Fire Tonight, Review. With Honey On My Lips


We take a look at a puzzle game setting 90s for PC and Nintendo Switch that soon wears the towel and misses its good ideas.

It may take longer to read this review than to complete Fire Tonight. Well, maybe not, but almost. The Steam counter had not reached 50 minutes when we closed the game, of course after we had passed it and it was a bit silly to go after the odd achievement. We do again, less than 50 minutes. And yes, we know, quantity does not equal quality. Playdead (Limbo, Inside) or ThatGameCompany (Journey, Flower) titles are very short, but they stay burned into our retina, our minds and our hearts. Same with many, many other examples. What Remains of Edith Finch, AbzĂ», Gone Home, The Stanley Parable, Portal, Firewatch, To the Moon, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The list of masterpieces that do not surpass one evening is endless. Coordination of this comes to mind several statements by Josef Fares in an interview for this house. The Creator Defended A Way Out and It Takes Two “we have to stop measuring the length of the games”. He gave, for example, the world of cinema, where a film is not valued for as long as it lasts, and a sex life as well. “If you are going to have sex, are you going to have it on time?”. He was right, but there are cases and cases. And if Fares’ sexual intercourse ends in twenty seconds, it might be nice to find out what the other party thinks. The fact of the matter is that Fire Tonight sighs … and that’s it has a huge impact on all the work.

There is a difference between Fire Tonight and the rest of the names we mentioned the last mouth. When we had finished many of these examples, we left with the impression that we had seen a complete lord’s journey, no matter how short it was. Memorable adventures in small capsules. For it, Fire Tonight hangs the close signal when you think you have completed the tutorial or first action. It looks like a show. Steps ahead of us so fast her story has no time to tell us anything and their puzzles go no further easy introduction. That’s when you go to the website of its creators to see if there’s something you didn’t understand. The same goes for an early access version, a final university project or an explanation of some sort. But nothing. It’s about a young and small indie team based in Toronto, Reptoid Games, and even there. It’s not his first release, but his third release. They define themselves as an “award – winning video game studio” and have about fifteen people on their credits. It is not the background of the effort and improvement we have hoped for, nor is it the author of the material, but we continue to dive around the web and marvel at their description of Fire Tonight: “It is a joyous but thoughtful walk through the history of the relationship. A story about believing in others when the whole world tries to separate us ”. I’m sorry? Even the mythical Stan from Monkey Island was not a seller as well.

Video game or demo?

The following “thoughtful walk” boils down to: Maya she’s on the phone with her boyfriend, Devin, when the line is cut and they leave their conversation in the middle. Then Maya decides to go outside to call him from a booth and restart him, but she runs in a city attacked by flames of mysterious fire and ends up deciding that the best idea, whatever the authorities and radio recommendations say, is to go to Devin’s apartment. So our main character starts walking and in thirty or forty minutes, the length of the game, she then stands at the same moment that Devin left his house to go looking for us. It’s done. Point and end. Why the hell was the city on fire? Namely. How does the phone conversation that Maya endangers her life end? That’s an idea. He was so irresponsible that they forgot about him. There is no conflict or development and the two or three conversions with an NPC boil down to things like “Press the button to open this fence” or “With some skates, you would go faster!” (Voiceless interviews and texts in full English, although easy to understand). The characters are empty and, well, there’s nothing really to say about the story because there’s no story. It is a green bud cut before it blooms. There’s little more than a hassle – free approach when it seems to reach its first turning point (that they both cross the street and do not see each other, that they have to work together to get together, find out what’s happening in the city, whatever). Concealed base as a full story arc. What’s that about a “relationship story” and a “story about believing in others”? As pretentious as the simple and fair result. Tell me what you brag about …

Fire tonight is Fire eight levels, half with Maya and the other half Alex. The two playable parts are very different. We can’t even move in Alex. We are standing somewhere in his apartment, waiting for news from the Maya, and all we are allowed to do is interact with different things as in point and click. Click on the TV and it comes up; on the radio cassette and you play music; on the floor and Alex reminds you how long he was without water, etcetera. They are storytelling stages and they are literally waiting. There was one where we even ran out of “clickable” stimuli and had to wait, well, do nothing until X’s time. Then an icon would activate on the window and if we clicked on it, Alex would think about Maya and the mission would end. They are very weak levels, but at least they are short and they combine well with her girls because of how different they are.

