Final Game R-Type 2, Review. A Game That Lives Up To Its Name


We analyze R-Type Final 2, a return to the heights of a historical saga, inspired by shmup experts

It is helpful to start talking about R-Type Final 2 by telling how to establish the first two installments of this saga one of the most emulated schools on shoot’em up, so I’m going to comment on it to go to that mandatory page. It’s not that we want to underestimate it, but I think it’s much more interesting to remember that Irem released two installments that developed the formula so practically after all. they turned into something else. The first occasion, of course, we suddenly found with the magnificent Delta R-Type since 1998, a monument to the genre that is being awarded at the time for the height of its quality.

The next stop, instead, was a video game that was a bit of a stranger that was lost in a visual design that could have taken a little more care. And the R-Type Final was not short of victories at the controls if we consider, above all, the huge number of ships we could unlock and how well they all worked within their levels. Theoretically, that installment launched in 2003 – for Playstation 2 – was the final entry in the saga: a swan song for a less represented genre with famous names from that wave. Anyway, what interests us today is to keep in mind that these two titles were already something unexpected, all at the time, so the news that R-Type was a real bomb was a real bomb. new on the way for those of us who still enjoy games. The fact of the matter was that it would have been led by Kazuma Kujo, the master behind the previous two titles, the confirmation that the thing was serious.

Type R in its purest (and hardest) state

The fact that one of the two main sagas is the shoot ’em up only a horizontal return to the front is closing, so far, a circle that has been very active in recent months. The R-Type 2 Final confirms that we are in a moment of it revival unexpectedly, however they end up coming out damn good.

Focusing on the martian killersIt should also be clarified that eighteen years have passed since R-Type Final, but it cannot be forgotten that the genre is going through a very good period in terms of quality and volume of releases, no matter how niche it is. it is now. Nostalgia was very present in a resurrection as famous as those of Ghosts’n Goblins or Streets of Rage, and it is clear that both these sagas and the new R-Type do exactly what their title implies, but there is something somewhere in which this newcomer distinguishes both Streets of Rage 4 and Resurrection of Ghosts’n Goblins: his relationship to an already distant direct world. One aspect in which Granzella decided to take a valid and dangerous approach: forget that many years have passed.

Final Game R-Type 2, Review. A game that lives up to its name

The R-Type 2 Final follows the ideology of the saga with a discipline so fierce that it would attract Dr. Sheldon Cooper himself The Big Bang Theory. The key is back on the device force, an energy sphere that we can dock in front of or behind our ship to use as an offensive shield, but let us float across the stage to, for example, we load to final boss if we put it in the right place.

The strategy that has always been used has been the key to Type R, which relies on all of this long before a strong missile arrives. At Granzella – let’s not forget: a company with Irem’s former employees – it was obvious to them, so they multiplied their possibilities by adopting the most famous idea of ​​their predecessor: that is to suggest the release of ships they offer us different ways of playing gradually. It doesn’t seem like an optional thing, as the higher levels seem impossible without using one of the more powerful ships, like the Leo 2 or the Eclipse.

Visual reconstruction to come.

Anyone in doubt can breathe easy, because R-Type Final 2 very careful game on a visual level. Without a display of technical muscle, it is very pleasant to look at everything that is seen on the screen, with a particular comment on the use of light that goes far beyond what we have seen so far in this type of game. It’s true that there are a few leaks here and there, but the overall finish of the entire game is among the best we’ve seen in this horizontal aspect of the game. shoot’em up over the past few years, which is something that has developed a lot on the independent platform.

Final Game R-Type 2, Review. A game that lives up to its name

We found that its level design is very well illustrated, which has always been a differential element of the saga from the master class was R-Type Delta. Some of them may look a little shorter or feel less motivated, but the average quality looks pretty high and again we have a third stage where we face a large ship, or parts where navigate the stage she is almost clean regardless of enemies. Anyone familiar with the above titles knows well they are always felt in the saga, so those who go to this game with the idea of ​​enjoying it without harm will definitely like it. Unfortunately, they have been captured so accurately that there will be people who think they follow some dogmas: black dots that may have emerged taking advantage of the traction and historical weight of the Type R.

Anyone who played one of the first arcade games as a child will well remember that these were games that could last a few minutes, as the slightest touch suggested the loss of life. in a game scroll did not forgive. The sensations that R-Type Final 2 offers are really the same, especially when we get into the higher difficulty levels, which is why the game can be seen – up to a point – as a missed opportunity for the attract least people. this title will hardly convince him. Kazuma Kujo suggests returning to the basics of the genre and saga, but his team recently – to say nothing – rethinking the old ways as well as other recent examples.

Final Game R-Type 2, Review. A game that lives up to its name

Namely: we continue to find moments where we lose lives and the journey to the next checkpoint will be a refuge as we lose all weapons; the three worlds will continue to be an incomprehensible belief for a game structured in checkpoints and, eventually, there are sectors in the final levels that go a little through by accumulating enemies on screen. It must be added that a military walk is not at all the lowest level of difficulty – practice – to know the different situations and routes.

Here are some ways we think Granzella could use a little of the mastery she shows for everything else as she launches a slightly more accurate game. It’s a great pity, since we’re facing a major exponent of the genre that may not be in line with the R-Type Delta masterpiece, but it competes with the current titles – Rigid Force Alpha, Vritra Complete, Super Hydorah – with so much more than pure nostalgia.

Final Game R-Type 2, Review. A game that lives up to its name

Conversely, most regular people will feel at home. Designed as a game with many hours to enter if we want to finish it with the greatest difficulty, R-Type Final 2 is a shoot’em up hardcore that is not hidden at any time, although we found it at a time when the genre was he seems to be rethinking his titanism. In fact, recently Natsuki Chronicles gave us a proper lesson on how to shoot’em up at all skill levels in the genre continually motivating the player with constant rewards. The R-Type 2 Final turns a deaf ear to this trend, to play something else explicitly. Like the old martian killers console, is a title designed for those who are willing to study the levels, remember all the dangers and commit to trial and error. Whoever likes these three things, who has always been there, has one of the best proposals for a long time.

Another radical walk through the past

THE BEST _____

  • Pure R type with excellent images
  • Huge level of customization and ship unlocking that changes everything
  • The various ways and future expansions of DLC have been waiting for a game for a while


  • Memory levels and difficulty will scare many in a few minutes
  • Unlocked ships could be rewarded faster
  • The music performs, no more


R-Type Final 2 is a game in which the first boss grows in size as we go into new levels of difficulty until he becomes one of the mythical Dobkeratops we met in 1985, which makes him want us to face call it in expert methods. While the variety of ships, their visual finish and the various routes to choose from are a very reusable game, R-Type Delta was something below the globe in 1998, and does too little to appeal. for those who do not know each other. the saga down to earth. Nonetheless, it is clearly among the best of the genre at the moment, which is not an easy task.

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