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Railway Empire Complete Collection is the best edition of a game that takes us back to the beginnings of rail transport. Is it worth it?

A little over two years ago, a video game appeared on computers and consoles. railway management which has done a lot for that strategy genre and niche mode of transport. Call it Railway Empire and now, after a few downloadable content, which comes to the computer with a complete edition that compiles everything released so far.

To fully understand why he did his job so well, you have to go back to the Review we published in his day here at MeriStation but it can be summed up in two words; accessible and fun. The management we had to do in all areas of the game was not overly demanding nor homogeneous despite dealing with locomotives. Great gem for beginners or history lovers Railway. We analyze Railway Collection Full Collection.


This title of Gaming Minds Studios and Kalypso Media Group it invites us to make a living railway history through a management video game where we not only have to build tracks and pull the wire to listen to the cuckoo from them that we teach so much to our children – including a hand signal—. It may sound boring but it is also true the plot is told with self-confidenceMaybe with characters that are funny enough, but it does so in a fun way to show how this mode of behavior evolved.

The question of management, as our colleague pointed out Jose Luis in his Review, is a perfect combination between the affordable and the challenging without going crazy. The concepts are simple and the operation of the mouse helps – not so console version control – but it gets quite complicated when you have to take shipments from one city to another, go through a different city, control several lines, buildings plan and have a budget according to. All this, moreover, without losing sight of our adversaries Who wants to put our piece of cake into business.

Railway Empire

Complete Railway Empire Collection en, as we have already said, an edition that includes the original game and eight downloadable content which expands the episode, in Quotes, of 2018. In this pack we get the original soundtrack as a download complement and the DLC; Mexico, Crossing the Andes, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland, The Great Lakes, Germany, Northern Europe and Down Under.

We’re talking about a game that, in its original form, can only survive a few hundreds of hours between campaign mode and free mode. And we no longer talk about whether we like to fantasize about modifications because the video game compatible with Steam Workshop, a factory full of ideas that make any game time we can give you, is invalidated every week.

Very attractive

What needs to be made clear is that the Complete Empire Railway Collection Not a recast or a remake, both so fashionable now. It’s just compilation so don’t expect graphic changes, gameplay or last minute modifications. The stability updates and improvements that have received the title in these two years are included in the game, but we can read that so far. However, the game ‘s official page on Steam clarifies that there is news in the weather system and night mode, although these are the ones that have been included in various DLCs in this edition.

railway empire

When the eight downloadable materials are added, the locomotives in the various places it collects visit other historical years. For example, the campaign in France will take us to visit Gallic soil between 1874 and 1890 and, of course, to play with the locomotives that dominated that territory at that time. The one related to Germany covers the years between 1850 and 1870, contains new goods and adds exclusive concessions.

This means the content can be downloaded not only does it add new countries and locomotives, but it also includes improvements to the final like the improved weather system brought by the Great Lakes DLC, an update on the new characters, goods, goods, concessions or scenarios.

Railway Empire

Perhaps the norm for many users would be that with the launch of Railway Empire Complete Collection, the graphic section has been refreshed to look like a year of reissue but the truth is that it is not. she needs it at all. The game looked great before and now keep doing it. The sets are very large, with lots of detail and, while we regularly play with a distant scene, we can enjoy how well the locomotives have been modeled if we bring the camera more closest to them.

Good viewing distance, proper textures, various action cameras, good use of shadows and lights, well maintained color palette and exquisite design for the menus we walk through so many hours. Undoubtedly the latter is the thing we most admire in a game of these qualities; Simple and beautiful menus that can be understood at a glance without too many button combinations.

As for sound, we see how the game has a good, varied and entertaining soundtrack. The sound of cars is also limited to a good level, which may not be the case if it were a simulation game to use but it is understood that with the time of some machines, the true sound of those people cannot be captured. At the same time highlight the good level of translation of texts and voices.


If you were waiting for a railway management entertainment video game, easy to master and packed to the brim, Railway Empire Complete Collection is your title. Endless, with community modifications, very well priced and with a good level of technicality. Whether you like locomotives or not, Railway Empire Complete Collection has decided what you want.

THE BEST _____

  • Game base + 8 DLCS; unlimited duration.
  • The compilation has come out at a great price.
  • Entertaining, relatively simple and entirely in Spanish.


  • Zero improvements on existing ones.
  • It doesn’t add anything if you already had the downloads.

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