Fire tonight

The parts of Maya have a little more chicha. Oh a isometric view we move through labyrinthine arrangements that we must get from point A to point B. Along the way we have to overcome the natural barriers created by the fire, raise the parking fences that block our way and avoid the flash of some police light if it takes they will send us back home. It is the grace that we can rotation of the stage, a la Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, to discover the hidden roads and dead ports of the guards. In addition, Maya can take her Walkman for a few minutes, as long as the battery lasts, to change the music playing and magically open new paths through the flames. There’s even a final level online Temple Run, where we slide down the road hitting cars. It is a good foundation, there are ideas, but they remain the foundation. They do not have time to develop. If they were tutorials, perfect. If they try to go through a whole experience … go bad. And as it is in the introduction, it would be hard to make the game easier, a fatal thing when it comes puzzle game. It is self-evident and does not present any challenge or difficulty of any kind. In the roller skating stage, for example, you stand in the middle of the road and no car touches you. Its creators make sure they don’t want a “stressful or exhaustive” experience, but we believe that there is a middle ground between that (any, many, very broad gray scales). There will be people who defend that it is “for the little ones”, but given its location, of course it does not seem to be its goal, and in any case those who think that it is they would overestimate the youngest person in the house, which handles much more complex things every time they open a mobile.

As for the site, this is without a doubt the biggest asset of the title. Its part Aesthetic of the 90s the eldest will rejoice. It is always a joy to return to a world dominated by Walkmans, telephone booths, roller blades and cassette tapes. A world of power outages, record storage, and nodes to 8-bit consoles. Even the appearance of his character helps him, with Devin in Shaggy vein, from Scooby-Doo, Graphically the game closely resembles the last studio production, Fossil Hunters, though with more extensive and detailed settings. Not bragging. The real break is in art, with a successful color palette. The city, in shades of blue, black and red, contrasts with the flames that illuminate it, with an original pink appearance. But if there’s something to highlight, these are the 2D cinemas (short and not much, but brilliantly done) and especially the melodies of their soundtrack, made up of original electronic beats to nail the era. It makes sense that music is treated well as the basis for the beginning of Fire Tonight, inspired by the Information Society song of the same name. All in all it’s pretty audio-visual candy, packaging that looks and feels wasted for the above: the extent and consequences of this in its history and play proposal. The awful feeling still exists when he was actually starting out, his creators wore a beautiful blue velvet curtain.

Let’s talk about history if it really existed

Fire tonight
Fire tonight

Wasted usable basis


We had a pretty good time with the first levels of Fire Tonight, in a tutorial way, until after half an hour, the game has hung up the final signal and it suddenly informed us that there are no “firsts” and “tutorials,” that was all (ALL) he had to offer. So the sympathetic approach to his story had to be a whole story in itself and the mission was too big for him. It is now insignificant and narrative, without conflict, development or interest. The same thing happens with his puzzles. Like a great introduction. As a whole game there is not much that is so simple and so insulting. Not even his great 90s setting, with a very interesting soundtrack, evokes the awful feeling we had that we were doing an exhibition, an example of what the studio knows how to do, and not a title worth ending put in the hands of the user. It’s a great shame because it was well – founded, but overall, the experience lasts as long as it takes us later to forget it. He is particularly angry that a rocket with a base does not reach as far as the moon and will explode during its launch.

THE BEST _____

  • The soundtrack.
  • 2D cinemas and 90s location.


  • It lasts just over half an hour.
  • His abusive puzzles are simple and easy.
  • Feeling like being in front of a show rather than a full game.
  • Entirely in English.

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