Golden Force Review: Pirates, Mercenaries And Pixels


We break down the new proposal from Storybird Games, Golden Force, a 2D-scrolling action platformer alongside challenging pixel art aesthetics

We are living at least a turbulent and uncertain time in which sounds tastier than ever being a mercenary dragon who wants to collect the bounty on one demon king. And that is precisely the simple but practical plot of Golden Force, a 2D side-scrolling action platformer and a pixel art aesthetic that It does not revolutionize the formula but gives us a few hours of entertainment. The new proposal is from Gamesbird Games studio, authors of games like Aggelos. In this Review we break down all the positive and negative aspects of the title, we expect them to focus in particular on the technical part of the title.

From the first moment we started Golden Force we felt familiar despite it being the first time we saw the title screen. No wonder ya that the title adheres to the aesthetics and usability we have experienced so many times in works of the same genre. From the sprites to the soundtrack, through settings and animation, they make it clear that a title is in front of us appeals to old school platforms and aims to offer us a similar experience.

We analyze Golden Force, the new 2D action and the platform proposal from Storybird Games

Platforms that delight with nostalgia

And the truth is that he will succeed. Their levels won’t revive the wheel, they don’t do anything we haven’t seen before, but that doesn’t mean they surprised us on more than one occasion and made each world its own personality. Because yes, the various levels of the Golden Force are divided into several islands of archipelago, each with its corresponding ranks and final bosses. We will find challenges in terms of platforms, simple little puzzles made with mechanisms such as levers and buttons, different paths to reach the goal, collections that are challenging to reach … Due to the variety of elements and possibilities the title point is usable, reinforced by the scores we receive at the end of each stage. The time, collections and coins collected are scored individually, generating what is already known need to improve our own brands. This, combined with the diabolical difficulty of some stages and bosses, promises many hours of fun for amateur players to overcome themselves in seemingly impossible challenges.

But let’s not forget that we play a group of mercenaries and our ultimate goal is to raise a good amount of gold. And, of course, we’ll have to spend our newfound luck on local commerce if we don’t want the pixelated world economy of Golden Force to go under. For this reason, from the map we always have the possibility to access the ship’s shop, where the captain will be willing to sell us the most interesting resources that will give us various advantages while fighting in exchange for coins and other collectibles. It is possible in this article that there may be more inconveniences in relation to the language in which the title comes to us: their texts are only available in English. The descriptions of the articles are simple and not lengthy, so it should not be a big problem even if the language is not controlled. In any case, it seems relevant and necessary to communicate.

We analyze Golden Force, the new 2D action and the platform proposal from Storybird Games

As for the characters, while it is true that there are four different ones to choose from, the only thing that changes between them is their aesthetics, since the attacks and movements are identical. We would like, since there are multiple options, that these have been used to address the levels and battles in different ways. On the contrary, the design of the enemies and especially the final bosses is original, Its different stages are striking and are not only limited to changing the pattern of attacks and making every minute we spend fighting much more frantic and complex (which, too), but justifies the changes in their story. by sketching us more than one smile per person events we don’t want to gut.

The biggest drawback we saw in the game is its technical division, no doubt. At least in its version of Nintendo Switch, and that’s what we managed to test to write this Review. In single mode we suffered frame jolts at times when there are many enemies on the screen or simply many elements. For example, while tapping some skulls to activate a mechanism, the title practically remained frozen until the finished skulls were moving. Similarly, and with our girlfriend, the crash game is also more than one event. Of course, these unexpected closures affect the gameplay experience, especially when it happens at the moment when the final turn boss has only 1% of life. It also happened to us while fighting against final bosses that we return without explanation to the previous saving point as we change the stage in the battle, which led us to repeat the confrontation from the beginning.

The technical part, its main problem

But, These details are especially troublesome when we enter the two-player arena. We have the option to enjoy the title in local co – operative, as long as we have two pairs of controllers for the Nintendo console, since it is not adapted to be able to share Joy-Con with all players. But all the technical difficulties mentioned in the previous paragraph are multiplied in a worrying way when two players are on screen. And it only applies to frame drops and constant crashes, but it is very difficult to move forward when one of the two falls or goes backwards. When this happens, the second player appears in a circle in the corner of the screen. If it is not a title title this solution would be acceptable, but the small field of view that the circle in question does not allow you to see the surrounding platforms, so it is extremely difficult to move on to reunite with your partner. In this case, we would prefer to use the current split screen rather than this resource.

We analyze Golden Force, the new 2D action and the platform proposal from Storybird Games

Despite all the technical difficulties in the previous section, we really enjoyed Golden Force. It’s not particularly original, but it’s sober and you can see the pampering behind it. It’s a big challenge for players who like to break records and scores, and the controls are enjoyable and entertaining.. We are confident that the technical issues we have experienced with the Nintendo Hybrid version will be addressed through future patches. We are confident, in this way, that the title will be much more enjoyable in the near future, especially in two player mode. It is a title that has potential and will appeal to any lover of the genre for hours as long as they are willing to forget about technical failures as well.

After all, it is a good title to spend these quiet months in the current Panorama of the industry, with not many launches and great news on par with it.. Golden Force will be available for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on January 28, although it is expected to hit PC and PS4 on an uncertain day this year.

We analyze Golden Force, the new 2D action and the platform proposal from Storybird Games

A good base that needs to be polished


Golden Force is a project loyal to the genre to which it belongs, offering many hours of fun for those who enjoy breaking records and improving times. You can see their care in the aesthetics and design of the final boulevards, as well as the differentiation of levels, which means that each of them has their own marked personality. However, the Nintendo Switch version has technical problems that affect the gaming experience and make the local co-op mode very annoying. These flaws are likely to be resolved in later patches, making Golden Force a highly recommended experience for people who love the genre and challenges associated with high levels of difficulty.

THE BEST _____

  • Originality in the final bosses
  • Addictive and entertaining
  • Quite usable
  • Care in its aesthetics and design


  • Frame jerks and crashes
  • The cooperative method is almost unusable



It’s not the latest or the most original, it doesn’t have the best execution either, but it can be fun if you like the genre. Good, but there is room for improvement.

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