Final Fantasy Remake Edition Crystal Chronicles, Switch Review


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition comes to Switch, PS4 and mobile with revamped multiplayer and new high-level in-game content.

Nintendo had a few years of what it would be like for her your ultimate fantasy. Call it Final Fantasy VI and was released for the Super Nintendo. From there, the Japanese company Squaresoft decided to the seventh installment it will be released for the new Sony machine; Playing Station. The rest is history, as they say.

Fortunately, the relationship between the creator of one of Nintendo’s most important video game franchises did not end bitterly. After nine years of dimes and diretes the developer returned to hardware of the big N with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for Gamecube. Title far from what we know like the purest Final Fantasy, yes, but not without magic and great moments. Now that it has been remodeled for Nintendo Switch, we will tell you how it did it.

Magic humming

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a title quite atypical, at least for the time it was. It also had multiplayer only using Game Boy Advance portable game consoles, which made the proposal even more bizarre than it already was. Despite how different it was from its older brothers and it was essential to be able to enjoy it 100% friends with nintendo laptops the game had its fans.

And it is that Crystal Chronicles story about transgression through a perilous journey to protect friends and family from imminent death; the miasma. This fog of strange origin destroys the world inhabited by the game’s four main races; the Clavates, the Selkies, the Liltys and the Yukos. Its bare presence shortens the life of its inhabitants and the only protection against it is crystals that feed on myrrh.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Each year, the crystals deplete the myriad, which means that every retina home has to send heroes to replenish them. However, this liquid is capable of preserving life on earth very hard to find; Only one drop of myrrh can be obtained from every tree that produces it every few years.

The miasma itself not only shortens the lives of everyone who comes in contact with it, it also attracts the most diverse monsters, so the crystal legion in charge of reviving the crystals must be a shower; And this is where you come in

The years take a toll

The video directed by Akitoshi Kawazu —Any of the founders of Final Fantasy – it can’t be said to be a bad game but it’s true that the seams can be easily seen today and with some experience accumulated on the backs of millions of players. It was not an overly complicated title and did not require too much skill at the controls, it was a relatively discreet rpg act which, as the final icing on the cake, was extremely slow. But this delay, the entertaining diary entries, the excellent soundtrack with Kumi Tanioka Y. Hidenori Iwasaki, due to the amazing settings and graphic muscles that accompany this epic Crystal Chronicles has not been overwhelmed.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

With a few buttons left to attack enemies, cast magic or buy in town shops. It was very simple in almost everything, except to gather friends who met all the needs, of course. For more details about its gameplay the best thing is that you stop here where our colleague Francisco Alberto Serrano told us in his day what the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles looked like in detail.

Now, seventeen years later, the game continues to fall in love with its strengths but we see far more of the shortcomings that were barely appreciated in the past. Some were of the small variety of enemies, equally predictable movements or their attack routine, that the game was designed to make the most of in a cooperative or concept. Unfortunately, all of these points are easier to imagine with this remastering for a variety of reasons.

Final Fantasy Remake Edition Crystal Chronicles, Switch Review

One is the great variety of genres we have today, the fresh ideas they bring with them, and how deficient Crystal Chronicles is by comparison. On the other hand, we have an online mode that, while it facilitates multiplayer, it does various base errors not everyone will like that. Eventually the graphic part has improved, yes, but with nuances and questionable performance on Nintendo Switch, the version we had access to.

And the point is that the video game has received a resurgence with which it adapts to the new resolutions to achieve a basic one. Full HD. This suggests that most of the textures work but unfortunately there are others that do not. Everything looks much better, of course, but the game feels something empty and simple, they have not added extra stone or less left. There are more hits like some long loading screens or the game sometimes has quite frightening drops in the skeleton when the geometric load is a bit complicated.

Final Fantasy CC

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition comes not only to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles but also to Android and iOS mobile devices. To celebrate the return of this classic Enix ring he added a few novels that will be enjoyed by all who enjoyed the original.

What’s new in this version

The first is addition new dungeons and equipment for high-tech players looking to challenge the adventure even more. These new episodes are starred, of course, at new enemies for the occasion. They are too new musical themes at the height of the original soundtrack. A music catalog that has by the way received a new recording of its main theme and new voices for the characters – in English—.

Final Fantasy Remake Edition Crystal Chronicles, Switch Review

An option was added imitate the appearance of other characters by Moogle race – or Moguritos. Talking to them during the adventure, they will wedge us some postcards and give us crystals that will allow us to make this transformation. Also the possibility that putting magic together with other players to create powerful spells or the celebrities online method.

We’re going to stop and talk about the online multiplayer plugin for a moment because while the experience was generally good, a deposit is too thick in the background that didn’t end up convincing us. For example, we want to search a group via the internet but the dungeon must start – inside us – until a player appears to be with us. Spoiler: may not even be visible. And, if players appear, your team hero should always wear the crystal so it is not used most of the time. Also, all advances made in the dungeon will be included for those who only logged in. This prevents a friend from progressing in the game together, which is very difficult given the importance of multiplayer in the title. And one last piece of information to add to this item is that the players who enter your game must see the cinema story, emails from Moguri received, possible answer etc ….

The games we made using the network worked great although it was difficult in most cases for other players to be in our group to make dungeons and not the other way around. A group that dissolves by the way when you finish the dungeon in question. On the other hand, there is a kind of friends list that we can add players who liked the session to which we can, at some point, quickly invite or participate in their proven games.

And the last notable newcomer is the possibility to enjoy multiplayer games with other platform users in which the video game is available. That is, what is commonly called cross-play. A Nintendo Switch user can enter a dungeon with both hybrid and mobile players or PlayStation 4. There is also a free version called Lite that lets you exploit this function and others throughout the first three raids of the game .


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is a set up of existing platforms without too many precautions. The word remodeling, however, complements and adds new content and other improvements. It feels a bit old with playable mechanics and graphics but now, seventeen years later, that’s not what he intended. If you’ve been left wanting to enjoy its multiplayer because you don’t have friends who have a Game Boy Advance, the purchase is almost mandatory, as long as you’re happy with the decisions made to add the internet to the equation . It is still as magical or more walkable through its settings as it was before.

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