regions. The IS netcode, when we select an opponent with maximum or at least optimal bars (4 of 5), it maintains the type in the 1-2 delay frames, allowing us to see good games without problems in this regard.

We cannot finish our review without mentioning the a great audio-visual finish by Granblue Fantasy Versus, which looks like a high quality soul in motion. The character design is brilliant, and has a animation, special and effects articles make the title a a visual gem, very nice to see. The cases too, with great detail and changes in the third rounds, though unfortunately we don’t have many at the moment (there are only eight). In addition, the front and end combat scenes, story mode scenes, and Celestial Arcane attacks are also at a high level. All of this combined with a brilliant fantasy and epic soundtrack, capable of giving you goosebumps to share melodies sing in full combat. A game that falls in love with eyes and ears.


Granblue Fantasy Versus will hit hard on a competitive level and will be one of the games to be featured in this 2020, no doubt about it. It’s great to play, a gift for newcomers and experienced players and has a fairly balanced template – especially compared to other contemporary games – and an audio-visual section that makes it a safe bet to play and watch play high level. But unfortunately, as a product there are no small gaps, both in content for the single player and in a more than incredible model of DLC characters. They are either side of the Granblue Fantasy Versus base.

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