Gods Will Fall, Review


Revenge of humanity against the gods on their own turf with Gods Will Fall from Clever Beans and Deep Silver for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

We travel to the kingdom of the gods in this new Action RPG with tips here and there on dungeon crawler, roguelike, and exploration; that’s the way it is Gods will fall, the new of Smart Beans (creators of titles like WipeOut Omega Collection or When Vikings Attack!) and Deep money for Pc, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo switch and Stadia, an action adventure with an isometric perspective that is reminiscent of titles like Diablo on stage but offers practically close sensations close to suggestions like Souls, especially in everything to do with combat and how we approach different divine creatures. there is a dangerous and treacherous population. world of Overworld. Let’s see in our Review what this original proposal offers with procedural elements so that each new game is different from the previous one. Become a legend or surrender to the power of the gods, over and over again …

Gods Will Fall, as a concept simple and straightforward. That said, it doesn’t take much trouble to present a slightly hired argument (through a weird 2D presentation based on very striking illustrations) in which humanity has been wronged and the incredible yoke of a group of gods for a long time. Very specific. That is why hundreds of ships with brave men and women try to reach the island of Earth, home of the gods; although few succeed, since the boats are the target of the immense divine power, going under gigantic waves. Yes indeed eight heroes who manage to reach such frightening island beaches; And it is now where our journey begins, taking on the role of a group of heroes and heroines who aim to destroy the gods who have been tormenting men, women, boys and girls for so long.

The gods will fall, one by one

The title is divided into two distinct elements, one simple group exploration with which we move around the island as a hub to search for the ten forts of the gods (with the help of a map, yes) and another action in which one of the heroes or heroines must go into each of the dunes alone to take the dean in turn and kill her, without first destroying her vassals to weaken her life. The grace of the subject is that every hero really represents life and if we fall into one of the dunes we will lose it; you can get caught or die. Where he is trapped, if we agree with another hero and he wins, we will rescue him; instead, if he dies, we lose it forever. And if we run out of characters, the game ends.

It’s precisely here where Gods Will Fall shows his best face, proposing a certain strategy as he approaches each dungeon, each game itself, whether through one character or three other characters. And it means that every hero has his own abilities, strengths and weaknesses, as well as a kind of weapon of between five types: sword, spear, ax or mace, double ax or mace and double – handed ax or mace. Mastery of each weapon and its qualities will be crucial to victory, as well as throwing weapons to chase down fallen enemies and weapons, consumables and other secondary items that we can find in the dunes and equip at any time. In addition, some characters show ambition, bravery, or friendship in rescuing a certain companion, whose statistics will improve or deteriorate depending on the circumstances. Of course, with each victory, the characters will level up and gain more powerful skills and weapons with a maximum of three stars.

Gods Will Fall, Review

The handling of each hero completely changes the gaming experience and invites us to be very attentive to every step and every touch, since we can fall at any moment and our progress and the game itself damage. This is where he brings out his shyness soullike personality, not to be a nightmare on the difficulty level either. Precise timing requires precise timing and offers several options, from the normal hit to a more powerful one, in addition to the dodge, parry to stun, jump and sprint; Overall, the perceptions are satisfactory, although there are some animation and physics something inviolable can sell us more than one occasion. Mastering all of these aspects will be crucial to your success in every fight, although the title is honored in this sense; if you die it will be because of your mistake, there is no more. And he is very angry to fall into an abyss because of being withdrawn; you are warned.

On the other hand, the vitality of our heroes plays strategy and management the same for how it is consumed and how it is recovered; Each character has its own health bar formed with parts of energy that are emptied with each hit or attack attack. To regain health we need to chain some accurate pulses so that the call rises thirsty for blood and, as soon as we reach the segments we need or can fill, cry to retrieve those segments. This method does more than satisfy the eye and creates real moments of anxiety at the controls, in a good way, of course; quite a challenge.

Easy to learn, difficult to master

On the other hand, although the dungeons are always the same, the presence of one enemy (and the difficulty they have) to the last room of the god on duty random with each event, so each tour will be different from the previous tour. Again, its tactical aspect takes advantage of the very different scenarios that can arise with each new game. Of course, after several runs, Gods Will Fall clearly shows its limits at the subject level, becoming impressive repetitive after a few games. Meanwhile, the confrontation with the gods sins of being a bit irregular, with some very attractive opponents and some more careless, with the odd boss with overly complex mechanics for the small margin that leaves the game on the level of vitality, which its excessive repetition of cases They do not contribute to the general view of the title.

Gods Will Fall, Review

Proceeding to the audio-visual level, the Gods Will Fall stage brings personality to all four sides. He is graphically competent, especially for art design that embodies the style of the cartoon, although many of the models seem too simplistic, as well as the textures in general. Of course, thanks to a very special color palette and simulated character picturesque watercolor strokes, It offers truly beautiful pictures, especially when it enjoys showing landscapes in the distance, touring around the island and in a certain area. At the sound level it conveys in the same way thanks to a soundtrack with tribal rhythms, sometimes, to achieve an atmosphere that mixes the epic and the mystery evenly. The game is translated into Spanish with voices symbolizing a the language of the ancestors.

Gods Will Fall, Review


Gods Will Fall into the action genre of RPG and rogue lite showcasing a lot of original personality and proposal properly executed with ideas that even surprise, such as how he fights, the management of the hero decision or the design of the mound. Of course, the balance between direct play and repetition of mechanics is not at the level of other compelling features, causing the player to lose interest after a very high number of runs; In this sense, some inconsistencies in physics and improvised AI do not help the whole either. The randomness of each game itself is interesting, even though it causes peaks of unfair difficulty, destroying to a greater or lesser extent the first few hours of well-justified surprise and fun.

THE BEST _____

  • Original and fresh proposal
  • Management of clan warriors
  • Dungeon Design
  • Very special in terms of art


  • After a few hours it becomes very repetitive
  • Peak of unwarranted difficulty
  • AI and physics with a lot to improve
  • Irregular boss fight



It’s not the latest or the most original, it doesn’t have the best execution either, but it can be fun if you like the genre. Good, but there is room for improvement.

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