Fenyx Immortals Rising, Review. Trials Of The Gods


Let’s take a look at what’s new from the creators of Assassin’s Odyssey Creed, a new intellectual property set in mythological Greece.

If the Greek gods had one thing, it was free time. Olympus, the kingdom of Zeus and the other divinities were not characterized by modesty and good manners. In Fenyx Rising Immortals, the latest production from Ubisoft Québec, the gods have the same weaknesses as humans. They are modest, inseparable, passionate and often irrational. And so, they spent their time shaping a world full of quizzes and puzzles, because why make things easy for mortals. The title uses soft satire to formulate a proposal as funny as it is irresponsible.

Zeus, the father of gods and mortals, believed that he was safe as the ruler of the universe. However, amid the lava from the volcanoes, Typhoon had a plan to overthrow it. Flying through the flames, the winged beast flows with its flaming tongues and Olympus dives gloomily. One by one, all of the divinities succeed before the power of this powerful enemy, who finally succeeds in subduing Zeus.

Fenyx, the true hero of history

The most recognizable heroes (see Hercules or Achilles) failed to block him from the dust. Not surprisingly, they are Typhon slaves, who fight as their host cheaters. Zeus, desperate, seeks help and looks at Prometheus, the titular friend of the dead who set them on fire … and the god punished himself for them. All hope is pinned on Fenyx, a person whom the god respects, but on whom the future of his kingdom depends.

The essence of the story might fit into a serious tone script, but Ubisoft chose comedy. In general, the gags They are funny and from time to time they start to smile, even though it did not cause us to have an irreversible laugh. It may be missing a little spice, despite the fact that the jokes fit well with the gay universe they have built, which are visually depicted in a colorful world with characters cartoon and fantasy arrangements.

Fenyx Immortals Rising, Review

No one likes to be a second man, but Fenyx, the main character of the story, seems to have been very comfortable (or comfortable) in his default role. Therefore, when he finds out that his brother Ligyron has fallen, he has no choice but to remove the chestnuts from the fire. The character always believed that it was his big bully brother who got all the glory, the lethal who would fight a thousand cats and win them. Now that the future of the Greek islands hangs in the balance, the tables have turned dramatically. Can he chase Typhon on his own? Of course not, first you will have to recover the essences of all the gods, which were transformed into antagonistic representations of what they once were. These will give you their blessing to continue to expand your powers.

It should be noted that the player can create his main character thanks to an editor perhaps a little excited in options, although elements such as hair and its color, human shape, facial hair, eyelashes, tattoos, to modify. srl. There is also the opportunity choose a male or female character. None of the bodies have boundaries, since they share all the elements, so that a woman’s body can be combined with a man’s beard. Of course, later on, all of this can be modified again, as many times as one wants. In the Hall of the Gods, the gods have everything they need to change their appearance when and how they want it: it seems that the gods were already practicing cosmetic surgery.

Puzzles and exploration, combinations that work

It takes a few seconds in the world of Fenyx Rising Immortals to achieve that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the big influences of this interpretation. The structure of the game bases its progress primarily on solving puzzles. Little by little, different components are used that combine as the episode progresses, with a very well measured learning curve.

Fenyx Immortals Rising, Review

The puzzles in the main story are elaborate enough to make you think, but balanced so as not to frustrate. The elements of these jigsaw puzzles are gradually added and mixed to make more complex structures. It is in the chambers of the gods that all these concepts come together brilliantly, despite the fact that puzzles are present in almost every aspect of the video game. We release fire arrows, run them through special rings until we reach their destination, usually another torch, and then move blocks, play with gravity or solve a puzzle that is later part of another enigma mechanism, as if It ‘s a Russian doll. We really liked how the layers of complexity are added, one aspect over another.

In addition, the developers looked to Nintendo game to implement a more complex exploration. Equipped with a resistance bar, the character relies on him to perform specific activities such as swimming, climbing or gliding; it is also used for special abilities during combat. This bar is gradually depleted, so that all movements must be well measured Unless you want to be exhausted and die by drowning or running into the void. A potion on time and at the right time can save you from a fatal fall.

Fenyx Immortals Rising, Review

Building the world is otherwise very similar to what Ubisoft has practiced in its open world games. There is no doubt that the developers of Assassin ‘s Odyssey Creed are behind the project. The map is not nearly as extensive, but the player can explore every corner of this mythological Greece. And what challenges can be encountered? All sorts of secondary challenges in the form of puzzles, as well as the possibility of gathering the necessary materials to enhance the character.

Assassin’s Creed watches return, but there’s only one per region, so we don’t feel that great feeling that the open life of France sometimes brings. We may have lacked one more courage as we approached exploration. While the comparisons are not accurate in all cases, Breath of the Wild had a certain amount of predictability that created very unique scenarios in the world. Immortals do not have that final touch, which would give an insight into a more organic exploration. Something similar happens to the stealth mechanics and taming animals, very basic versions of other video games.

Fenyx Immortals Rising, Review

Another concept that is exploited almost from the beginning is one of the skills that Fenyx acquires early in the adventure. The IS Wings of Daedalus let’s tour the scenarios from the sky, which introduces a new way of exploration compared to Assassin’s Creed. As we said, it depends on the resistance bar, so we can’t fly through the sky continuously. The game forces you to manage time.

The fight is familiar

Anyone who has played Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will notice that the combat system is very similar, though a little more dynamic and faster. It is based on the combination of a light weapon (sword), ax and bow. The player has the choice of the strong attack, the weak one, the Dash and the parry, as well as the special abilities used by the resistance bar. The novelty is that it introduces flight as a component and an expanded combo system that adds variety to the fight. As in his previous project, the fights do not stop working when several enemies attack at the same time, since situations occur where there is relative confusion and chaos, which is generally related to the camera and the problem associated with it. set the goal on one of the objectives and lose sight of others when they leave the field of vision.

Fenyx Immortals Rising, Review

ProgressFor him, it is mainly based on gathering resources, which can then be exchanged to improve weapons (sword, ax, arrow, spear) and skills; the same goes for life bars and stamina. Some of these materials are obtained directly from the scenes, while others are found after solving puzzles. In short, a fairly classic system that fits well with a game with these characteristics

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Fenyx Immortals Rising, Review

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