FIFA 21, Review Of PS5 And Xbox Series: Preseason Of Next Generation


EA Sports ’game comes to the new consoles with great replayability, but the same errors on the playable level.

FIFA 21 already among us in Next Gen format. On December 4, the next – generation version for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X was released S in action, without much problems. It came along with everything promised to us in the prequels: a real change with obvious visual enhancements that are appreciated in a long-paced saga in the technical part. But it arrives, too and as we feared, with gameplay that follows step by step the strengths and weaknesses of the version we already knew on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. As for FIFA 21, the new generation is like the summer Madrid console in Madrid or Barça and those games in Madrid The Angels at six in the morning in Spain. There weren’t many things and there was something new, but you could still say it was preseason.

If we focus on what comes at first glance, the game will be a surprise. The introductory introduction, recited by a girl accompanying the players as they enter Anfield from the hand of AlastarArnold, allows us to see all the details that were not present in the previous version. The facial recreation of Liverpool and PSG players is certainly the first thing that attracts attention, but it is not the only thing. So does the new technology that allows you to recreate hair in a much more realistic way (Alisson, in this sense, is great because of her “live” beard and hair), but it’s other things that really end up .

And when does the ball roll?

The design T-shirt, his naturalness and the amount details it stands out in colors, folding and movement. This lighting benefits from all this, much better than what has been seen so far and much more TV. Why FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series It is a game that is more visually similar to what we see on TV than we have been to date. And that’s also noticeable when the front whistle sounds.

It has to be said that the version backwards compatible with PS4 and Xbox One In the new consoles he was already winning in terms of image and fluency, move on. But the leap is very significant now. The grass is absolutely stunning, with a realistic color that is neither dull nor too bright as has happened in various areas. Now it is seen as relieved, with a resolute lawn and also, when it is worn it is noticed not to be exaggerated or unbelievable. It also captures the atmosphere of the stadium, reminding us of when football was like football and life as it was, and the stands full of fans not repeating themselves, with different patterns and the feeling of more variety. there, as there are more personnel around the field and many other details that offer better overall packaging. FIFA 21 looks great as a starting point, no question about that.

FIFA 21, Review of PS5 and Xbox Series: preseason of next generation

In addition, not only does it look great but it also moves more realistically. Here are some reasons that add their bit. The first thing, the ball. The sensations with the ball are that it has gained weight, that the influences in passes, shots and drives give a more realistic feel than the previous version and that there is also a more resolute trajectory in the air. To this end, we also add that the animations are recovered in volatility, and that most of them make any movement no matter how small, from passing to turning to a particular side or starting a sprint, the better you look. . Details as muscles of the foot while shooting or the ball bowing when she receives a blow.

To all this the new more TV camera, which has a different perspective, with a wider field of view but maintains a certain closeness in the actions of the players. While you have to get used to it, and in the field the perspective can give us some problem when looking for certain shots or headers, it offers a perspective worth trying during some games to adapt to, because it is a good combination of great it and usability.

Dualsense and performance

Unfortunately, how beautiful the game is in the myriad of details we have discussed, they are not enough when we play game after game if we keep the game in its previous version in mind. At the gameplay level, FIFA 21 follows the same errors, not minor and unresolved after a few patches, as the game we hit a few weeks ago. It is worth noting that, the game seems to be a little outside of FUT slower speed, but it keeps those tics and imbalances that keep it from being the best installment of the saga.

FIFA 21, Review of PS5 and Xbox Series: preseason of next generation

On one side, the one against the other, both with the single dribble with the left stick itself like the new quick dribble performed by pressing and holding the upper right button, they are still completely broken and still have a huge imbalance between the attacker and the defender. The ease with which defenders can avoid, start quickly, and stand in front of the goalkeeper offers a sense of arcade away from today ‘s football. Passing into space with a triangle is still disastrous, so we have already commented in other texts that the speed of the strikers and their markings is much higher than the ability to place and close gaps in the fender.

If this is all we add that we retain some problems with the shooting, where the tras-shots from a natural foot to the long stick they end up in goal most of the time, the result is that we have a terrible rebound and have a lot to offer in the future, but a game that will stay anchored in gameplay. Most users have not been very successful during these weeks and the patches are shaping up to no luck (now they get in touch to unlock the defense, now they remove it …) attack protection imbalance spoken we are already in the original Review and still valid. Its quieter speed and some improvements – like a new goalkeeper animation – help but are not enough because the base stays the same.

FIFA 21, Review of PS5 and Xbox Series: preseason of next generation

If you want to know all the modes that the game offers, we recommend our original Review where they were detailed since they remain the same.

Another of the great novels of the title was the precise use of the DualSense, which offers us one lime and another sand. On the one hand, the sensation With the vibration while driving the ball, giving a pass or a shot or tackling it is quite good, since small vibrations accompany us in almost every movement and it is a satisfying proposition. On the other hand, there is work ahead on adaptive stimuli. Theoretically, triggers trigger when players are tired, but we’ve found it quite arbitrary, sometimes making resistance and not others, doing resistance in T2 dealing with defenders who are not tired, etc. We have no doubt that the idea is a good one, but we believe that it needs to be better implemented. And, on PS5 at least, we noticed a few drops in a skeleton at certain times, something not heard in the series, which, apparently, is linked to the use of the DualSense. On the other hand, loading times have been significantly reduced, which is appreciated as you go through the menus.

FIFA 21, Review of PS5 and Xbox Series: preseason of next generation

Rate: 7.7


FIFA 21 comes with the necessary face change while crying for a long time, thanks to the power of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S was able to complete. The visual, lighting, turf and animation improvements are great and a great starting point. But the game retains the in-game errors that were already pointed out in the original Review and have not been resolved so far after several patches. One by one, the attack defense imbalances and other tics that are present in the original version are kept in the Next Gen version.

THE BEST _____

  • Visual enhancement is important: modeling (not all players), lighting, grass …
  • The new camera offers a large field of view without losing prominence
  • Infinity offline and online methods and proposals, similar to the original


  • It retains most of the imbalances and imbalances of the original delivery
  • Some dropouts are framed and need to improve the response of DualSense shocks

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